What Color Shoes With a White Dress? [5 Awesome Options!]

Whether you're dressing for a formal event or want a casual summer outfit, a white dress is just as much a closet staple as a black one. White looks amazing on all skin tones and can be dressed up or down just by changing accessories or shoes. So what are the best shoe colors to rock with that little white dress? We've put together a list of shoe colors to inspire your best white dress outfit, for any occasion.

These are the best shoe colors to complement a white dress:

  • Nude
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Metallics

If you still aren't sure which shoe color will do your white dress justice, keep reading! We will break down colors, styles, and shoe types to help you decide what will elevate your white dress.

Fashionable beautiful big red handbag on the arm of the girl in a fashionable white dress and sneakers, posing near the wall on a warm summer night, What Color Shoes With a White Dress? [5 Awesome Options!]

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Gorgeous blonde woman wearing white dress and nude shoes
Beautiful fashion blond model woman with long hair in white dress over gray background

Nude heels are the ultimate shoe choice for a white dress. Choosing a nude heel that closely matches your skin tone will make your legs look longer. Not to mention, using a neutral tone allows you to make the dress, or a statement accessory piece, the star of your outfit.

Want to take nude shoes to a new level? Thigh-high boots will have the same effect of elongating your legs. These are perfect for a night out paired with a shorter dress. Since thigh-high boots are form-fitting, it will show off the shape of your legs but still provide skin coverage.

To achieve this look, try a textured thigh-high:

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Attractive young slim woman with perfect professional make-up and simple hairstyle, wearing beautiful white dress and high heels black shoes
Attractive young slim woman with perfect professional make-up and simple hairstyle, wearing beautiful white dress and high heels black shoes. Fashion model full length body studio portrait on light background.

Black is a classic shoe choice that lends itself to versatility and countless styling options. A simple matte black pump or bootie creates a contrasting look that is perfect for pairings with gold accessories.

If you like your frilly and feminine dresses to have a bit of an edge, pairing it with Dr. Marten combat boots and a jacket will balance ruffles and lace.

For a casual day time look, you can throw on an embellished jean jacket. Or, for a night out, a leather jacket on top of your white dress will give you a Biker Chic look.

Try a shiny leather combat boot for some added flair:

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Beautiful woman in white retro dress and red shoes
fashion studio photo of beautiful young woman with blond hair in retro style,wears elegant white dress,posing beside mirror

Red shoes are both classic and bold. Red can be used to turn a simple white dress into a sultry outfit. You can also pair red pumps and a white dress with a red lip for a timeless look.

Red isn't just for heels. Red sneakers are a great way to accessorize a casual white dress. Then you can turn this casual daytime outfit into a trendy dinner look by throwing on a fun jacket and matching bag.

TOMS is a comfy slip-on perfect for a relaxed summer dress:

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The cool tone of white is complemented beautifully by the coolness of blues. Royal blue is elegant and perfect for business attire or a white cocktail dress. Adding accessories with matching blue accents easily ties the outfit together.

Or, if you prefer a more youthful look, you can choose a shoe with straps and tassels. White dresses are simplistic, so they're the perfect outfit to try out more elaborate shoes.

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Light blue flats are soft and casual. If your dress has a bit more in the way of patterns or layered fabrics, then these are perfect for making your dress the standout element of your outfit.


Metallics act as a complementing neutral with white, but with an added bit of shine. Silver, bronze, metal, and gold will add glam to your white dress without overpowering it. Strappy silver heels are great for formal attire, gold pumps are perfect for a holiday party, and shiny metal gray booties and a leather jacket will help you rock a night out.

Of course, we can't forget the sneakers. Sneakers are a super trendy way to take any white dress and make it casual. Metallic sneakers are just the right amount of relaxed fun to wear any time of day.

For an extra hint of color, try an iridescent metallic sneaker:

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Should Shoes Be A Focal Point In An Outfit?

You can absolutely make shoes the focal point of any outfit, but it's not a requirement. Jackets, purses, belts, and even jewelry can also be focal points. The key is to choose one, or possibly two, elements to really draw the eye.

Woman is closing ankle strap of high heels stiletto shoes in multiple colors. Studio shot, isolated on white background,
Woman is closing ankle strap of high heels stiletto shoes in multiple colors. Studio shot, isolated on white background, copy space.

White dresses make this task incredibly easy since they are practically a blank canvas. Shoes become the standout element when they're bright, bold, or unique in design. There's really no better time to try out fun shoes than when you're wearing white.

How Do You Accessorize A White Dress?

White dresses are very versatile, which makes them easy to accessorize. Whether you're going for something more sophisticated or looking to make a statement, there's something to add to every style.


Purses are quick and simple elements you can add to your white dress that can change the entire look with minimal effort. You can add a light pop of color with a pastel bag, or you can choose a purse with bold reds and purples for a true statement piece.

Purses are much more effective when you match them with your shoes since they tie the outfit together. So try matching color palettes or textures.


Stylish happy brunette hipster woman in denim jacket and stylish white dress posing on green countryside garden.
Stylish happy brunette hipster woman in denim jacket and stylish white dress posing on green countryside garden. Beautiful young carefree hippie girl walk in blossom park. Enjoy spring nature outdoors

Jackets are another simple styling choice that can change the entire look of your white dress. A denim jacket is a chic and charming addition to a simple white dress. A red leather jacket can take the same simple dress and spice it up.

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woman wearing white dress and a bunch of jewelries
young beautiful woman portrait in white dress and blue beads in hair, profile, outdoor summer day in forest

Bracelets, layered necklaces, rings, and statement earrings are all effective in styling a white dress. You can choose a color scheme, like golds or blues, and either layer on simple pieces or opt for larger, more attention-grabbing jewelry.


Black tights are perfect for styling a dress for colder months; however, your tights don't have to be boring. If you're wanting to add some color, you can pair burgundy or dark green tights that would highlight any fall dress. Or, if you want to add something a little special, black patterned tights can take a simple look over the top.

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What Color Jewelry Goes With A White Dress?

Since white is neutral, it can look amazing with almost any color jewelry. Still, there are some that just stand out above the rest.


White and gold are an elegant and ethereal combination. The warm tones of gold are a gorgeous complement to white.

Rose gold, which has had a steady rise in popularity for years, is also a warm tone that looks beautiful with whites. Rose gold does match more skin tones than gold. So if you have blue undertones and tend to wear silver, rose gold could be perfect for you.

Brown And Blue

Boho woman wearing white dress with multicolored jewelry
Boho woman with multicolored jewelry

Browns and blues are an earthy color combination that would suit a long, flowy, boho style dress.


If you're looking for statement pieces, black jewelry is the perfect contrast for a white dress. Black jewelry is a great time to be big and bold with your choices.

In Conclusion

White dresses are the ultimate test in styling versatility. From dressed up to casual, these dresses can achieve nearly any style. With a simple change of shoes or accessories, you can wear your little white dress for any occasion.

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