What Does Hair Mousse Do For Braids?

From ancient Egyptians to today’s celebrities, braids have been used for centuries. Is hair mousse necessary? We’ve researched the topic and found that hair mousse is an important step in the hair braiding process.

For messy braids or sharp coils, there are many hair mousse products to choose from to help maintain your braids. These products help prevent frizz, thus giving you clean-looking braids throughout the day. Additionally, there are a few other great ideas to incorporate into your hair braiding routine.

Understandably, the number of products and ideas available for hair braiding can be overwhelming. So, we investigated a few of them. Spare yourself some time and check these out.

A young beautiful woman with braided hair, What Does Hair Mousse Do For Braids?

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Best mousse for braids

Woman's hands apply styling mousse to her curly hair on white studio background

First, let’s talk about hair mousse. Whether you spend 5 minutes or a few hours braiding your hair at home, don’t let all your time and effort go to waste! Apply a little hair mousse to keep your braids looking fantastic.

Check the manufacturer's instructions for how to use it. Generally, you can use mousse every day or every week, depending on your needs. Check out our post, "How Often to Use Hair Mousse," to learn more.

ORS Mousse

ORS Olive Oil Wrap/Set Mousse is an affordable product for preventing frizz. It contains olive oil and coconut oil. These two ingredients sound deliciously smooth for your luscious locks!

Click here to see it on Amazon.

Lotta Body Mousse

Lotta Body Wrap Me Foaming Mousse with Coconut and Shea Oils is an excellent choice for defying frizz in braids. Even better, it comes with two styling combs and five foam curling rods. With just one purchase, you can help form your braids as well as maintain them with mousse.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

Nicole & Alyssa Foam

Do you need something a little stronger? Nicole & Alyssa Braid Styling Foam is a mousse product designed to be used on cornrows, locks, and twists. It offers great hold and strength while also moisturizing your gorgeous strands.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

How do you keep braids from frizzing while sleeping?

Young African American woman making braids to her frizzy afro hair

Naturally, your hair might want to fall out of place without certain hair products and maintenance. So, what happens at night? You can’t just wake up every 2-3 hours to fix your braids. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use a silk pillowcase.
  • Wear a satin bonnet.
  • Sleep with damp hair.

Silk Pillowcase

Abstract flowing silver cloth

Historically, silk was a luxury only meant for the wealthy. Not anymore! Nowadays, a silk pillowcase can be for anyone!

Silk is healthy for the hair. Unlike cotton, silk pillowcases prevent tangles and frizz. They can do this because there is less friction generated between the hair and the pillowcase.

ZIMASILK Silk Pillowcase is made of pure Mulberry Silk with 600 thread count. Also, it comes in several different colors. Click here to see it on Amazon.

SLPBABY Silk Pillowcase is another one made purely of Mulberry Silk. But it is available in both solid and mostly floral printed patterns. Click here to see it on Amazon.

SUMMINO Satin Pillowcase. It consists of microfiber satin and comes in unique, fun printed patterns. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Satin Bonnet

Alternatively, you can wear a satin bonnet. And we're not talking about the bonnets from Little House on the Prairie or those cute, handknitted ones for babies. We're talking about luxurious, comfortable bonnets to sleep in.

Not only does a satin bonnet look cute, but it also provides the same benefits as a silk pillowcase. Instead of accidentally sliding off your silk pillow, the bonnet stays attached to your head so you can freely act out your dreams!

Take a look at this comfortable satin bonnet. You can get it in a few different colors. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Do you want something a little more fun? Another great satin bonnet is the beautifully patterned one above. Click here to see it on Amazon.

If you'd prefer not to have any frills, then this one might be an excellent option for you -- YANIBEST Hair Cover Bonnet. It's a simple satin bonnet with all the benefits. You can choose a simple design in solid or striped black, or you can choose from various other colors. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Damp Hair

Woman in braids bathing in the shower

If you go to bed with damp hair, it can set the style better. Plus, no heat means less stress on your strands.

Generally, you should brush and braid your hair while it's dry. There's less breakage if you do it this way. Then, follow these steps -

  1. Wet your hair to dampen the braids.
  2. Add your favorite leave-in products or oils as desired.
  3. Gently towel dry your hair but keep it damp.

Voila! You're set to go to bed. There's no need for the hairdryer because it will air-dry overnight. Don't wear a satin bonnet, though. Go to sleep with damp hair.

When you wake up, apply more hair mousse to set the style further. Again, you do not need to dry the hair. Just go with it!

As a bonus, you can release the braids in the morning if you feel like having a wavy or curly hair day. Or, you can let down a few of the braids and have the best of both worlds, like the person below. That style looks adorable!

Blonde girl with long and shiny curly hair

Why do you dip braids in hot water?

Thanks to the above techniques, you do not have to spend as much time styling your hair after you wake up. Your hair is already styled and ready to go before you open your eyes!

However, you may need to touch up your braids if you wear them regularly. What is a great pick-me-up for your braids in the morning? Hot water!

Typically, hot water is considered bad for your hair. However, a few braid-loving fans swear by this method for box braids, as shown below.

When the braids are dipped in hot water, the ends are sealed. Thus, braids last longer because frizz is prevented. Also, this method promotes shine.

Yes, too much hot water is bad for your hair. And hot water can burn your scalp. So, avoid dousing your hair in hot water. Only a small amount is needed for your braids.

How is it done? Follow these steps –

  1. Braid your strands as you usually would.
  2. Grab a small to medium-sized container that is heat resistant.
  3. Place a couple of towels around your workplace.
  4. Boil 1-2 cups of water.
  5. Carefully fill the container three-fourths with hot water.
  6. Dip the ends of your braids into the hot water.
  7. Thoroughly dry your braids.
  8. Trim the ends as needed.

Success! You just sealed your braids.

Final Thoughts

Braids are fun and cute, but they can be a little work. Your hair is worth the extra effort, though!

If you want the style to last all day, you'll want to take care of your braids by applying hair mousse, using a silk pillowcase, wearing a satin bonnet, and possibly using water to set the style. Try out some of these ideas, and remember to have fun braiding!

By the way, you'll need to brush out those locks before styling. Check out our post, "Types of Hair Brushes," to see different types of brushes.

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