What Shoes Do You Wear With A Leather Jacket?

If you own a leather jacket or are considering purchasing one, you may wonder which shoes look best with this type of outerwear. We have looked into this and found there are a variety of shoes that look great paired with a leather jacket.

Leather jackets of all colors and styles look great with many different types of footwear. Though you can sometimes wear them fashionably, most people avoid flip-flops or clogs when wearing a leather jacket. The following types of shoes are most commonly worn by people sporting a leather jacket:

  • Boots
  • Flats & Slip-ons
  • Heels
  • Tennis Shoes & Sneakers

Choosing the right shoes to compliment your leather jacket is not difficult, but there are some tips on color, style, and type that can help steer you in the right direction. 

cool guy wearing leather jacket and flat slip on shoes. What Shoes Do You Wear With A Leather Jacket

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Types of Shoes That Pair Beautifully With A Leather Jacket

Pretty couple near red motorcycle on the road in the forest wearing leather jackets

No matter the outfit, the shoes are a staple piece that can either make or break a style. It's important to wear the right shoe with your leather jacket if you are concerned with looking fashionable.

Does a leather jacket have to match shoes?

Your leather jacket does not have to match your shoes, but coordinating your footwear with your jacket or other accessories can create a cool, cohesive look. Leather with leather, for instance, is a very popular style for this reason.


Boots are probably the most popular footwear to accompany a leather jacket. Leather boots, in particular, are very commonly used as they tie the whole look together and compliment each other nicely. The color of the boots can but does not need to match the color of the coat. You can read up on where to buy leather boots by clicking here.

Beautiful Female Sitting On Bench In The Park wearing leather jacker and boots

Both ankle and knee-high boots look great with a leather jacket, and both types are easily obtainable in leather if you did want to keep that leather-on-leather look. If nontraditional leather, suede also looks stylish when worn with a jacket of this type. Lace-up boots are very popular with leather and keep with the utilitarian look of the entire ensemble.

Handsome young man posing outdoors wearing leather jacket and leather boots

Men, in particular, like to wear work or steel-toed type boots with leather jackets, and some even opt for solid colored cowboy boots. This look again is in line with the original functionality of a leather jacket. It plays up the use of the leather jacket for work or play, rather than style and fashion.

Flats & Slip-Ons

Happy man posing wearing leather jacket and flat slip on shoes

Flats and slip-ons can be and are often worn with leather jackets. Men and women alike enjoy this style for its versatility and comfort. Nothing beats a good pair of flats for enjoying a casual shopping trip or stroll on the boulevard. Simple and functional, flats and slip-ons work well when paired with a leather jacket.


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When women wear flats with a leather jacket, they often opt for a non-obtrusive neutral shade and pointed toe, like the shoe pictured above. A shiny or leather-like material makes for a great look. For men, a solid colored slip-on with a minimal design can be worn to achieve the same effect. Overall this flat or slip-on look will appear more casual and effortless than sleek or chic.


For a far less utilitarian or casual look, women have long chosen to pair a leather jacket with heels or flats. Heels of a bright color or shiny finish, like red or metallics, and straps are very popular to wear with a leather jacket. This creates a strong but feminine look that borders on androgenous. It is a trendy and cool style often paired with skinny jeans and a great pair of shades or red lipstick.

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Messy or voluminous hair and a simple, solid-colored t-shirt are commonly worn with heels and a leather jacket. Though the height and feminity of the heels create a more refined and fashionable look, the leather jacket is still a functional piece at its core and looks best with simple clothing free of patterns, embroidery, or excessive design elements.

Tennis Shoes & Sneakers

While tennis shoes are more flat-footed and technically for wear on a tennis court, they are commonly worn for casual use by men and women alike. Sneakers are more cushioned, made for walking, running, or playing basketball. They typically have a thicker sole and tongue.

The terms tennis shoes and sneakers are often used interchangeably, and you may be curious if either or both can be worn with a leather jacket in a fashionable way.

Can you wear sneakers with a leather jacket?

Sneakers and tennis shoes can certainly be worn with a leather jacket, but there are a few simple guidelines to keep the look clean and cool instead of sloppy and disjointed. It is highly recommended to keep your sports shoes to a solid color instead of wearing tennis shoes or sneakers with designs, complicated logos, or multiple colors when wearing in combination with a leather jacket.

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Solid white or black are popular sneaker and tennis shoe colors that look great with any color leather jacket. Regardless of shoe color, it is most important to keep to styles that appear simple and clean if possible. If you choose to wear a tennis shoe or sneaker with a logo or design, try to make sure there are only two colors on the shoe at the very most for a more balanced look.

If, for some reason, you find yourself with an overly complicated shoe of any type, opt for the remainder of your attire to be simple and straightforward, with solid or monochromatic colors and little to no eye-catching design elements. Having trouble picking the best pair out? Here is a great post "What Color Sneakers Goes With Everything?

Is A Leather Jacket Seasonal?

Leather jackets can be worn during almost any season as they are as functional as they are fashionable. Many people use leather jackets to protect their bodies while on motorcycle rides, so they can be seen worn almost all year round. Avoid wearing your leather jacket during extreme heat or in heavy rain or snow if possible, but it can be a great way to keep warm in the blistering cold of winter.

Proper leather conditioning can keep stiffness or rot from setting in following exposure to moisture, so this is a great idea for any owner of an expensive leather piece. Moisture is no friend to leather, but a light sprinkle or a few snowflakes will not greatly affect your jacket's overall condition if it is properly conditioned and dried off as soon as possible.

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The application of these types of products is fairly straightforward and easy to do. They typically need to be re-applied a few times to once a season. Not only do they help whisk moisture away from the surface of your leather jacket, but they also keep the hide soft and malleable. Leather can get stiff and develop cracks or wear as it ages and is exposed to weather, so a leather conditioner is highly recommended.

For more information on this topic, check out our post "Should You Oil or Condition a Leather Jacket?"

Remember, Your Jacket is the Star of the Show

No matter what you wear with your leather jacket, the beauty of the natural animal hide is guaranteed to make a statement. Try to wear neutral or simple footwear to allow your jacket to really pop. You can pair the jacket with a more bold shoe like a heel if you are looking for a more modern or edgy look, but keep the remainder of your outfit to a minimum if you do so, limiting heavy or intricate designs and colors.

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