What Sneakers To Wear With Skinny Jeans?

Don't get stuck in a fashion rut! With our expert advice, choosing the perfect sneakers to pair with your skinny jeans is a breeze.

Whether you're a fan of sleek and sporty trainers or you prefer a bold and edgy high top, we've got you covered.

There are plenty of great sneaker options to choose from.

If you are more into what's trendy, try a pair of low-tops or even a chunky dad sneaker.

If you want a more athletic look, try a pair of trainers or sporty sneakers.

Finally, for anyone on the edgier side, a pair of classic converse or high-tops are also an easy way to show the world exactly who you are. 

As we dive into this topic, we will share our top suggestions for footwear and tag a few related products.

Regardless of your style and fashion knowledge, choosing the right sneakers for your skinny jeans is much easier than you think.

With that said, let's get right into this post!

A beautiful woman posing on the dock of a lake wearing a dotted blouse and skinny jeans

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What Kind Of Sneakers Go With Skinny Jeans?

Although opinions vary, not one specific sneaker pairs better with these jeans than everything else.

Of course, this comes down to your taste and sneaker needs, but styling can make a huge difference.

Whether you want to look super athletic or totally from the early 2000s, sneakers with skinny jeans are a perfect idea.

A woman wearing white sneakers and skinny jeans


Our first idea is a low-top sneaker and skinny jean pairing that is very trendy right now.

Low-top sneakers have a very laid-back and casual look to them and are super comfortable.

Although these shoes are on the more relaxed side, you can still dress them up a bit and wear them out for coffee or a date.

DREAM PAIRS Women's Slip-On Canvas Fashion Sneakers

Here is a pair of casual low-top sneakers from Dream Pairs to wear with skinny jeans.

These shoes have a thermoplastic sole, breathable canvas material, and come in a few different colors.

Check these out on Amazon here.

Chunky Dad Sneakers

If Jennifer Garner is rocking this look, so can you!

The chunky dad shoe is a fun trend that we love to see!

Although these sneakers were super popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, they have made a comeback and look great with skinny jeans.

If you want to feel a little nostalgic or embrace some old memories, this a great sneaker option to try.

Hoka Chunky Dad Sneakers

Hoka has a wide range of Chunky Dad sneakers in a wide range of color combinations.

Hoka was able to successfully update the 'dad shoe' by investing in the functional benefits of the sneakers according to Elizabeth Semmelhack, director and senior curator at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.

They did it so well that they can't even keep them in stock!

Trainers/Sporty Sneakers

Another sneaker idea for skinny jeans is an athletic trainer style.

But, even if you aren't an athlete, these sneakers are super "in" right now and give your outfit an on-the-go feel.

We love how effortless this sneaker and jean pairing looks and think it is perfect for running errands or even a quick meeting at the office.

New Balance Women's FuelCore Sport Sneaker

Here is a sporty sneaker from New Balance to try with some skinny jeans.

These shoes are cotton and polyester, have a rubber sole, and promise to be breathable and comfortable for everyday wear.

Check these sneakers out on Amazon here.


A woman wearing white sneakers and skinny jeans

Switching gears a bit, we have a classic pair of converse to try out with skinny jeans.

Whether you are a skater or love the brand, converse sneakers are an easy, comfortable shoe to rock wherever you're going.

However, if you are after an edgier look, try a pair of ripped or dyed jeans with your converse, for effect, of course.

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Classic Sneaker

Here we have a classic Chuck Taylor sneaker from Converse to try with your jeans. These shoes are unisex, low-top, canvas material, and have a synthetic sole.

See this pair of sneakers on Amazon here.


Finally, we have a high-top sneaker suggestion for your skinny jeans outfit.

Although this sneaker style is not for everyone, high-tops are a timeless and punk rock option for those of all ages.

Luckily enough, this type of shoe is usually unisex, so you can shop in whichever department to find your favorite pair.

Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor High-Top Sneaker

Here is another sneaker from Converse that will look perfect with skinny jeans. These shoes are canvas material, true to size, unisex, and come in a few colors.

View these shoes on Amazon here.

What Shoes Should You Wear With Skinny Jeans In The Summer?

When it comes to summer footwear for your skinny jeans, stick to something comfortable.

Whether you are rocking a pair of sneakers or even sandals, make sure they are walkable and breathable.

We recommend open-toe heels, sneakers, and sandals for the summer and think they will all go well with a pair of skinny jeans.

Regardless of where you are going, your footwear needs to be ready for some summer action.

How Do You Wear Skinny Jeans With Sneakers?

If you plan to style your skinny jeans with a pair of sneakers, less is more.

Most often, skinny jeans already have a casual look to them, so your sneakers only add to that aesthetic.

We suggest you go with a simple shirt, jacket, or even a cross-body bag or purse to give you a casual look and keep your outfit cohesive.

For the summer, try to pair your jeans and sneakers with a comfortable tank top or a breathable t-shirt to stay cool in the heat.

Women's Tank Top

This top is polyester, rayon, and spandex has a relaxed fit and comes in various colors and styles.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Women's Casual Summer Top

This shirt is a breathable mix of polyester, rayon, and spandex and comes in many different colors.

See it on Amazon here.

What Shoes Should You Wear With Skinny Jeans In The Winter?

A beautiful woman posing on the dock of a lake wearing a dotted blouse and skinny jeans

Depending on the weather, winter footwear can be tricky to choose.

The best shoes to style with skinny jeans in the winter are boots, heels, and warm sneakers.

If you are off to a nice dinner, try adding a pump or comfortable platform boot to your outfit to give it a high-end feel.

If you are going to pick up groceries or a friend, go ahead with a pair of fuzzy boots or insulated sneakers.

The key to winter footwear is staying as warm as you can, so try to be conscious of that while shopping for shoes.

Do Skinny Jeans Keep You Warm?

Although some may not believe it, skinny jeans do keep you pretty warm.

The tight fit of skinny jeans essentially traps heat and keeps your legs warm longer.

With that said, if your jeans are ripped or made with thin material, we do not suggest wearing them in cold weather.

If anything, try a pair of long underwear or leggings under your jeans to add extra warmth to your outfit.

Here is a pair of fleece-lined leggings to layer in the winter.

These leggings are high-waisted, spandex, polyester, and viscose and come in a few stylish colors.

See these on Amazon here.

Are Skinny Jeans Out Of Style?

Although skinny jeans can be controversial, they never seem to phase out of style.

When it comes to them being a thing of the past, we say they are probably here to stay for the indefinite future. Levi's goes so far as to say that they will never die!

So whether you are just starting high school or well into your career, it's never too late to rock a pair of skinny jeans.

Can Older People Wear Skinny Jeans?

Regardless of your age, if you want to wear skinny jeans, we say go for it!

If you have a more professional style, try fitted jeans with your look rather than a skin-tight option.

For those wanting something on the more fitting side, go with a pair of black skinny jeans that cut off right at or below your ankles.

The key to styling skinny pants as an older person is dressing them up and accessorizing them with business casual clothing.

In Closing

Whether you love to wear sneakers with skinny jeans or never thought to do so, you've got plenty of options.

Between the outfits we saw, sneakers with a pair of skinny jeans can give you a fun, casual look that is perfect for any season of the year.

If you have an active style, try a pair of trainers or chunky dad sneakers with your jeans to achieve that look.

On the other hand, if your vibe is more skater chic, try a pair of high tops or even classic converse sneakers with your skinny jeans.

Regardless of your style, you can't go wrong with a comfortable pair of shoes to style with your skinny jeans.

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