What To Wear With A Denim Skirt [17 Awesome Looks]

Finding the perfect accessory to add to your denim skirt outfit can feel impossible without some help. Are you looking for a bold purse to add to your look, or maybe even more denim? We did some research into this very topic and have plenty of outfits to help you choose.

No matter your style or budget, figuring out what to pair with a denim skirt is much easier than you think. When in doubt, we always suggest a fun bag or stylish jacket to help make your outfit look Instagram-ready. Denim is such a timeless clothing style, so you can dive into your older items and create an entirely new outfit without having to buy all new pieces. Whether you want to live out your early 2000s fantasy or just found your favorite denim skirt while closet cleaning, we have got you covered.

As we get into this list, we will be sharing our 17 most favorite denim skirt looks and show you exactly how to recreate them at home. Denim never seems to go out of style, so figuring out how to accessorize it has become necessary. With that being said, let's get the line-up started!

A woman wearing a pink shirt and denim pants on the bridge on Amsterdam, What To Wear With A Denim Skirt [17 Awesome Looks]

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1. Striped Summer Halter Top

A woman wearing a pink shirt and denim pants on the bridge on Amsterdam

First, we have a fun, stylish striped halter top idea that will look great with your denim skirt. Summer is right around the corner, so finding a cute halter to wear with your jean skirt is super important. This is a more casual look and is ideal for traveling and being on the go.

2. Denim On Denim

A woman wearing a black shirt, denim jacket, and a short denim skirt

Following a Y2K vibe, we have this denim-on-denim look that feels perfectly nostalgic. Current trends are pointing towards the '90s and early 2000s, so this is a great option for anyone wanting to take a trip down memory lane.

JudyBridal Oversize Denim Jacket

Here we have a denim jacket from JudyBridal that will give your denim skirt outfit the finishing touch it needs. This jacket is a boyfriend style and comes in a few shades of blue that you can choose from. View it on Amazon here.

3. Edgy Leather Jacket Look

A tall sexy woman a denim jacket, denim skirt, and black stockings matching her boots

Next, we have this leather jacket and denim skirt idea that is perfect for a night out. This pairing is great for cooler nights and gives off a punk rock energy that we are loving. Wearing thigh-high boots with this look is another great detail that ties the outfit together.

4. Oversized Sweater

A woman wearing a beige jacket and denim pants

This next look is for anyone wanting to pull out their favorite oversized sweater and looks great with a denim skirt. This outfit is perfect for going to class or even out to lunch with friends and looks comfortable yet stylish. Choosing to go with an oversized sweater will give you a chic and streetwear-inspired look that is sure to get some compliments.

ZESICA Women's Long Sleeve Oversized Knit Sweater

Here is a super comfortable oversized knit sweater from ZESICA that will go great with a denim skirt. This sweater is described as a chunky knit turtleneck design and comes in a variety of fun colors. Follow this link to Amazon to check it out.

5. Adding A Wedged Espadrille

A woman wearing wedge high heels and a long denim skirt

Next, we have a longer denim skirt paired with a wedged espadrille that we are obsessed with. Going with a wedged shoe alongside your denim skirt is a great spring/summer outfit and adds style to your look. Although wedged sandals went out of fashion for a while, we can happily say they are making a comeback.

NailyHome Women's Espadrille Platform Wedge Sandal

Here we have a platform wedge sandal from NailyHome that will look perfect with your denim skirt. These wedges feature a 1.98-inch heel and are made from environmentally-friendly faux leather. View them on Amazon by clicking here.

6. Pirate Style Blouse

A blonde woman wearing a white top and denim pants on a gray background

Another great way to accessorize a denim skirt would be with a lace-up pirate blouse similar to this example. We especially like how the model here decided to wear her blouse tucked in, giving a look a high-fashion feeling.

7.  Cool Colored Shades

A tall and beautiful woman wearing a denim skirt on a green background

Next, we have a trendy denim skirt outfit that uses bright-colored sunglasses that we are loving. The chunky heels and overlapped top idea make this a favorite on the list and give off a very summer vibe. Who knew that sunglasses could keep our eyes protected and our outfits looking paparazzi ready?

8. Boho Peasant Blouse

A blonde woman wearing a long denim skirts

Following a fun summer theme, we have this Bohemian denim skirt outfit that looks super comfortable and stylish. Wearing an embroidered peasant blouse is a great way to accessorize your denim skirt and has a festive look. We also want to note the sandals the model chose to go with that make this outfit feel truly Boho.

YZXDORWJ Embroidered Mexican Peasant Blouse

Here is an embroidered Mexican peasant blouse that will go great with a denim skirt outfit. This blouse is 100% cotton and comes in a ton of beautiful colors, and is machine washable. View it on Amazon by clicking here.

9. High Fashion Satin

A tall blonde woman wearing denim pants and a beige long sleeve top

Next, we have this high-fashion button-down look that is stunning. This outfit is simple yet stands out and uses a satin top and scarf belt that perfectly complement each other. We also really like the shorter, chunkier heels that the model chose that give this a professional and classy vibe.

10. Hipster Flannel Look

A beautiful blonde woman wearing a checkered jacket and denim pants

Here we have a hipster style denim look that feels comfortable and stylish using a fedora and flannel. The denim and flannel go well together and look great with all the accessories the model is wearing. We suggest finding a shirt with similar or matching colors to your flannel or hat to keep your look cohesive.

11. Incorporating A Shoulder Bag

A beautiful woman posing on the stairs wearing a denim skirt and a small handbag

For those wanting to show off their new favorite bag, this option is for you. Pairing a shoulder bag with your jean skirt ensemble is a great way to accessorize your look and keep your items safe. We like how this outfit follows a light blue color scheme and matches the bag to the stacked top.

Vintage Women's Leather Shoulder Bag

Here is a light blue vintage style shoulder bag from theops brand that we are living for. This purse has a zipper pocket inside and is made from premium faux leather. Check it out on Amazon by following this link.

12. Hawaiian Shirt

Coming in next, we have a more quirky way to accessorize a denim skirt wearing a tropical button-up top. This is a great thrift store option because Hawaiian print shirts always seem to be waiting to find a new home. We especially like the high-end-looking heels the model decided on that make this affordable outfit feel runway-ready.

13. Adding A Neck Scarf

Here we have a fashionable and chic denim skirt outfit using a striped neck scarf that brings this look to the next level. The light jean shirt and darker shade denim skirt make this look feel right out of a magazine and don't clash with one another. We are fully supporting the scarf around the neck here and hope to see this style more often.

14. Plush Brown Jacket

Next on our list, we have an ultra-soft and fluffy jacket to wear with a denim skirt. This would be a great fall or winter outfit idea that is practical and stylish and has a streetwear aesthetic. We like the brown color jacket with the denim skirt and recommend trying a similar look at home.

15. Cropped Sweater Look

Next, we have a younger-looking denim idea that is using a cropped sweater and statement belt. This outfit has a trendy look to it and is a great spring/summer idea for students and anyone wanting to try it out. We suggest going with a statement belt when wearing a cropped top to catch the eye.

DIVASKY Cropped Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater

Here is a cropped pullover sweater that will finish off your denim skirt ensemble. This sweater is a cotton boat neck design and has glowing reviews from customers. View it on Amazon here.

16. Combat Boots

For all our combat boot fanatics, we've got you covered with this denim skirt idea. Choosing to accessorize your denim skirt with a pair of combat boots is an edgy and stylish way to stay comfortable and on-trend. We recommend going with a darker boot, and a similar color bag like this model is wearing if you want to get the look.

17. On The Go Blazer

Last on our list we have a blazer idea for your denim skirt that we are in love with. This outfit feels fashionable and practical for anyone running errands or getting coffee and still wants to be ready for a photograph. Adding a blazer to your outfit is an easy way to style it up without having to go crazy with your accessories.

The Wrap Up

Accessorizing your denim skirt with a fun jacket or bag are just some of the ways to get your outfit ready for any occasion. Whether you are looking for an edgier outfit for a night out or something comfortable to wear to class, a denim skirt goes with just about everything.

We suggest finding a simple shirt or blouse to wear with your skirt and adding a stylish pair of wedges or boots to tie the look together. Accessories can make or break an outfit, so it is vital to match them as best as possible to one another. No matter what you decide on, we know your denim skirt ensemble will turn heads and look amazing on you.

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