What To Wear With Flats?

Flats are undoubtedly a comfortable and versatile option for shoes, but what should you wear with them? With spring and warmer weather approaching, we are all super excited to pull out our favorite outfits and show the world what we've got. Luckily for you all, we have been looking into this topic and have some great suggestions.

Our general recommendation for what to wear with your flats would be a dress or cute pair of pants. Heels tend to have a more dressed up look to them, while flats kind of play both sides of the game. We have compiled our list of favorite flat pairing options for you to check out below:

  • Short dress or sundress 
  • Pantsuit  
  • Sweater pant combo

As we dive deeper into this very topic, we will show you some of our favorite flat looks. This year, trends point toward a more comfortable and relaxed look, so this is the perfect time to get into this. There is definitely a sea of options when it comes to pairing with your flats, and we are going to try and cover them all.

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Flat Style Shoes

Flats are quite literally a shoe style without heels and tend to be on the more comfortable side. This shoe style has a spring/summer reputation but can be worn any time of the year. We will discuss that further as we continue our research.

Sketchers Women's Ballet Flat

Here we have an example of a pretty standard pair of flats for you to look at from Sketchers. Flats have a more simple and walkable design and are very popular in Europe and younger demographics. That being said, flats are for every age, shape, and size and have many offers.

Follow this link to Amazon to check this pair out.

Is it OK to wear socks with flats?

Unless you are going with cosplay or a quirky high school look, we would not suggest trying this out. When you wear flats, you should definitely wear a cropped sock that is hidden under your shoe. Flats have a casual look to them, but you want to avoid looking sloppy. There are plenty of shorter sock options that will effortlessly be unseen by anyone but you.

Eodor Women's 3/6/8 No Show Socks

We found this example of no show socks made by the company Eodor while searching the web. You can see how these still serve as regular socks but will be invisible once your flats are on. This brand of socks does, in fact, come in multiple shades, and you can go with whichever fits your skin best.

Follow this link to check these out on Amazon.

L'eggs Women's Energy Control Top Reinforced Toe Panty Hose

For those of you who may not want to go with the no show socks, we also found some sheer pantyhose from the company L'eggs. Pantyhose do tend to be a great option for those who may want that sheer and perfect leg look and will fit well with your flats.

Follow this link to see these on Amazon.

Is it OK to wear flats in the winter?

According to current trends and what we have seen on the internet, yes, you can wear flats in the winter. The idea of wearing heels in the cold sounds as vicious as it is, and we all are hoping to leave that trend behind. A great winter idea would be to pair your flats with a pantsuit or jumper. Flats are not all the same and do come in so many styles that fit almost every occasion.

A Winter Look

You can see how this outfit looks super comfortable and also appropriate for the wintertime. Sweaters and flats go together very well and almost always come out looking cozy and stylish. Another great article of clothing to consider with flats is a flared pant.

Business Casual

This next look is a business casual option that also can be worn in the winter months. Adding a cute jacket to this will only enhance your look and will be very comfortable. Flats have become standard in the office or your workplace and allow for more movement during the day. A simple white pair of flats should be a must-have in every woman's closet.

TOM'S Women's Classic Core Alpargata Slip-On

Following a more business casual aesthetic, we have this pair of flats from TOM'S. These are definitely a comfortable and stylish option for those walking around or just wanting something plain and simple.

View these flats from TOM'S on Amazon here.

Dream Pairs Women's Sole-Simple Ballerina Flats

These colorful ballerina flats we found from the Dream Pairs Store are another great business casual option. You don't have to give up color and pattern when wearing flats, and these are a great option for the workplace or just a casual lunch.

To view these flats on Amazon, follow this link.

Are flat shoes formal?

Over the years, flats have become more formal and adaptable to high-end events. You can still be a show stopper without wearing a high heel to a business or personal event with your flats. Try purchasing a bright or patterned flat to add with a formal ensemble and see how many compliments you receive.

The most important thing is to choose comfort and quality over what others may expect of you.

Stepping It Up

Here we have a more high-end look that is being paired with some flats. You can see how pairing them with this shorter dress really made for an eye-catching final look. This pair of shoes follow a Grecian Goddess vibe, and who doesn't want a little bit of that?

Trying A Jumpsuit

Another great idea for your flats would be trying them out with a stylish jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have been trending for years and are always a chic and classy option for a formal night out. The outfit photographed above is a velvet jumpsuit paired with an animal print flat that we are #Obsessed with.

Dream Pairs Flatpointed-Ankle Slip On Flats

This next style is also from the Dream Pairs Store and is a more formal flat option. Going with a simple black or neutral colored shoe can add that elegant touch to a more formal look.

Check these out on Amazon by clicking this link.

Franco Sarto Women's Loafer Flat

Another great formal flat option would be a loafer style like this pair we found from Franco Sarto. These are a glossy finish flat loafer that would look amazing with a pantsuit for your night out. These follow a more professional formal feeling and will definitely be the main topic of conversation.

Follow this link to see these on Amazon.

To Wrap It Up

No matter the season or occasion, flats are always a great option. Whether you are looking for more comfort or don't want to deal with the idea of wearing high heels, there are other options. Try going with a more business casual pantsuit and flats to achieve that professional look or a shorter dress for a night out. You do not have to compromise your style when wearing flats and can still be the star of the night.

Choosing a brighter and more colorful flats pair is also a trendy and chic way to wear your shoes. Maybe try going with a bright pair of flats along with a neutral or black ensemble to give your look that pop of color. Let's collectively end the high heels' pain and suffering and try sporting some ultra-chic (and comfy) flats.

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