What To Wear With Gladiator Sandals?

Gladiator sandals are strappy sandals that deserve attention. Some are short while others run the length of your legs. Do you have a new pair of gladiator sandals or want to purchase some? What would you wear with these sandals? We searched around to find some of the best ways to wear these shoes.

Gladiator sandals look great with:

  • Mini skirts
  • Knee-length skirt/dress
  • Leggings
  • Summer dresses
  • Bermudas
  • Shorts
  • Capris

Continue to read for some great clothing and accessory ideas to pair with your gladiator sandals for spring and summer! We'll also cover some other common questions when it comes to wearing gladiator sandals.

Model on a runway walking with gladiator sandals, What To Wear With Gladiator Sandals?

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What To Wear With Gladiator Sandals

Mini Skirts

Girl walks with white shopping bags on holidays wearing gladiator sandals and mini skirt

Mini skirts look great with gladiator sandals. They can provide the illusion of making your legs look longer. A great denim skirt or even a flowy, flowery skirt would look eye-catching with these sandals. Pair your skirt and sandals with a cute tank top or even a casual t-shirt to create a cute summery look.

These calf-high sandals are also available in white, brown, and gold.

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2. Knee Length Skirt/ Dress

Not all gladiator sandals go high up on the leg. Strappy gladiator sandals with a little bit of a heel can add some glamor to a knee-length skirt. A wedged heel would look great as well. Some may have embellishments or can be plain if you prefer.

The gal in the picture above is wearing a knee-length dress, pairing it with a cute sun hat and a bag to match her sandals. Her sandals are not too high on her legs which makes them perfect for the length of her dress.

These lace-up gladiators also come in brown, olive green, and white.

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3. Leggings

Who doesn't love a great pair of leggings! Believe it or not, gladiator sandals are perfect to dress up a pair of leggings. Make a casual pair of pants look awesome for a night out or wear some leather leggings for an added wow factor. Add some height with a wedged heel and a great jacket. Bangle bracelets and some dangly earrings will really bring it all together.

Wedge gladiators your thing? These also come in brown, red, and black pleather.

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4. Summer Dresses

Whether you are spending the day walking the beach, shopping, or even working, gladiator sandals and sundresses are super cute. The girl in the picture has on some stylish sunglasses to bring the summer feel to her outfit. Add a cardigan to your dress and sandals for the evening chill.

These fun gladiator sandals are available in 12 different jewel colors.

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5. Bermudas

Bermuda shorts are a little longer than regular shorts. Do not be afraid to pair them with a simple gladiator sandal. These sandals go great with denim or even a dressier pair of shorts. Like in the photo, these dressier shorts and Bermudas would look great for a workday. Add a stylish belt that matches the color of your shoes to dress it up even more but still look professional.

These cute strappy gladiators would be great for the workplace. Purchase them in black, brown, nude, or white.

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6. Shorts

Are you going out with friends to a concert or event? You can dress up or dress down gladiator sandals and still look hot. Try out some denim shorts with studded gladiator sandals and your favorite t-shirt. A little bit of edge but not over the top. This look is perfect for the grocery store too. Slip-on your comfortable outfit, pull your hair up, and add a little bling with your shoes.

These studded gladiators are found in 8 different colors.

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7. Capris

Wear a great pair of capris and your favorite sandals for a lunch date or even dinner. They pair perfectly together. You could wear a high heeled gladiator for a little more elegance or a flat for more comfort. Denim or cotton, your outfit will look great for any occasion. Try a gladiator in vibrant colors and match a cute clutch to them for a more fun outfit.

These gladiator heels even come in orange, black, rose gold, and white.

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Burning Questions About Gladiator Sandals

Now that you know how to style these versatile shoes, you probably have a few more questions about them. We'll cover that here.

Are gladiator sandals comfortable?

As with any shoe, you must try them on and observe the fit and size. A lot of styles come with a padded footbed for extra comfort. Tying the laces too tight on your calf can create discomfort. Make sure you get the right size and style for you. If you'll be walking a lot, keep in mind the heel and footbed of the shoe.

How do you keep gladiator sandals up?

One option is to purchase a gladiator sandal that has a zipper instead of the laces. These have more form and you will not have to worry about the laces staying up your leg.

There are also styles with buckles instead of laces, as well. If you prefer the laces, tying them in a crisis cross fashion up your leg, you can wrap the lace twice at the top to keep them up. Remember to not tie them too tight or you will cut off the circulation in your legs.

Can you wear gladiator sandals with jeans?

Absolutely! You may choose a shorter version of the gladiator sandal to wear with full-length jeans or you can wear a longer one too. It is all your personal preference. They will look great either way!

In Closing

Gladiator sandals can be dressed up or down. They are a great sandal for adding a little pizazz to your outfit. Many come in a flat style but there are wedges and heels as well. This shoe is great for the office, a day of shopping, or even a fancy event. They come in all different styles and colors. We definitely recommend having a pair of these sandals in your wardrobe!

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