What To Wear With Rain Boots?

When it rains, you instinctively reach for your rain boots to protect you from the puddles and mud. However, you may feel stuck when it comes to creating a cute outfit to go with your boots. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect outfit ideas for when you need to wear your rain boots to work or for an outing.

Generally, your rain boots will pair with one of three types of outfits:

  • Casual clothing for outdoor activities, like jeans and shorts
  • Professional work clothes
  • Leggings, tights, or pantyhose paired with dressy clothing for dates or going out

Are you only supposed to wear rain boots when it’s raining, or can you wear them for other types of situations? Can you wear rain boots all day? Do you need to wear socks with rain boots? Keep reading for your go-to outfit and rain boots pairing guide.

Young woman playing with a colorful umbrella and wearing rain boots in a rainy day, What To Wear With Rain Boots?

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Outfit Ideas With Rain Boots

First of all, rain boots most likely fulfill a purpose for you like protecting you from cold, rainy weather. In this case, pair your boots with some skinny jeans, a warm sweater, and a long jacket. Coordinate colors like this by matching your boots and umbrella:

Beautiful young woman with umbrella and wearing rain boots

Skinny jeans work much better than boot cut or wide-leg pants because they don't bunch up over your boots. Also, black jeans tend to coordinate best with brightly colored boots:

Beautiful young and happy blond woman in a bright pink scarf, rubber boots and umbrella walking in a rainy city

If you're worried about getting dirty, wear your rain boots for more adventurous activities like festivals and camping. In warm weather, pair your boots with a short jean skirt or some shorts. Perhaps it won’t rain all day, but you will be protected from any mud:

Close up of friends in Wellington boots walking to festival

Professional Outfits

For work, opt for a more neutral color of rain boots, like black. With a neutral color, you can pair them with any outfit. For a crisp, effortless look, pair a long camel-colored trench coat with skinny black pants and black boots:

Unrecognizable woman wearing trench coat and rain boots holding umbrella while standing outdoors

Remember, rain boots come in short varieties, as well. Short rain boots tend to look a bit more professional and work well with tights and dresses/skirts:

Woman in professional outfit wearing rubber boots

Short rain boots like this work great for professional environments:

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If your workplace observes a casual day, choose a bright color of rain boots. Achieve a professional look when you wear them with a pair of nice jeans and a button-up blouse:

Beautiful girl in the rain with rubber boots talking on the phone in the city

Dressy Outfits

When date-night rolls around and it’s raining outside, you still have the option of wearing your cute dress. Wear it with a pair of dressier rain boots that have bows or polka dots:

Portrait of beautiful young girl with umbrella under rain

For an extra fancy look, wear lacy pantyhose with tall socks underneath your boots. A long pea coat over a mid-thigh to knee-length dress goes perfectly:

Woman with pink umbrella and rubber boots walking in park in autumn

Purchasing a pack of lacy stockings provides an easy and affordable way to dress up your rain boots:

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Finally, for a day of shopping when you want to look nice, wear bright colors. A brightly covered wool, knee-length wool dress or shirt with tights looks great with black rain boots:

Woman carrying handbag with flowers wearing rain boots

Different Colors And Patterns Of Rain Boots

Your outfit will depend on the color of rain boots that you own or want to purchase. For classic yellow or colorful tall rain boots, the best option is to stay casual with your clothing. Jeans, especially skinny jeans, look best with these types of rain boots.

With neutral boots, like black rain boots, you have more options. These work better with a variety of professional pants, leggings, tights, or tall socks. Also, neutral boots work great if you are looking to add a practical boot to your capsule wardrobe.

Lastly, to dress up any outfit, choose a pattern like polka dots or a floral design. Amp up the dressiness even more by purchasing a pair of rain boots with a heel, like these:

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When Should You Wear Rain Boots?

Thankfully, rain boots fulfill a multitude of purposes. You should wear them for any of the following scenarios:

  • When it’s raining or going to rain
  • If you're attending an event with lots of exposed grass and mud
  • For recreational activities like fishing, gardening, camping, or even just walking your dog

Couple out walking a small brown dog along a dirt path in the countryside wearing rain boots

Can You Wear Rain Boots Even When It’s Not Raining?

You’ll find plenty of reasons to wear your rain boots when it’s not raining. Wear them on days you will be walking outside frequently if the forecast predicts a high chance of rain.

Wear them for your hobbies that include water. This could include wading in the water while fishing or while playing with your family. You can even wear them on the beach on dreary or cold days for protection from the waves.

Rain boots not only protect from water but also from mud and dirt. Wear them if you would like to protect your clothing from mud, dirt, or sand while being outdoors. In short, if you participate in any activity or event with mud or water, you should definitely consider wearing your rain boots.

Can You Wear Rain Boots All Day?

Wear your rain boots all day when you will be outside frequently or your day consists of outdoorsy activities. For instance, when camping on a rainy day, they will help protect you from the elements even after it stops raining. Also, if you plan on being in or near water, rain boots allow you to enjoy more adventurous activities throughout your day.

When you wear your rain boots to work, bring a back-up pair of shoes just in case. In case it stops raining and the puddles dry up, you may find your rain boots to be bulky and uncomfortable for a full day. As a solution, if you are in the market for comfortable rain boot options, you're in luck! We've already written a complete post about this on Style Cheer: Are Rain Boots Comfortable To Walk In?

Ultimately, the choice to wear your rain boots all day rests with you, but it doesn’t hurt to have a back-up pair of shoes if your rain boots are uncomfortable.

Do You Wear Socks With Rain Boots?

For added protection and to prevent blistering, wear tall socks with your rain boots. The rubber of the rain boots rubs against your skin and often causes blistering. By wearing thick socks, you protect yourself from blisters.

Also, with rain and snow comes cooler weather. Socks provide insulation for your feet while rain boots protect you from moisture. For even warmer feet when spending time outdoors, layer your socks.

One of the best ways to stay warm and to look stylish is to purchase high socks. Opt for a pair with buttons or lace, like these:

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For more ideas on how to style socks with boots, check out this post on our site Style Cheer: How To Wear Socks With Boots.

Splash In The Puddles

With this guide, you have what it takes to put together a variety of stylish outfits with your rain boots. Dress them up with tall socks, tights, or stockings, or wear them casually with skinny jeans. With so much versatility, you will definitely grab your rain boots more often!

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