What Top To Wear With Palazzo Pants [6 Great Options]

Palazzo pants are a must-have for every style hunter and trendsetter. In warm months, you can find them in lightweight materials and fun patterns, and in winter you can even find people wearing them in denim. Regardless of the weather, there are countless ways to style them year-round. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite options to inspire you and how to style them with your favorite pair of palazzo pants!

For the most part, to create the most flattering silhouette, you want to pair your palazzo pants with a top that is somewhat form-fitting. Of course you can pair any of these options we list with a blazer or jacket to create a fun look, but avoid oversized sweatshirts or tees that are just left hanging. Too much fabric will leave you looking lost in your outfit. The most flattering and most common tops worn with palazzo pants include:

  • Crop tops
  • Graphic tees
  • Tank tops/bodysuits
  • Cardigans
  • Cold-shoulder blouses
  • One-shoulder tops

In addition to providing you with style inspiration and outfit ideas, we will also cover a few other topics in this article. These include what evening tops to wear with palazzo pants, palazzo pants and tops for parties, and if palazzo pants look good on plus size. So stick with us and keep reading!

A beautiful woman sitting on the stairs wearing a white long sleeve shirt and black palazzo pant, What Top To Wear With Palazzo Pants [6 Great Options]

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What Top Goes With Palazzo Pants?

Crop Tops

Because palazzo pants are wide-legged trousers, a crop top provides the perfect contrast and doesn’t leave one swimming in fabric. A patterned pair of palazzo pants can be paired with a solid crop top, and vice-versa. If you’re more modest, you can opt for a long-sleeved crop top or one that's cropped only slightly above the navel, not showing much skin at all.

Many palazzo pants are also high-waisted, so this combination creates a most flattering silhouette. You can also throw a blazer on over this duo to make it look city-chic! This article helps show different styles of crop tops and will provide plenty of inspiration to help you choose the right one for you: Can You Wear a Crop Top to a Wedding?

A beautiful sexy woman wearing palazzo pants outside

Graphic Tees

A fun twist on the vintage band tee trend—knot up your favorite tee shirt to give your palazzo pants an edgy and fashionable look. Cinching your shirt at the waist prevents excess fabric from making you appear boxy or shapeless. You can dress this look up with some heels and a sleek purse. Or you can keep it casual with sneakers, some fun earrings, and a denim jacket—making it perfect for a weekend brunch with friends!

Tank Tops/Bodysuits

Bodysuits have made a comeback in fashion recently, and a sleeveless tank top bodysuit is a simple yet stylish way to style your palazzo pants. A body suit tucks your top in for you without having to worry about it buckling or riding up, instantly giving you a clean-cut appearance. The possibilities to styling this combination are endless—you can keep it minimal from your hair to your toes or accessorize to the max with a statement necklace to add some personality!

A beautiful tall woman wearing a white shirt and black palazzo pants on a gray background


A cardigan can be thrown over any of these options above in the event of a chilly night or just to give your outfit a different twist. It provides not only an instant level of comfort and coziness but a tailored cardigan or duster can elevate your entire outfit for an evening out! 

Cold-Shoulder Blouses

Providing a more relaxed silhouette, a cold-shoulder blouse lays off the shoulders and achieves the perfect fun and feminine vibe for any dress-casual occasion. You can wear it with heels to the office or sandals to lunch and look equally put-together.  

A beautiful woman wearing a white long sleeve and a black palazzo pant

One-Shoulder Tops

A one-shoulder top instantly adds a level of drama to an outfit. The asymmetrical cut is sure to grab attention and make a stylish statement! A solid pop of color will pair perfectly with a fun patterned pair of pants.

A woman wearing a yellow shirt and a long white palazzo pants

Evening Tops To Wear With Palazzo Pants

If you should find that you’ve got an evening event to attend, try pairing your palazzo pants with a coordinating top, giving you a monochromatic look that is classic and chic. There are also wide-leg pant jumpsuits that give the same appearance.

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You could also go for an organza-sleeved blouse for an evening out—the sheer material automatically elevates your outfit. Dress it up with your favorite heels and some simple jewelry for the perfect nighttime look!

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Palazzo Pants And Tops Party Wear

Palazzo pants are perfect for a party! Don your best pair of black palazzo pants with a sequin top and let that make the statement. You’re sure to be the sparkling center of attention in such a stunning outfit!

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Do Palazzo Pants Look Good On Plus Size?

When worn with an appropriate top, palazzo pants can be flattering on all body types. As stated before, with any body type, you don’t want to be swimming in excess fabric. Especially with plus-size figures, you want to accentuate the beautiful curves you have!

Basic black is always flattering for everyone. While floral patterns and vertical stripes are said to flatter fuller figures, the truth is, any pattern when worn with confidence will look amazing!

In Closing

There are limitless options to pair with your palazzo pants for any occasion, no matter how formal or casual. Regardless of the pattern or what you wear them with, the most important accessory you’ll ever wear with them is confidence! Before you go, be sure to check out some other style tips and guides:

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