What Tops To Wear With Leggings [Including For Work]

Leggings have become a necessary staple in any woman's wardrobes. When generally thinking of tops to wear with leggings, there are many considerations. Are you going to the gym or breakfast with friends? Maybe you are settling down for a NETFLIX binge? Do you need a stylish yet comfortable outfit for work? There is no general rule of tops to wear with your favorite leggings, but we've found a few most popular and favorites. 

There are many different kinds of tops that you can wear with leggings. These include:

  1. Tunics
  2. Button-front top
  3. Chunky sweater
  4. Belted sweater jacket
  5. Crop top with high-waisted leggings
  6. A twist-front tee
  7. A warm, soft hoodie

These tops are only a few of the many suggestions available for tops that will look good with leggings. Some are better for casual, and some are the optimal choice for the workplace. If you have been nervous to try leggings, or criticized in the past for wearing them wrong, be sure to read this entire post. You will learn the basic yes and nos of leggings.

A woman wearing a formal sweater and tight blue leggings, What Tops To Wear With Leggings [Including For Work]

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Leggings Style Guide

Leggings can be an excellent choice for an outfit, no matter the season. It can sometimes be difficult finding that perfect pair that first covers you and fits you well. But the end outfit is worth it! Make sure you can try them on before buying them! They need to be the right length and figure-flattering.

The leggings you choose ideally should be a solid color. You can't go wrong with a great pair of black leggings. Patterns can be too overwhelming and take over an outfit. Finally, make sure your leggings are in good condition. Don't be out wearing faded or holey leggings!

What to Wear to Work with Leggings

It is always a dilemma- what to wear to work? It is essential to be professional and stylish yet comfortable at the same time. A standard favorite piece of popular clothing and known for being comfortable is leggings. They come in all colors and patterns, they can be warm material for winter or thinner for summer, and they are not too expensive. They are an ideal option for the workplace. But, what tops do you wear with leggings to work?

Tunic tops

Tunic tops are a familiar favorite to wear with leggings because it covers your butt. This is important in the workplace to remain professional. Some leggings can be extremely tight, and tunics will help you feel more comfortable as well. There are many kinds of tunic tops; short-sleeved, long-sleeved, v-neck, and scoop-neck, to name a few. Tunic tops are generally an easy find are there are so many companies that have personalized the tunic top to bring something special to it. 

Button-front shirts

These are another popular option as they tend to be hanging lower to cover problematic areas. These tops can also be a little more dressy for a critical work event such as a presentation or a meeting. A blazer can be added for that extra feeling of professionalism. 

Chunky sweaters

A perfect winter option. Chunky sweaters tend to be a little oversized and baggy, keeping you covered and cozy. These sweaters are an excellent option for layering and staying warm on those extra chilly days.

Belted sweater jackets

Belted sweater jackets are yet another great choice when wearing leggings. Wear a tank top or t-shirt underneath, and the jacket can go right on top, keeping you warm and looking great with the leggings. This jacket is a perfect time to layer.

Workplace Guidelines

There are a few essential guidelines to remember when choosing leggings to wear in the workplace. It's necessary to consider the workplace environment where you are. Some jobs do not allow leggings.

  • Legging tops should always cover your butt.
  • Leggings tend to be made of a stretchy material and can be tight-fitting, so it is critical to wear a proper shirt to cover this up. Tops you choose should also be a little less clingy and much flowier.
  • The quality of your leggings needs to be top-notch. It's essential to keep business leggings in good condition to ensure they do not get worn out or develop holes.

When wearing leggings to work, it is all about the accessories to complete any outfit. Consider boots with leg warmers or an oversized jacket. A nice high-heel can also give that outfit an office look. Jewelry choices will also bring that outfit up to an office level. Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are all excellent choices when looking to make that outfit look business casual. An oversized bag will complete any look!

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How do I make leggings look business casual?

Trying to avoid the uncomfortable suit look at the office? Leggings can be an excellent choice. However, it is crucial to make sure they don't have too casual a look. Shoes can be a perfect opportunity to bring your outfit to an upscale level. Booties or ballerina shoes instead of sandals or sneakers work well here.

This is an excellent opportunity to wear black leggings and draw attention to the rest of your outfit. Sometimes a good trick is to wear a sold top with patterned leggings. Just make sure the color of your shirt is in the leggings too. Add a pop of colors such as a scarf or some jewelry! 

What do you wear with casual leggings?

So we've covered the office, but what about the casual outfit options? Leggings are known as a comfortable alternative to jeans or regular pants. But what can you wear on those weekends or running errands? When considering outfits outside of the workplace, accessories are always a good option that will dress down those leggings.

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Consider tops with jackets or scarves as an outer layer. Shoes are also important! A cute pair of sneakers will go well with a casual legging outfit any day. Hats often look cute when going more relaxed as well. Any of these options will have you looking comfortable and straightforward!

How do you wear a tunic with leggings?

A tunic is probably the most common top to wear when it comes to leggings. It is generally better to wear a longer tunic with longer leggings that come to your ankle or below- and a shorter tunic with Capri or cropped leggings. Tunics also come in different lengths. Some are longer-like dress length, while some are shorter-like skirt length. A belt can sometimes bring the look together and show off your waistline.

In closing

These are just some of the suggestions available out there. It's essential to develop your style. So be sure to do your research and make the best choices out there for YOU. Leggings have become a staple and are most likely to stay for a long time. These favorite choices of bottoms have genuinely been transformed over the past years and are sure to continue to keep evolving. Keep all these tips and tricks in the back of your mind, and your sure to stay sleek and stylish!

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