What’s the Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes and Fair Skin

Do you want to know the best color eyeshadow for the combination of brown eyes and fair skin? We've done some research and come up with a list of possibilities for you. This should give you a great starting point for your skin tone and eye color to find the best eyeshadow palette.

Good eyeshadow colors if you have brown eyes and fair skin are:

  • Pink
  • Peach
  • Beige
  • Medium Browns
  • Champagne
  • Lilac
  • Light Blue
  • Soft Green

We'll look at each of these lovely combinations and discuss why they work well for fair skin and brown eyes. Then we'll discuss how to choose eyeshadow, what eyeshadows suit pale skin in general, and if there's any way to make your brown eyes appear lighter than they actually are through the use of makeup. So please, keep reading!

A woman putting on eyeshadow on her eyelids for a photoshoot, What's the Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes and Fair Skin

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Great Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes And Fair Skin

We've found a whole list of great colors to go with a fair-skinned, brown eye combination. The general rule is that lighter colors work better for fair skin than darker colors do. Of course, the darker the color, the more dramatic the eye, which might be what you want for an evening look. But let's look at this list of eyeshadow colors in more detail.


Woman with pink eyeshadow

Pink is a gorgeous look with fair skin and brown eyes. The shades of pink will bring out any pink tones in the skin. In addition, they will make the gorgeous russets of beautiful brown eyes really glow. Whether you choose matte tones or shimmery tones, fair-skinned, brown-eyed folks can't go wrong with pink eyeshadow.


Woman with peach eyeshadows

Like pink, peach is a great color for bringing out the natural tones of fair skin. It is a slightly warmer tone than pink that will bring out any red tones in your brown eyes. Peach can range from a barely-there nude tone to a shade closer to orange, but whichever you choose will work for this combination.

These creme shadows from Revlon give you four great shades of peach to choose from. These glide on easily, blend easily, and are crease-resistant.


Woman with beige eyeshadow

If you love a natural look, then a soft light beige is a beautiful choice for fair skin and brown eyes. It will be a slightly darker tone than your skin color that will bring focus to your eyes without overpowering your face. People may not even realize you're wearing eyeshadow at all.

This Bobbie Brown creme shadow stick in Vanilla is the softest beige available in this product. This eyeshadow glides on and gives non-creasing all-day natural elegance. It blends softly onto the skin and is easy to wear.

Medium Browns

woman with perfect medium brown eyeshadow

If you want a color that has a bit more oomph but still isn't a super dark night-time eye, you might want to give a medium brown a try. It's a natural pairing for fair skin and brown eyes if you want a slightly pumped up look.

Here's a nice medium brown powder shadow with a shimmery tone.


Champagne is light and bubbly. A champagne eyeshadow is the same. This not quite beige, not quite pink, almost golden color shimmers against fair skin. It will bring out all of the beautiful golden colors in your brown eyes. Get a metallic version for a night on the town, and wear a matte tone for brunch out with the family. You'll look beautiful either way.

Here's a gorgeous liquid eyeshadow with all kinds of champagne shimmer. This quick-drying mineral eyeshadow from Jane Iredell is sure to make your makeup look complete.


Woman with lilac eyeshadow

If you want something a bit more colorful than the naturals we've mentioned, why not a lilac? This soft tone of purple won't overpower your skin tone, but it will stand out. Your brown eyes will be framed in a way that gets second glances when you choose a lilac shadow.

This Lavish Lilac chubby eyeshadow stick from Clinique is a gorgeous soft color for fair skin and brown eyes. This one has a slight shimmer and is good for sensitive eyes.

Light Blue

Woman with light blue eyeshadow

Another color option that stands out is choosing a light blue eyeshadow for fair skin and brown eyes. This combination works not because everything is shades or tones of each other, but because they are contrasting. Even though the colors are subtle, it's still a bit of a bold look. If you want to stand out without your makeup overpowering you, try this combination.

Here's a soft blue shadow from Jolie. This silky formula has a rich color and long-lasting wear.

Soft Green

Woman with a soft green eyeshadow

Green and brown are the colors of the forest, so it makes sense that a soft green eyeshadow would work so well with fair skin and brown eyes. If you're lucky enough to have hazel brown eyes, green eyeshadow will bring out your green flecks and make your eyes really pop.

Here's a matte powder eyeshadow in soft olive green from Demure.

How To Choose Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes?

Think about the eyes in question. Do they have green flecks? Then perhaps choose green or champagne. Are your brown eyes more golden in tone? If so, then perhaps peach or beige will really make them stand out. Do you have deep brown eyes like rich walnut wood? Then play on those tones by using pinks or even a shimmery medium brown.

Brown eyes are gorgeous, and if you choose your eyeshadow well, you can highlight all the wonder they contain within them.

What Eyeshadow Suits Pale Skin?

Pale skin has undertones. Some pale skin is undershot with pink or peach. Other pale skin has more of a golden undertone. Some pale skin is even olive in tone. When choosing an eyeshadow for your skin tone, you want something that highlights the undertones.

Undertones of pink and peach look great with similar shades of eyeshadow. Browns, lilacs, champagnes, and greens will also work. For pale skin with golden undertones, try beiges, champagnes, medium browns, and greens. Those with olive undertones should try champagnes, greens, blues, and medium browns.

How Can I Lighten My Brown Eyes?

If you want to lighten your brown eyes, use some simple tricks. Steer clear of dark eyeliners. Stick to champagne, beige, or even white eyeliners. Do use shimmery eyeshadows. The glow from the shimmering minerals will lighten up the appearance of your eyes. Pick eyeshadow colors that work with your eyes like a glimmer of champagne or sparkling rose color. All of these tricks will help your eyes appear lighter in color.

This shimmery champagne eyeliner from NYX will make your eye appear brighter and larger. Opt for something like this over darker colors.

Beautiful Features

With these examples of great color combinations for fair skin and brown hair, you should have a good notion of which is best for you. Think about your own skin tone and your particular shade of brown, then choose the color that's right for you.

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