Where and How to Store Handbags [6 Actionable Suggestions]

What are the best ways and the best places to store your favorite handbags or purses? A great bag can really make an outfit, and it can also be an excellent investment in your style. Whether you have just a few or a vast collection, you want to take care of your accessory investment in the best way possible.

Here's a shortlist of where and how to store your handbags:

  • Store in a dark, cool place
  • Store individually
  • Store on display shelves
  • Keep clean, and do not hang.
  • Place in a dust bag
  • Fill with paper or a purse pillow to keep its shape.Assorted hand bags stored on a glass cabinet, Where and How to Store Handbags [6 Actionable Suggestions]

We'll look at some of the fun handbag storage options that are out there, as well as some of the best techniques for caring for your bags in the post below.

Where To Store Your Handbags

If you have a large closet, you may want to store your handbags there. Most closets are without windows, which is a good thing for your purses. Sunlight can cause fabrics and leathers to fade. If you don't have a large closet, but still have a beautiful handbag collection, why not consider a display shelving system?

This cute bookshelf is repurposed as a purse organizer where they're not only stored but on display.

Closet Storage Ideas

If you prefer to keep them in your closet, you can always use a handbag organizer that will hang from your closet rod and store your bags with less space while still keeping them stored individually and in the best shape.

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These organizers are also available in over the door models.

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If money is no object and your handbag collection is the envy of all your friends, then consider one of these decadent closet customizations!

Wall Storage

If closet and floor space are at a premium in your home, then consider interesting shelving for the storage of your handbags. These floating shelves can fit neatly into an available wall space and turn your handbags into art.

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Here's a fun wall display that turns purses into pop art.

How Do I Keep My Purse In Shape?

There are several things you can do to keep your purses in great shape and looking as good as the day you bought them.

  1. Clean your purse with a lint roller or microfiber cloth before storing it.
  2. Stuff your purse with crumpled paper to help it maintain its shape when empty.
  3. Put inside of a protective dust bag or pillowcase or its original box.
  4. Store upright if it will stand on its own. This keeps the handles in better shape than hanging it.
  5. If it won't stand on its own, lay flat to store but don't stack things on top of it unless it's in a protective box.

Many purses come with a dust bag when you purchase them, but if you've lost the bag or don't have one, they're readily available online.

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Is It OK To Store Purses In Plastic Containers?

This depends on the bag. If it's cloth or man-made material, then it's fine to store it in a plastic tote or bin. However, it's not recommended to store leather handbags in plastic bags or containers. This is because leather needs to breathe and stay dry. If any moisture at all, even humidity in the air, gets into your tote or a plastic bag, then you risk getting mold or mildew on your lovely leather bag.

What Is The Best Way To Store Leather Purses?

The main thing to consider when storing leather goods is sunlight and moisture. The first can fade your leather and dry it out. The second can create mold or mildew in your bag. You want to clean your leather purse before putting it in storage. Do this by wiping it with a damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to take up any leftover moisture. If you want to put a leather conditioner on it after the cleaning is the time to do that. When storing, first stuff your bag with paper or a purse pillow to hold its shape, then put it in a dust bag with a few packets of silica gel to keep moisture at bay. Remember not to let it rub up against clothing or other bags because it can both take and transfer color.

Here are a great leather conditioner and moisturizer from a major handbag manufacturer, COACH.

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You can buy silica packets to pop into your stored handbags to keep them dry and mildew free.

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How Do You Store Luxury Bags?

With luxury bags, much of your care comes from how you use it as well as how you store it. You'll want to follow many of the tips we've already mentioned, including:

  1. Clean before storing
  2. Stuff to maintain shape
  3. Place in a dust bag
  4. Do not hang, either sit upright or lay horizontal.
  5. Place a desiccant packet in the purse to stave off moisture.

There are a few additional things you can do to make your expensive designer bag last forever and remain a good investment. Rather than use crumpled paper to keep its shape, consider investing in purse pillows. These pillows are made in sizes to fit neatly into your designer bags to help them maintain their shape.

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Use cotton gloves when handling your bag. This will reduce the transfer of oils from your fingertip onto the expensive material your handbag is made from.

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Buy a special closet organizer, shelf, or glass-fronted cabinet for your special bags. This way, you can enjoy them even when they're not in use.

We hope your brain is spinning with ways to reorganize that fabulous handbag collection of yours. All it takes is a bit of creativity; figuring out which spot works best and getting the right organizational tools for the job at hand. Soon your purse collection will feel like it's been sent on a luxury vacation to the South of France.

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