Which Ankle should I Wear an Anklet on?

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Casual leather anklet worn on left ankle, Which Ankle Should I Wear an Anklet On?

Accessories are essential to any outfit and while it may seem easier to pop on a couple of rings or nice, dangly bracelet, more daring fashion enthusiasts may want to go for an anklet. But a lot of people may have some confusions as to where to start, including if there is a specific ankle you should wear your anklet on. What does it mean to wear an anklet Delving into this new category of accessory can be a bit intimidating, but worry not--anklet etiquette isn't that complicated.

Truly, the simple answer is that it really doesn't matter which ankle your anklet is worn on. 

That being said, some cultures believe there is further meaning behind the placement and material of your ankle jewelry so if you are interested in learning the secret language of anklets, read on.

Which Ankle Should You Wear an Anklet On?

In the era we live in today, there are very few people who will bother themselves with whether or not your anklet placement is offensive. As long as you aren't wearing anklets over fabric or wearing noisy anklets in quiet or professional places, you can wear these gorgeous little marvels as you please.

What Does it Mean to Wear an Anklet on Your Right Ankle?

To some, wearing an anklet on your right ankle could signify that you are in an exclusive relationship. It will also tell those looking for it that you're happy in your relationship and are not interested in being approached by others interested in intimate relations.

What Does it Mean to Wear an Anklet on Your Left Ankle?

As you might have been able to guess, as opposition to wearing an anklet on your right ankle, wearing an anklet on your left ankle will tell people that you're single and totally down to mingle. However, wearing specific types of anklets can tell interested parties even more about you.

Wearing an anklet with hearts charms on your left ankle can tell people that you're interested in dating and maybe not so interested in an immediate intimate relationship. Be cautious, though, because sometimes people will take this to mean that you are married and interested in an open relationship.

Additionally, a woman wearing an anklet on the left ankle may also be taken to mean that she is interested in a relationship with other women.

Can you Wear Anklets on Both Ankles?

Woman wearing ethnic design beaded and pendant anklets on both ankles

Definitely! For some, the more jewelry the better! You can wear as many anklets as your beautiful heart desires. You can stack, mix, and match your anklets at a whim but if you're considering wearing anklets on both ankles, there are a few things to consider.

First and foremost, meanings aside, you don't want your accessories to hinder your outfit. Anklets can be the shining star of your outfit and having two or three can make it even better. Unfortunately, there is too much of a good thing. When picking out your anklets, make sure you're getting the impact you're looking for. If you're going for a touch of delicacy, you don't want to add on bulky or ungraceful anklets. If you're going for a strong or edgy look, you may not want a delicate little chain and having many anklets will probably add to your look.

If you're looking to send a message with your anklets, however, it's probably best to just go with one as to not confuse your intentions.

Do the Metals and Charms on Your Anklet Change the Anklet's Meaning?

Anklets have a very long history. For many periods and cultures, anklets have often been seen as promiscuous ornaments but can also show one's social status. In the paragraphs above, we've discussed how one's relationship status could be presented just by the decoration of their ankles. While this is how anklets have often been used in the past, anklets were also used to show one's social status and still can today.

In earlier societies, a woman wearing an anklet of certain material would show the wealth of her husband as it brought attention to her well-cared-for feet. The more expensive, the anklet, the higher status she had. It's a bit harder to stick to that standard these days since almost anything can be colored gold or silver and fake gems are a pretty common thing, but it doesn't have to be expensive to raise your status.

Gold Anklets

A gold anklet, predictably, shows the highest social status as, though it's most certainly not the most expensive, it's one of the most sought-after metals in the world. This is partially because of how hard it was for people to mine precious metals in history before we had the mechanics and tools we have now. Therefore, the people who were able to decorate themselves with it were very high-class. With a gold anklet and manicured feet, people will know what a queen you are.

Other Metals

The rest of the typical metals are a bit predictable I'm afraid. Silver comes after gold and copper-colored metals after silver. But, in history and today, metal anklets aren't the only type of anklets we see.

Leather Anklets

In Egypt, leather anklets were worn by slaves and the poor, a stark contrast against the rich who wore gold. Today, this isn't the case, but a leather definitely isn't a great addition to an elegant ensemble. Take care in making sure you aren't mixing delicate charms with rustic leathers without a very particular idea in mind, you might end up looking terribly mix-matched.

The charms you wear on your anklet are just as, if not more, important than the material. An anklet containing gendered charms can do a lot. They may be used to tell your sexuality or even your willingness towards polyamorous or polysexual relationships. In another instance,  wearing an anklet with a gendered symbol, female or male, alongside a feather actually says a lot. Wearing an anklet with these charms will tell people that your single, but not interested in mingling. This charm combo represents aromanticism and an unwillingness towards romantic relationships.

Wear Your Anklets However Makes You Happy

But, overall, if we're being honest, all of this is relatively unimportant. The important thing about picking out your daily outfit is that you look and feel great in it. As long as your accessorizing doesn't put you or others in harm's way, wear your charms with elation and pride.


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