11 Gorgeous White Eyeliner Looks [And How To Wear White Eyeliner!]

White eyeliner is a fun way to give your eye a bigger look. Many people choose to use it just inside the waterline of their eyes to make their eyes look bigger. Others prefer a sexy cat eye swoop or another creative expression. But whether you wear it only at the waterline or expand out into a sexy cat eye, it can make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

But don't get rid of your trusty black eyeliner just yet. Though white eyeliner is having a lot of fun being popular at this moment, chances are it's a fad, and eventually, we'll all return to black. In the meantime, check out some of these flawless finishes for using white eyeliner on your gorgeous eyes.

close up shot of eyeliners on white background. 11 Gorgeous White Eyeliner Looks [And How To Wear White Eyeliner!]

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1. Use White Eyeliner At The Inside Corners For Bigger Appearing Eyes

Young woman with professionally done make-up.

White eyeliner can be used just at the inside corner of the eye. This highlighting technique works to brighten shadows and make the eyes appear vibrant and alive. Here the wearer has paired it with darker eyeliner on the outside corners of the eyes for a light to smokey effect that is elegant looking.

2. Apply White Eyeliner Along The Water Line Into Some Feathery Wings

close up woman eyes with bright makeup

Here glittery white eyeliner is applied along the waterline (the lower part of the eyelid above the lower lash that rims the actual eye), then gently winged out in two separate strokes at the outer corner of the eye. The lavender upper liner is a beautiful poppy contrast color. The whole look makes us think about spring and Easter flowers. But for your face!

Here's a metallic white with a shimmer finish from Urban Decay. This is an award-winning waterproof eyeliner that won't budge. It glides on smoothly and can go from precise to smokey, depending upon your application.

Click here for this pencil on Amazon.

3. Use White Eyeliner On Just Your Waterline

girl applying white eyeliner

If you want to make your eye appear larger, apply it to only your waterline. This trick makes the whites of your eyes look slightly larger. Here you can see how you glide the white eyeliner along the inside rim of your eye (without poking it in your eye, of course). This wearer has chosen to contrast the lower white waterline with a heavy kohl upper lid for a gorgeous effect.

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4. Grab A Retro Look By Winging White Eyeliner Out On Your Upper Lid

A Retro Look By Winging White Eyeliner Out On Your Upper Lid

Eyeliner doesn't just have to rim the eye. You can use it as creatively as you like. Here, the model has chosen a look that's a throwback to the 1960s. She's taken a stark white liquid eyeliner and swooped a neatly angled line out past the edges of her eyes. The natural shadow on her lids doesn't interfere with the bold look of the eyeliner.

This NYX professional liquid eyeliner gives you precise control. The incorporated brush allows you to get the exact look you're going for. The color is intense and bright.

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5.  Wing Out White Eyeliner On The Top, Outline Half Of The Bottom

Portrait of a beautiful teenage girl with dark hair, with beautiful creative white and green makeup and healthy clean skin

This beautiful look is an artistic way to use your white eyeliner. The swoop of white eyeliner follows the top lash line and wings out into a delicate cat-eye. But where this gets beautiful is how she's brought it around the inside point of her eye and halfway along the underside of her lower lashes. The chartreuse green accompanying color on both the outside edge and subtle smudgy interior makes her brown eyes pop.

Here's a gorgeous chartreuse shadow pencil from Nars. We love the creaminess of this brand's products.

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6. Add Some Real Drama By Circling Your White Pencil With A Smokey Charcoal

Want to add some smolder to your life? Then try out this cool eyeliner look. First, the waterline is lined with white. The upper lash line is lined with white and then connected at the outer corner. On the bottom lid below the lash, a subtle charcoal grey line is added.

White eyeliner on waterline and upper lash line connected at outer corner, charcoal grey liner below lower lashes and winged above white liner on upper lid

This is mirrored on the upper eyelid with darker charcoal that wings out above the white liner. This look is so dramatic. We think it'd look amazing paired with the perfect black cocktail dress, or maybe a black motorcycle jacket.

7. Give Your Under Eye The Pizazz That Normally Goes To Your Upper Lid

Glamour portrait of beautiful woman model with bright white eyeliner make-up, clean skin and light manicure on nails

Makeup is for fun. So why not have some fun with your white eyeliner? First, finish off your upper lid in some soft rose and beige natural shadows. Then take your shimmery white eyeliner and create a reverse cat-eye. Instead of going from the upper lid to the outside, you're going to arc below your lower lashes and extend the eyeliner up. The effect is lifting and gives us a real glam "Batgirl" kind of vibe.

8. White Eyeliner And White Mascara

White Eyeliner And White mascara

Do you love the whole vibe of white eyeliner? Why not take it next level and add white mascara to the look? Here a white waterline is paired with a thick white cat-eye application on the upper lid. A subtle white shadow is applied above the wide swoop. Then the final part, application of white mascara on both upper and lower lids.

Maydear sells this waterproof white mascara for a look like the one above. It's also smudge-proof and will give your lashes 2x their natural length. Click here for this on Amazon.

9. Adds Some White Dots For A Fairy Light Effect

Do you love beautiful twinkling fairy lights? Then why not give your eyes a few strands of their very own.

Close-up of an eye with dramatic black eyeliner and long eyelashes, accented with white eyeliner dots above the eyelid and at the corners of the eye

Here, white eyeliner has been paired with black eyeliner for a dramatic and feminine eye. The bright white swoop above the black eyeliner's upper lid highlights the eye. Then delicate tiny dots are added to the inside and outside corners of the eye and just below the eyebrow's outer part.

10. Give Yourself A Double Cat Eye Line In White

Orange-red eyeshadow, silver glitter at inner corner of eye, bold white winged eyeliner

This is a gorgeous bit of drama. Between the rich orange-red hue of the eyeshadow, to the delicate silver glitter at the inner corner of the eye, to the showstopper use of white eyeliner, this is a look that's going to have people doing a double-take and in a good way. This winging out of white eyeliner creates a vivid illusion of a larger eye area. Your eye will look bigger, bolder, and more dramatic when you try this style.

11. Bold White Eyeliner With A True Red Lip

Bold White Eyeliner With A True Red Lip

Who doesn't love a bold red lip? This rockstar look is sure to get you noticed. Take your favorite white eyeliner and give yourself a thick swoop of a cat eye on your upper lid. Grab a black thickening mascara for ultra-thick dark lashes. Finally, take a true crimson red matte lipstick and kiss your worries goodbye. This is a look to make you walk into the world with the confidence of a Grammy winner.

Nars gives us this delicious, perfect red lipstick in a semi-matte finish. It's non-drying, long-wearing, and infused with Vitamin E.

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White Eyeliner For A Brighter Day

Now that you've seen the gorgeous things white eyeliner can do for your eyes, what's stopping you? Grab some from your favorite cosmetic brand and start playing with some of these ideas. You might end up surprised at how much you love it.

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