Where to Buy Wood Bead Bracelets for Men? [19 online stores]

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A good, wooden-beaded bracelet is hard to find in your average shop these days. And if you can, they're often cheaply made in mass quantities with low-quality and no loving care. To get one crafted to last, you have to go straight to an artisan that pour their souls into their work. Of course, this kind of dedication isn't easy to come by. This is why shopping over the internet is the way to go.

Here are 19 online artisans that can ship the wooden beaded bracelet you deserve straight to your front door through the magic of e-commerce.


Our first stop is well-known and even better-loved: Amazon.

Tried and true, Amazon is one site that will rarely if ever, let you down. If it's beaded bracelets you want, beaded bracelets you'll most certainly receive. Amazon has a beautiful selection of wooden beaded bracelets for men of all tastes.

Here is just one gorgeous example of the bracelets Amazon offers online:

Click here to find this Top Plaza beaded bracelet on Amazon.

Harem Pants

Predictably, Harem Pants's primary business is selling harem-style pants, but it's hard to discount the beauty of their handmade beaded bracelets.

That considered, Harem Pants sweetens the deal by paying locally-sourced artisans and fueling their community's, based in Thailand, working class. Besides, if you check out their blog, you'll find that the company has no shortage of charitable work.

Unfortunately, Harem Pants doesn't have a lot of photographic examples of their beautiful work, but you don't have to take our word for it; check out the link down below to check them out for yourself.

Click here to find Harem Pants's wooden beaded bracelets and learn more about their mission.


Renowned for its voluptuous offerings of unique, hand-crafted pieces of jewelry, Etsy may be one of the best places to find a beaded bracelet made with passion and care.

Though these bracelets may run on the pricy side, it's hard to pass up the opportunity to have something so amazing in your jewelry collection.

Click here to find the artist of above's bracelet, LondonGem, on Etsy.


eBay has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years, but maybe it's time to give it the benefit of the doubt. Just like Etsy, eBay can give its buyers high-quality products that are gorgeous and worth the price of handmade goods (Of course, many objects may be being sold second-hand.)

Give it a chance! The bracelets seen below are just a taste of what some eBay sellers are capable of finding and creating!

Click here to find many more beautiful wooden bracelets on eBay.


Our fifth site is GoodWoodNYC. Based in the United States, this is the go-to place for your wood jewelry shopping needs.

This online store is jam-packed with selections for wooden crafts that are gorgeous. Bracelets are just scratching the surface, but we can't deny the craftsmanship.

Click here to find the work above, and many pieces like it on GoodWoodNYC's website.


Not a lot has to be said about this one; what doesn't the superstore have? Of course, you may not get the quality you may be looking for with some of our other jewelry makers, but if you're looking for something stylish to beef up your wardrobe, there's nothing wrong with looking for a bargain.

Click here if you'd like to find some wooden beaded bracelets offered up for very reasonable prices.


The owners of the Dharma shop proudly claim all of their products to be ethically and sustainably created in the Himalayas, where they support local artisans instead of outsourcing.

Their goal is to generate support for the area and its artisans to bring more attention to the lesser-known area of artistry. This is an excellent option for your bracelet needs.

Click here to find a link to the DharmaShop and find their beautiful selection of jewelry.


BOYBEADS NYC, based in the United States of America, is quite an attractive option when looking into options for your beaded needs.

To make it even better, BOYBEADS NYC takes $10 from every bracelet and makes monthly donations to various charities. Nice, right? Who doesn't love some new accessories with some community service?

Unfortunately, BOYBEADS NYC doesn't offer a lot up in terms of images of their pieces, so we can't show you here, but don't just take our word for it, check them out down below.

Click here to find more of BOYBEADS NYC's bracelets and learn more about their endeavors.


UNICEF Market is a perfect choice. With the respectable mission of protecting the lives of children everywhere and supporting native, ethically-sourced artisans, UNICEF is one big player in the jewelry market that we find hard to pass up.

Neiman Marcus

This may or may not be a brand you recognize. A bit renowned, Neiman Marcus is a popular designer brand that sells beautiful pieces like ones seen below.

Now, even something as simple as a wooden beaded bracelet with a beautiful little charm costs as much as $500 at Neiman Marcus. That said, for special occasions you want to splurge on a bit, Neiman Marcus may be just the place you want to find your bracelet.

Click here to find beaded beauties like this one and many others on Neiman Marcus's website.


Novica is partnered with another site we'll be discussing later in this post, Kiva, and both of them have the noble goal of promoting artisans in African and Asian communities on their websites and offering them loans to get onto their feet.

It's a win-win, get a cool, hand-crafted, wooden bracelet and support artisans who need it. Who could pass that deal up?

Click here to find more of these gorgeous bracelets and learn more about the artisans that made them.


If you're looking for wooden beaded bracelets for meditation or other spiritual purposes, Buddhistmala may be the route you want to go.

Buddhistmala brags about being run by genuine practitioners who understand what is necessary to those in need of mala. Also, Buddhistmala claims to use green packaging, and a majority of its products are sourced directly from the USA!

Now, that's a sweet deal.

Want to see more from Buddhistmala? Click here to find it.

Want to learn more about how to fit religion and spirituality into your outfits? Click here.

Reload Love

Ready to revamp your jewelry collection?

This is another brand with a mission we can get behind. Reload Love's mission is to send relief to victims of trauma and terrorism, and their side-gig helps support them in their endeavors.

Overall, Reload love is a beautiful and agreeable choice for your beaded bracelet needs. IG]https://www.instagram.com/p/B3suxkRlz-A/[/IG]

Click here to find Reload Love's selection of wooden beaded bracelets.


Kiva, partnered with Novica, isn't primarily a jewelry e-commerce site. In actuality, they work in African and Asian communities to give loans to artisans and sell their work on their website.

In simple terms, supporting Kiva means supporting people like the woman seen below. And when you can get a beautifully-crafted wooden beaded bracelet out of it, it's hard to say no.

Click here to find bracelets and other pieces made by borrower artisans. 

Dune Jewelry

Dune Jewelry boasts the elegant and cultured manner of every single one of their pieces designed for men. With a sleek, neutral design, these bracelets go with almost anything.

Click here to find more like this from Dune Jewelry.


BCBali is another site with remarkable prices for the bracelets being sold.

Click here to find more pieces in BCBali's expansive collection.

Buddha Groove

If you're interested in getting more connected with your spiritual or zen side and getting a cool bracelet out of it, Buddha Groove may be up your alley.

Click here to find Buddha Groove's other wooden bracelets and the many more pieces like them!


If beaded bracelets make you smile, Smilemakers might have just the thing.

Don't let the childish manner of the company fool you; colorful jewelry is for boys and men alike! Release your inner child and rock those rainbows!

Unfortunately, we couldn't find a photo of one of the Smilemaker's beautifully colored wooden bracelets, but these show off the colorful flair these artisans' bracelets present.

Click here to find some colorful wooden beaded bracelets.


This is a number company built on the pride and joy of spirituality. The entire company is named after a shaman that the founder of the company met on his trip to India, Nialaya.

Nialaya claims that every one of their products is purified with cleansing sage and claim they use stones with healing powers. Pretty, cool, right?

Click here to find more of Nialaya's bracelets and find more out about their work.


Finally, last but certainly not least, TrendHim.

Artfully crafted and just a small piece of the beautiful collections to be found on the TrendHim website, these beaded bracelets are genuinely lovely. And, of course, the gorgeous photography displaying them helps. This is one attractive option for your bracelet-picking needs.

Click here to find more from Trendhim.

Looking for something to match your new, sleek bracelets? Click here to check out some anklets that would go swimmingly with your updated outfit.

And there you have it, 19 brands with wooden bracelets perfect for any man looking to add a little zen or a little style to his wardrobe. We hope this was helpful!

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