Do Yoga Pants Have Built In Underwear?

Yoga pants are meant to be comfortable, so does that mean they include built-in underwear? This feature would make them extra comfortable and even do away with unsightly panty lines. We weren't sure either, so we took some time and investigated the situation. Here's what we found.

Yoga pants typically do not have built-in underwear in the classic sense of the garment. Some brands do make leggings that have an extra lining in the crotch area. They might also beef up the spandex to hold everything in closer. 

We're going to look at some of the different styles of yoga pants available, specifically those that may have the type of reinforcement mentioned above. We'll also discuss if yoga pants are meant to be worn without underwear, what happens if you don't wear underwear with leggings, if you're supposed to wear underwear under Lululemon yoga pants, and what underwear you should wear with yoga leggings. So keep reading for all the answers.

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Is Underwear Built-In To Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are made to fit close to the body in a non-restrictive way. Some look like leggings, and some have a wider leg below the knee, but the common denominator is that they are all comfy. This allows the person doing yoga to stretch and move and get loose without the restrictions of tight-fitting clothing.

Though yoga pants are not made with built-in underwear, like some running shorts are, some are made with reinforced bits to help keep you comfortable if you choose to go commando.

Yoga Pants That Are Commando-Approved

This yoga legging is actually called "The Commando Legging," which, ahem, if you don't know, commando means no panties. What they've done with this legging is reinforced the crotch area with a mesh liner. They've also sewn in figure smoothing seams, and wearers find them really comfortable.

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Another thing to look for when looking for a yoga pant that doesn't require underwear is the sheerness of the fabric. You don't want yoga pants that you can see through if you're not wearing anything underneath them.

These ingenious leggings below, which are a perfect combination of softness and stretchiness, do it all for you. They give your butt a streamlined look. They are no pill, non-fading, stretchy, squat-proof, soft, and non-see-through.

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Loose Yoga Pants That Can Go Either Way When It Comes To Underwear

Leggings are only one type of yoga pants. Some people prefer a bit of a looser structure when it comes to their child's pose. These loose yoga pants are still close-fitting on the abdomen and hip area, but the legs tend to be looser where they fall below the knee. As far as underwear, you may be able to find pairs that have a reinforced crotch area while still giving you a looser look.

This comfy pair of bootcut yoga pants feature a snug waistband and a deep cell phone pocket. The fabric is not see-through, so if you choose to go without underwear, no one will be the wiser for it. These are made from 20% Spandex, which is super stretchy, and 80% soft polyester retains its shape. These pants are durable and easily washed and dried.

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This flowy pair of yoga pants are great with or without underwear. Because they are super loose and fit more like harem pants below the waistband, no one will know what you have going on down there. These are well-liked by the folks that wear them. They are not see-through, come in a wide variety of colors, and are extremely comfortable.

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Are Yoga Pants Meant To Be Worn Without Underwear?

Side view mid section of a woman in yoga pants, How Tight Should Yoga Pants Be?

There are different camps when it comes to yoga pants. This survey done by Groupon sheds light on people's preferences. Most people prefer to wear simple bikini-cut underwear under yoga pants. Teenagers liked thong underwear. And, of course, some folks chose to be free of encumbrances beneath their yoga pants.

So the takeaway for us is that yoga pants are meant to be worn in the way you are most comfortable wearing them. You can go commando, wear boyshorts, briefs, bikinis, or even thong underwear. Some yoga practitioners indicated a preference for wearing biking shorts under their yoga pants. Whatever is going to allow you into the best posture is the right way.

Bike shorts like this are a popular option for some yoga folks to wear under more flowy pants. These pair are made of high-quality 4-way stretch and non-see-through fabric that is soft, moisture-wicking and comfortable, to contour perfectly to your body, which can keep dry when you are exercising.

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What Happens When You Don't Wear Underwear With Leggings?

When you don't wear underwear under your leggings, it means your body is coming in direct contact with the fabric as if your leggings were underwear. All this means is you're going to need to wash your leggings after each wear, just like you would with your underwear. If you let them go too long between washings, you might risk some bacterial collection on the fabric. This, in turn, might lead to your leggings smelling dirty.

Other than that, as long as your leggings are wicking and can absorb sweat, there's no reason why you have to wear underwear. It won't hurt your body in any way if the fabric is smooth and there are no seams to irritate your sensitive skin. And in some cases, it might be better for you, allowing things to breathe, thus preventing you from getting UTIs or other issues.

Are You Supposed To Wear Underwear With Lululemon Yoga Pants?

The same with other yoga pants, the choice to wear underwear under Lululemon yoga pants is up to you. However, Lululemon does sell some smooth-lined hipster-style underwear that is a great fit beneath their yoga pants. These seamless panties are smooth and fit like a second skin.

If you can't find the Lululemon brand, Under Armor makes a very similar style. They can be seen here on Amazon.

What Underwear Do You Wear With Yoga Leggings?

If you want to wear underwear under your leggings, the important thing is comfort. Something without seams will not show as much if that's important to you. It also may be more comfortable against your skin.

You want to find underwear that is wicking and maybe even has a cotton panty lining. Some people prefer thongs because they don't show a visible line along the bottom of the buttocks.

These breathable all-cotton thongs will help keep things cool as you work out. Click here for this on Amazon.

Some panties are made out of moisture-wicking fabric. This four-pack from Fruit of The Loom is moisture-wicking in a classic bikini pant style that many yoga pant wearers profess to prefer.

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Namaste In Underwear Or Not

Whichever way you want to wear your yoga pants is okay by us. Seams, no seams, thongs, or boy shorts all work alike, but the most important thing is your comfort. Probably the most important detail to think about is if you're going without, making sure when you stretch, you can't see through those yoga pants.

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