Are Bomber Jackets Warm Enough For Winter?

Bomber jackets are a huge trend, especially for wintertime. But did you know that they were initially created for pilots before becoming a part of pop culture apparel? Similar jackets can be seen on high school varsity teams and known as "letterman" jackets. The bomber jackets developed overtime into the fashionable jacket that it is today. Do not worry if you are wondering about how effective the jacket will be against the cold. We have researched this topic for you!

Bomber jackets are warm enough to keep you from being cold during winter? Considering that the bomber jacket was used to keep aircrews warm, these kinds of jackets are designed for winter weather. The jacket's quality has changed to appeal to the lightweight, fashionable demand of the subculture trends, but overall it is a great staple for your winter wardrobe. 

Consider the following for considering why you should wear bomber jackets in the winter: 

  • They are fashionable 
  • They are warm 
  • They are gender-neutral 

If you do not have a bomber jacket in your closet yet, you will want to add one after reading this article! They are a multipurpose garment. Anyone can look good wearing one too. Check out the rest of this article for links to winter-worthy bomber jackets.

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How Fashionable are Bomber Jackets?

Bomber jackets are a fabulous trend that plays into a minimalistic style. They look rather retro and can give the younger generation an edgy appearance. Overall, the jackets can be paired with regular t-shirts and jeans or dressed up for more casual looks.

How Should a Bomber Jacket Fit?

There are really two types of jacket styles. One style is of normal length that rests on your hips rather loosely when unzipped. Another style is a cropped bomber jacket that zips around your belly button.


This video is great at explaining how you can tell if the bomber jacket you have chosen is a good fit for you. Jeff from The Style O.G. explains how this jacket offers a versatile and classic look. He details shoulder-length, where your pockets should begin, and where the jacket should rest on your body.

Are Bomber Jackets Really Warm?

Yes! Bomber jackets were designed to be warm at a military-grade level. Now that they are more modernized, the fashion materials used today are both stylish and comfortable to wear outdoors.

Do Bomber Jackets Feature Linings Best for Colder Seasons or Should Wearers Layer Beneath This Jacket?

The truth is that bomber jackets come in all different variations. Some bombers are thinner and chosen to layer accessories on top. Most bomber jackets have a range of fabrics used from satin, faux leather, heavy knits, wool, and thinner athletic and breathable wear.

Because bomber jackets do not have hoods, the most common thing to layer underneath this jacket is a thinner hoodie. This allows the bomber jacket to have a new look while simultaneously adding another layer for warmth.

The truth is that it is up to you to choose a warmer bomber jacket or a light-wearing bomber. Some bombers are quilted. This quilted patterned material offers a new kind of texture that is great for styling and even better insulation.

Should I Wear Leather Jackets to Keep Warm?

Leather jackets are a great option to wear in the winter. They are guaranteed to keep you warm due to their thickness. Leather is a great material for insulation and trapping body heat. Leather is also really sleek and can protect from wind and harsh breezes.

Which Type of Jacket is Best for Winter?

The best type of jackets for winter are those that combine the elements of comfort, style, and warmth. Arguably, the most "winter" kind of jacket is that made of fleece. Fleece is superior because it is comfortable, stylish, and incredibly warm in cold weather.

Check out this men's fleece hoodie on Amazon. 

What should be noted as a significant difference between a hoodie and a bomber jacket is the hood itself. In winter, there are many factors that cause the head, ears, and neck to be vulnerable. Wearing a fleece hoodie like this offers extra protection without bringing extra accessories such as a scarf, beanie, or earmuffs.

Check out this women's fleece hoodie on Amazon. 

The warm Sherpa fleece hoodies like this one are a great way to stay fashionable and warm during the winter months. Even the pockets are lined with fleece to create a thick and warm place for your hands if gloves are not available. Different than light-wearing bomber jackets, fleece hoodies are intentionally thick and heavy. This is specifically with the outerwear coat protection technology in mind.

Can Men Wear Bomber Jackets?

The original bomber jackets were actually designed specifically with men in mind! So the answer is absolutely yes! Bomber jackets are a great staple for both men and women alike.

Check out this product on Amazon. 

To pay homage to the bomber jacket's origins, jackets like this with patches are a great fashion choice. The color even mirrors those of military Air Force aviator jackets and creates a cool classic look. This jacket would be paired great with some aviator sunglasses.

Check out this athletic bomber jacket on Amazon. 

These two athletic bomber jackets are great for his and her looks either on a hike or on the way to the gym. These jackets are fantastic activewear that offer a tapered athletic fit. The athletic bombers are lightweight and comfortable to use outdoors when exercising or engaging in outdoor activities.

Check out this athletic bomber jacket on Amazon. 

When should you wear a bomber jacket?

The great thing about bomber jackets is the ability to accessorize and glamorize the jacket when needed. There are so many looks that can be created with just this one piece of clothing. It is best to wear a bomber jacket in the fall, winter, and early spring time frame when the weather is cooler because it is a jacket.

This video offers 20 great tips on how to wear your bomber jackets. In addition to explaining the many different bombers, such as athletic bombers, casual bombers, and various color bombers, this video shows the accessories that look best with this kind of jacket. Tip nine even recommends adding patches and pins to your bomber jacket for a more unique and punk rock look.

Why Do They Call Them Bomber Jackets?

As mentioned before, bomber jackets were created with pilots in mind. They were originally called "Flight jackets". In World War I, flight Jackets were designed to protect pilots from the wind due to their open cockpit. Cockpits were not enclosed until after World War II.

The original bomber jackets were U.S. military flight jackets worn by military members exclusively. After the great wars, bomber jackets were introduced to civilians and used specifically by those in cold regions of the United States. Harvard University, in 1865, was the first to use letterman jackets for their varsity baseball team and therefore created a trend among teenagers after World War II.


Overall, bomber jackets are a fantastic choice for winter! They are warm enough to keep you comfortable throughout the season. It is up to you how you want to style your jacket or layer it with other articles of clothing or accessories. The origin story of the bomber jacket makes the jacket that much more unique and exciting to add to your wardrobe. It also gives you the peace of mind that it kept pilots warm in an open cockpit, it will definitely keep you snug at any event!

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  1. The MA1 is designed for 14f to 50f weather. If your winters are colder than that, then you would want a N2B or N3B which is designed for tempature down to -40f. I have owned both and worn them in temps as cold as -30f and they do actually keep you warm.

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