Are Palazzo Pants Business Casual? Are They Appropriate For The Office?

You just purchased a great pair of palazzo pants, and you are wondering if you should wear them to the office.  We have researched whether palazzo pants fit into business casual and if wearing them to the office is appropriate. Keep reading to see find out more about where is the best place to wear palazzo pants.

Palazzo pants don't break any business casual rules, so they can easily fit into your office wardrobe. First, however, you want to choose an appropriate fabric in either a neutral, solid color or modest print. Then, pair them with the right top, shoes, and accessories, and you can be comfortable and professional.  

Palazzo pants have been popular in fashion for many years, which doesn't appear to be changing any time soon.  So, it's important to know how to fit them into your wardrobe. They are cute, comfortable, and can be worn in many styles to suit any occasion. We will help you decide where and how to wear them best. We will take a close look at what's considered business casual and how palazzo pants fit into office attire.

A beautiful woman wearing light pink top and an off white colored palazzo pant, Are Palazzo Pants Business Casual? Are They Appropriate For The Office?

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What is Business Casual?

Many office environments adhere to a business casual dress code. Business casual is a term that has doesn't have clearly defined guidelines but describes a style of dress that is less formal than the traditional suit worn by both men and women in office and professional settings.  It should not be confused with casual Friday. Some suggest that the guidelines are more about what shouldn't be worn. Business casual does not include jeans, short skirts or dresses, shorts, or athletic wear of any kind.

Business casual clothing should be modest, not too tight or revealing too much skin. However, too baggy is considered sloppy and should be avoided.  Colors should be neutral, and prints should be conservative.  The point of business casual is to relax the dress code but remain polished and professional.

A beautiful woman wearing a yellow dress and white palazzo pant

Can you wear palazzo pants to work?

Palazzo pants can meet all the criteria mentioned as business casual, so there's no reason not to wear them to work.  Palazzo pants are a great choice for the office, especially if you sit for most of the day.  The wide, loose cut of the leg offers comfort and breathability without sacrificing style. In addition, palazzos can beautifully pair with blazers, jackets, and blouses to give a sleek, professional look.

Palazzo pants are very versatile. So, professionalism is only one of the many looks that you can achieve by wearing them. Palazzo pants express freedom and a little bit of rebellion. First worn by Coco Chanel in the 1920s and later by Katherine Hepburn in the 1930s, palazzo pants gained mass popularity in the 1960s. The unique design allowed women to appear to adhere to societal standards that disapproved of women wearing pants.  The wide design starts at the waist and flows all the way to the ankle giving the appearance of a long flowing skirt but with the split of pants.

Typically made from light and flowy fabrics, they are more popular in the spring and summer but can be found in heavier fabrics for cooler seasons. If you are concerned whether palazzo pants will fit your body type, don't be. All body types can wear palazzo pants. Just choose the right ones to accentuate your figure.

Is Palazzo formal wear?

Formal wear is the attire worn to weddings, funerals, religious traditions, diplomatic and ceremonial affairs, and academic and awards ceremonies, to name only a few. Therefore, palazzo pants can definitely be formal wear if you choose wisely. The right palazzo pant outfit can have the same elegance as an evening gown. Stick with solid colors and choose a suitable fabric. The same fabrics used to make evening gowns luxurious such as silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet, or satin, will do the same for palazzo pants.

How do you wear formal palazzo pants?

Everyone is familiar with the little black dress, but the right pair of black palazzo pants will also work. Many formal tops will give palazzo pants a formal look you need for your event. A wrap-around top with a subtle metallic sheen or even sheer white accents the wide legs and is lovely yet sophisticated. If a bit of glam is appropriate, choose a fitted sequin top to be the focus of your outfit.

To avoid being overly dramatic, stick with muted, solid color matte finish sequins over matching solid color fabric.  For events like a summer wedding, you might need a softer look and consider neutral colors such as beige, taupe,  dusty pink, or soft gray. You may consider shopping for a  one-piece palazzo jumpsuit or two-piece outfit. When going formal, keep your look simple and refined. If you want bling, let your accessories have the sparkle.

What kind of top looks best with palazzo pants?

There are many kinds of tops that look great with palazzo pants. Tops tucked or cropped complement the wide legs and provide balance, especially when the palazzos are high-waisted.  Don't be afraid to show some midriff if you are bold enough to do so.

It is flattering to keep tops fitted, so bodysuits work well with palazzos, especially under a jacket or blazer. Off-the-shoulder tops and one-shoulder tops provide a chic, feminine look. Cami's are a natural companion to complete a flowy summer look. Finally, let's not leave out the classic white t-shirt, which goes with just about any palazzo.

What accessories go with palazzo pants?

Palazzos are long, loose, flowy, and fun, so accessories should be too.  Avoid bags or accessories that are rigid or boxy, which will undo the relaxed look. Don't forget the big, floppy hat and sunglasses to complete the fresh, breezy summer look.

If accessorizing for a more professional look, keep the look simple and conservative. Earrings should be small, and necklaces should be understated. Pearls are always a  safe choice. You don't want noisy, dangly jewelry at the office.


Finally, let's talk about the shoes. Stilettos are always a great choice with palazzo pants. Palazzos make your legs look longer but add stilettos, and the effect is over the top. Stilettos are great for the office, formal, or really anywhere that you dare to wear them.

Not everyone is comfortable in stilettos, and that is not a problem. Many other shoes work great with palazzo pants. Flat sandals and flip-flops can top off a casual look nicely. Wedges give height but also stability. Sneakers are a classic with anything. If you are wearing palazzo pants in the cooler months, don't forget to consider your boot collection.

When should we wear palazzo pants?

The answer is just about any time and any season. The versatility of palazzo pants allows them to be casual, formal, or professional. In addition, there are many ways to change the overall look of an outfit that starts with palazzo pants. Below are a few combinations to get you started.


A fun print palazzo pant paired with a t-shirt or cami top is perfect for a day out and about. If it's a bit chilly, grab a denim jacket to add a layer to this casual look. These SySea High-Waisted Belted Palazzo Pants come in prints and solids, expanding the options for relaxed fashionwear.

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For the beach or pool,  slip palazzos on over your swimsuit and add sandals for a complete look. These Rookay RK Widge Leg Yoga Palazzo Pants are easy to pull on and off with an elastic waist and split-sided, cropped legs to catch the breeze, making them ideal for fun in the sun. In addition, they come in a variety of colors, so finding one to match your swimsuit should be no problem.

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A formal event is on your calendar. So you can't go wrong with these Alex Evenings Wide Leg Dress Pants.  The sheer outer layer gives a feminine but formal touch. Pair with a lace blouse for a soft look or subtle sequins for some flair.

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For the office, a blouse or blazer over a neutral solid palazzo says professional. Check out these Boston Proper wrinkle-resistant solid color palazzo pants that would be a great choice for work. If you are going out with friends afterward, they could easily go from office to evening with a few simple changeouts.

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Palazzo pants are comfortable and classy, which makes them a good choice for work. Outside the office, the options for palazzo pants are limitless.

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