Are White Leggings Flattering Or A Bad Idea?

Leggings are one of the most versatile items of clothing you can own. You wear them to the gym for a casual weekend, and you can easily dress them up. With the most popular color being black, you might wonder if white leggings have a place in your wardrobe. If black is slimming, what does that make white? Can white leggings be flattering? Or are they just a bad idea all around? We’ve gathered all you need to know to decide whether white leggings are for you and how to wear them best.

White leggings can look good on you. They are quite versatile. However, they can be a bit trickier than your typical black leggings. Here are some tips to make white leggings work for you:

  • The fabric matters! Avoid leggings that are too thin or transparent.
  • Loose or flowy tops look better than tight or clingy tops (unless you are at the gym)
  • White leggings are the accessory, not the focal point of your outfit
  • Pair with spring colors or earth tones

White leggings require a bit of a different approach than your typical black leggings. Keep reading to learn how to pull them off effortlessly. We’ll discuss when and how to wear your white leggings, what tops work best, and what you should be wearing underneath.

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What To Wear With White Leggings?

White leggings are a refreshing shift from the norm. You can typically wear them the same way you would wear other leggings, with a few things to keep in mind. Your top should be the main piece. The leggings are there to accessorize the outfit.

Avoid tops that are too tight or clingy unless you are working out and you want that activewear look in terms of color choice. You have a range of options. White leggings work well with pastels, bold spring colors, and earth tones.

This look follows our rule for a longer, flowy top. The deep navy color works great with white, and let’s be honest; it’s all about the shoes. White leggings create a blank canvas to play with your shoe choice, and you can see here that they make the outfit.

This look is super comfortable, and she still looks great! The looseness of the sweater contrasts with the tight leggings. When your sweater is that baggy, you’ll want to be intentional about the length. If this sweater went past her hips, it would no longer be flattering because it otherwise lacks shape. The fact that we can see her hips in this outfit makes it still flattering for her body. Our next photo will show how to wear a longer top that has a more structured shape.

White leggings look great with baby blue. But truthfully, this look works well with many other colors. The shape of the top is why it works. The length and cut are loose enough to be flattering with leggings while still looking intentional and well put together. Here, she pairs the look with classic white sneakers, but other shoes would work too. You could try neutral-colored sandals, metallic sandals, or wedges are just a few that would look great.

Here are three great looks. The first pairs a tan sweater with white leggings. Notice the length and looseness of the sweater. She dresses it up with some strappy wedges in a contrasting color. This look is easy to put together and has a dressier feel.

The center picture is much more casual—white leggings paired with an off-the-shoulder earth tone t-shirt and matching baseball cap. Classic white sneakers make this look super cute and comfy.

The third layered look is the most versatile for whatever your day has in store. Pair a denim jacket over your favorite top and add a pair of neutral sandals to finish this look, and you are ready to go! Check out this next photo for another example of layering.

The layering of these earth tones is perfect. We suggest you play with the colors you already have at home to see what layering combinations you might come up with. Pair this with a long necklace, and this look is great for the office.

What To Wear Under White Leggings?

A seamless nude thong is your best choice for underwear with white leggings. Avoid any colored underwear, as they will show right through. White underwear will be accentuated under white leggings showing an obvious and undesirable outline.

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How to choose white leggings

White leggings often get a bad reputation because people choose the wrong ones. Leggings that are thin and see-through are the wrong ones. Just because they are white doesn’t mean they have to be transparent. Avoid accidentally getting transparent leggings by opting for thicker fabrics or a legging with a double layer of fabric. The white will appear more opaque and higher quality, making it well worth it.

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Can You Wear White Leggings In Winter?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the rule, no white after labor day. While white is often thought of as a seasonal color, please don’t restrict yourself to this arbitrary rule! We’ve shown you some great looks with white leggings and layers. Fashion is all about pushing the boundaries and pulling it off.

Look, that’s Kate Hudson, wearing her white leggings with a scarf and boots. Need we say more? We even found you some warm, fleece-lined white leggings to keep you warm, toasty, and looking great.

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What Color Leggings Are Most Flattering?

A woman wearing leggings and a jacket for work

Many would say black leggings are the most flattering color. Black is slimming, matches with everything, and is easy to dress up. But everyone you know owns a pair of black leggings. In that case, you might opt for darker hues. Navy, maroon, and charcoal are all great options, but they tend to work best in the colder months.

We’ve shown you that white leggings can be just as versatile and flattering, and they look great all year round! Ultimately, the most flattering leggings are the ones that make you feel great in what you are wearing. Confidence is sexy. You will undoubtedly look the best in the leggings that have you strutting your stuff with confidence.

In Closing

White leggings are a very underestimated piece of clothing that deserves a spot in your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a comfortable look, headed to the gym, office, or out with friends, we hope you can use these tips and examples to create the perfect look!

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