15 Black Thread Anklets That Will Look Great on You!

15 Black Thread Anklets That Will Look Great on You!

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Anklets are a surprisingly versatile type of jewelry that adds unique and unexpected style to any outfit. We've all heard of the Little Black Dress, but how about adding a Little Black Anklet to your wardrobe? Black anklets offer ultimate wearability that suits any clothing or occasion. We've gathered a few of our favorites in this post, so keep reading to get inspired!

1. Evil Eye Hamsa Black Thread Anklet by Tomlee

This adjustable anklet is made from knotted black cord and decorated with a hamsa symbol and two small silver beads. Traditionally, this style anklet is supposed to bring good luck to the wearer, and it also offers great style.

Each anklet can be adjusted from 5.5" to 8.6", making them perfect for children and adults alike. They're made from soft, durable nylon string and each comes in a velvet bag.

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2. Black Thread Kabbalah Anklet by Mystic Jewels

If you're looking for a simple, basic black anklet, this is a great option. This anklet offers great texture, and since it's solid black, it will go with any outfit.

The anklet is made from an intricately knotted black cord finished with two small silver beads. It comes packaged in a drawstring bag inside a jewelry box, which is perfect if you plan to give it as a gift.

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3. Anklet with Silver Heart by Selfmade Jewelry

This simple, sweet anklet looks perfect with any casual outfit from shorts, a tank, and sandals, to jeans, a sweatshirt, and Converse. It would also look great stacked with other anklets.

Made from a soft black satin cord, this anklet can be adjusted to fit up to a size 10 shoe. This would make an amazing gift for a young girl in your life.

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4. Opal Moonstone Ankle Bracelet by Infinityee888

This beautiful anklet features six opals attached to a knotted black cord. These shining stones are the perfect way to add a touch of carefree magic to your wardrobe.

The anklet measures approximately 10" long, is made from 100% cotton waxed cord, and is adjustable. Reviews mention that the anklet is very sturdy and long-lasting, even holding up to showering and swimming.

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5. Multi-Layered Anklet Set by Yalice

If you're looking for a set of black anklets, you should check these out! The styles included are a lotus flower, a heart, a black bead, and a feather, and they're set on cords and chains made from rope and alloy.

5" long extenders allow you to adjust the size of the anklets and each measure between 6" and 8" when laid flat (not counting the extenders). These anklets look equally great by themselves or layered together as a set.

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6. Gold Stitched Beaded Anklet by Pura Vida

Pura Vida creates a lot of beautiful, high quality, handcrafted bracelets, and anklets, and this one is no different. Tiny gold studs add a touch of shine and glam to this simple black cord anklet.

Each fully adjustable anklet is made from a wax-coated, waterproof cord. You'll know it's a genuine Pura Vida anklet by the charm embossed with the letter "P" dangling near the clasp.

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7. 100% Waterproof Wax Coated Anklet by Pura Vida

Here's another great anklet from Pura Vida. This one mimics the looks of many tiny anklets, with the convenience of one single piece of jewelry.

As mentioned in the title, the anklet is made from a waterproof, wax-coated cord that can even be worn while swimming, surfing, or showering. It can also be adjusted to fit most ankle sizes.

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8. Macrame Lava Ankle Bracelet by Infinityee888

If you're trying to find an anklet for women or men, this is a good option. The black lava beads on this monochromatic ankle bracelet add a touch of drama.

When laid flat, the anklet measures approximately 11" long and can be adjusted to fit a variety of ankle sizes. It's made from a wax-coated cotton cord and arrives packaged in a green pouch.

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9. Turtle Anklet by Best Wing Jewelry

Give a nod to nature and the ocean with this anklet embellished with a sea turtle charm. This would be a perfect gift for anyone who loves turtles or a fun new accessory for yourself!

The anklet is made from a coated cord and the charm is made from alloy. It measures approximately 9.7" long and is adjustable.

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10. Adjustable Handmade Braided Anklet Set by BUSABAN

This set of two basic braided black anklets is a great addition to your jewelry collection. You could wear them stacked or together or keep one and give the other to a friend.

The anklets are made from hand-braided, wax-coated rope. They can be adjusted from 7" to 12", which makes them suitable for both women and men.

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11. Handmade Thai Woven String Bracelet by Origin Siam

If you're looking for a traditional, handmade anklet, check this one out. Each anklet is handcrafted on a loom, making each one unique.

When laid flat, this anklet measures 9" long, but a pull-through closure with a wooden button makes it completely adjustable. It's made from waxed 100% organic cotton.

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12. Boho Eye Anklet by Tgirls

Decorated with an eye charm that is traditionally meant to bring good luck, this black anklet is a versatile choice. The cord is narrow and the charm is small, which makes it a subtle addition to any outfit.

This anklet is made from a wax-coated black cord, while the charm and beads are made from alloy. It's fully adjustable to fit multiple sizes.

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13. Boho Cowrie Shell Anklet by ATIMIGO

Add a laid-back, beachy vibe your wardrobe with this black cord and cowrie shell anklet. It comes packaged in a velvet pouch, making it ideal for gift-giving.

Since it can adjust from approximately 7.5" to 12", this anklet could be worn by women or men. It's made from a wax-coated cord that is soft and comfortable to wear.

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14. Gold and Black Bead Anklet by INSANEY

This simple black beaded anklet offers some pops of color and shine with its strategically-placed gold beads. It would look equally great with a casual or formal outfit.

Reviews mention that the elastic cord stays snug and doesn't stretch excessively, so you can be assured of a secure fit all day. Plus, the elastic and the extender chain ensure that it will fit a wide variety of sizes.

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15. Lizard Charm Adjustable String Anklet by MIZZE Made for Luck

You can show off your love for nature with this cute lizard charm anklet. It's the perfect companion for exploring a desert or forest or bringing a little bit of the wild into your everyday surroundings.

The anklet is made from waxed cord and opens up to 12.5". It comes in a cotton pouch, which is great for storage or giving as a gift.

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