Is Your Boot Size the Same as Your Shoe Size?

Have you ever tried to jam your foot into a boot and can't get it to fit comfortably? You might be wondering if your boot size is the same as your shoe size. We have researched this, so you know what to look for when boot shopping.

Your boot size and shoe size should be the same. However, boots, like any shoe, can vary in size between brands. Boots are also meant to wear with "boot socks." For this reason, boots may fit up to a half size larger to accommodate the thickness of a boot sock. 

The best way to ensure an excellent fit for your boots is to measure your foot. You'll also want to know which brands run large or small. Keep reading to learn about boot fit, measuring, and differences between a men's or women's boot.

Woman wearing brown leather boots, Is Your Boot Size the Same as Your Shoe Size?

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Measuring Your Shoe Size

The key to getting the best boot fit is measuring your foot for sizing. You can then customize your measurement to the specific brand sizes. How do you correctly measure your foot for sizing? Check out this YouTube video that will show you how to measure your foot.

Now let's look at some specific brands.


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Ariat makes men's, women's, and children's boots. They have thirty years of experience in the creation of boots for outdoor and work environments. For ease of comparison across brands, we'll look at a size 7. The Ariat men's size 7 measures 9.5 inches in length. A women's Ariat size 7 measures 9 inches.

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Justin Boots is an American Company selling Western and equestrian footwear. Justin carries men's, women's, and children's boots.

A Justin men's size 7 will measure 9.5 inches. A size 7 women's boot measures 9.25 inches.

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Timberland makes men's, women's, and children's boots for outdoor and workwear. Timberland men's size 7 is 10 inches long, while a women's size 7 is 9.5 inches long.

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Wolverine has produced boots for over 135 years. They make boots for both women and men. A Wolverine men's size 7 measures 10 inches while the women's size 7 is 9.5 inches long.

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As you can see, differences in length and size vary across companies.

  • Ariat
    • Men's size 9=10.25 inches, size 10=10.56 inches, size 11=10.88 inches
    • Women's size 6=8.94 inches, size 7=9.25 inches, size 8=9.57 inches
  • Justin
    • Men's size 9=10.23 inches, size 10=10.62 inches, size 11=10.98 inches
    • Women's size 6=8.85 inches, size 7=9.25 inches, size 8=9.48 inches
  • Timberland
    • Men's size 9-10.62 inches, size 10-11.02 inches, size 11-11.41 inches
    • Women's size 6=9 inches, size 7=9.44 inches, size 8=9.84 inches
  • Wolverine
    • Men's size 9=10.62 inches, size 10=11.02 inches, size 11=11.41 inches
    • Women's size 6=9.05 inches, size 7=9.44 inches, size 8=9.84 inches

To put this in perspective with regular shoe sizes, here's a list of average tennis shoe measurements:

  • Men's size 9=10.31 inches, size 10=10.66 inches, size 11=10.98 inches
  • Women's size 6=8.81 inches, size 7=9.17 inches, size 8=9.48 inches

Of these boot companies, Justin boots will fit the closest to your regular shoe size. Timberland and Wolverine will run larger, and Ariat a little small.

Toe Box Fit

Boots come with different styling across the toe box. This will also impact the comfort of the fit of the boot. There are four boot toe shapes.

  1. Pointed
  2. Rounded
  3. Squared
  4. Broad Squared

Pointed Toe

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The pointed toe boot is a traditional classic shape that may squeeze your toes if you have a wider foot. The pointed toe boot is often a dress style boot.

Rounded Toe

Round-toe boots are a casual look. This toe style provides a comfortable fit for all-day boot wear.

Squared Toe

Squared toe boots are another classic style that is very comfortable and gives more room for a wider foot. It is typically associated with a workwear boot.

Broad Squared Toe

The broad squared toe gives the most room of all in the toe area. This style is best for those with wide feet.

Should Boots Fit Tight or Loose?

The fit of your boots is a lot like Goldilocks. You don't want them too tight or too loose. They should fit just right. If you feel like your boot is a little loose or you're in between sizes, you can wear a pair of thicker socks or use an insert to adjust the size.

Sometimes people try a larger size to accommodate a wider foot. It's best to avoid this. A boot that is too loose will slip on the heel and can cause blisters.

If you feel your foot sliding forward and back, your boot is too big. Sliding side to side means your boot is too broad.

What is the Difference Between Men's and Women's Boot Size?

Women can wear men's boots but will need to adjust for the difference in size. Across most brands, a women's size is about 1.5 larger than the men's. So a woman that wears a size 8.5 boot would size down to a size 7 in men's.

What Does EE Mean For Boots?

"EE" refers to the width of the boot and stands for a wide width boot. Standard boot widths are "B" or "M" in women's sizes or "D" or "M" in men's sizes.

What Does D Mean For Boots?

"D" is a standard width in a men's size boot. Women's standard width is reported as "B" or "M."

The Perfect Fit

As you can see, there is variation across boot brands, but the best way to get your perfect fit is by measuring your foot first to find your size. Remember that you can adjust a boot that is a little loose by wearing thicker socks or using an insert. It's better to have a boot a bit loose than too tight. For the very best comfort, also pay attention to the toe box style of your boot and the width. Wide feet will need additional room and a larger toe box.

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