Should You Put Bronzer Or Blush On First?

Makeup is so much fun to apply when adding bronzer to your routine, but which should you apply first the bronzer or the blush? Order matters for makeup routine, so we've consulted with some of our favorite makeup experts and found the answer for you.

Here is the order in which you should apply your blush and bronzer with other makeup:

  1. Foundation
  2. Bronzer
  3. Blush
  4. Highlighter

So, let's take a look at each of these steps to learn how to apply each product. We'll also answer a few more of your questions about the use of bronzer and blush. Finally, we'll take a look at some of the colors available in each product and how to add color to brighten your usual routine.

Young beautiful woman applying makeup on her face, Should You Put Bronzer Or Blush On First?

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The Correct Order To Apply Bronzer And Blush

The first step to any great makeup routine is a clean, moisturized face. Please read our post for the details of a healthy cleansing routine, "Do You Use Moisturizer Or Toner First?"

1. Gently Apply Foundation

If you wear it, apply your foundation to a clean, toned, and moisturized face. Find the best tips at our related post for a smooth foundation application, "Why Does My Makeup Look Cakey?"

2. Brush On Bronzer

Next up, bronzer. Apply your bronzer everywhere where sunlight might kiss your face. Do it in light layers, and don't go too dark. Makeup artists recommend your bronzer not be more than two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

3. Lightly Apply Blush

After that, it's time for your blush. Apply it along your cheekbones as recommended for your face shape. Decide if you're going for a stand-out color or a more natural look and choose accordingly. More to come about selecting blush colors.

4. Apply Highlighter To Accentuate Your Glow

If you want to add highlighter, the time to do it is after you've applied your bronzer and your blush. Highlighter should be applied just above your blush, at the inner corners of your eyes. Brush highlighter down the center of the bridge of your nose as well.

You can buy cool trios like this bronzer-blush-highlighter combination, so you have everything you need in one palette. From Urban Decay, it is highly rated and available in a couple of different color sets. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Can You Wear Blush And Bronzer Together?

Brush and bronzer, when worn together, give you a rosy summer-kissed yet a natural look. Start with a smooth foundation, then apply a few light layers of bronzer in spots where the sun would tan your skin. Then add a layer of blush to your cheeks for a rosy glow.

See below, a handy blush and bronzer duo from Nars. You can get a natural rosy glow with a bit of sun-kissed tan all from one product. Click here for this kit on Amazon.

Where Should You Apply Bronzer?

Apply your bronzer to the spots on your face where the sun would naturally hit. Bronzer locations include the top of your nose, the edge of your jawline, the raised part of your cheekbone, and the upper edge of your forehead. The trick with bronzer is to find a shade of color no more than two colors darker than your natural skin tone. Slowly layer bronzer. You can always add more bronzer, but it's hard to take it off without totally stripping your face back to bare.

It's also a good idea to stick with matte finish bronzers rather than the shimmery ones. Shimmery bronzers amplify sweat glisten. Oily skin paired with a shimmery bronzer can detract from the subtle glow.

Are There Different Shade Bronzers?

Bronzers, like foundations and blushes, come in different shades. No person's skin tone is exactly like the next person's, and manufacturers consider this. Many bronzers will come in three different shades of light, medium, and dark. Some come in a kaleidoscope formula where you can dab the tones you need from the mix. Rest assured, though; there's a shade out there to work beautifully with your skin to give it that sun-blessed look.

This City Bronzer from Maybelline comes in three different shades, light, medium, and dark. The easy use compact is convenient for carrying it in a purse or makeup bag. Click here to see it on Amazon.

This Physician's Formula multi-color palette blends colors for a natural look. The multiple colors blend in a way to mimic skin tone touched by the sun. These kaleidoscope pallets are available in overall light, medium, and dark blends. Click here for this on Amazon.

The 'Take Home The Bronze' from theBalm is a multi-purpose bronzer that can double as a contour powder. No orange undertones with this bronzer! It comes in three different shades, the one shown is the dark shade. Click here for this on Amazon.

How Do I Choose The Right Blush Color?

The first step in choosing a blush color is figuring out your skin's undertone. Is it pink, therefore, a cool tone? Or warm, giving it more of a yellow undertone? For natural looks, stick with the same tone as your skin, either warm or cool. A trick for figuring this out is by looking at the inside of your lower lip and picking out a similar colored blush.

For cool-toned skins, use Fuschia or pink, raisin, and berry tones for a natural look. For a pop of bold color, choose the opposite tones like corals, peaches, tangerines, and browns. For warm-toned skins, you would select the exact opposite.

This peach-toned mineral blush from Tarte is perfect for a natural look on warm-toned skin colors. Tarte sells a wide variety of gorgeous blush colors that give long-lasting cheek color. Click here for this on Amazon.

This palette from Tarte is another great warm-toned collection of blush. Click here for this on Amazon.

This berry-toned powder blush is a perfect natural look for cool-toned skins. This blush is available in several other colors also. Click here for this on Amazon.

This two-blush powder duo from Too Faced is a beautiful look for cool-toned skins. The beautiful compact contains a mirror to help you apply this on the go. Click here for this on Amazon.

How to apply blush?

Applying blush relates to the shape of your face. Let's take a look at each face shape below.

  • For oval faces, you want to put the blush at the point of your cheekbone, not in the hollow below it, to accentuate the angle of your cheeks.
  • For round faces, be sure to choose matte colors. Then sweep your blush from your ears down your cheekbones. If you add a touch of color on your chin, it can make your face appear longer.
  • For heart-shaped faces, apply your blush from the temple area halfway down your cheekbones. Stopping before you hit the round part of your cheek will keep your face from looking too pointy.
  • For square-shaped faces, add your blush just below your cheekbone and blend back to the hairline.

We've found a great YouTube video for you that shows a hands-on demonstration of the correct application of blush for your perfect look.

Now You're A Bronzed Beauty

Get ready to glow, now that you know how to apply bronzer and blush. Keep the shade a tone lighter than your skin for bronzer. Choose blush for either cool-tone or warm-tone skin. Wear separately, or combine the two products for a vibrant, natural look. Add a highlight to fine-tune your look before walking out the door.

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