12 Awesome Cage Necklaces for Crystals (And Why You Need One)

12 Awesome Cage Necklaces for Crystals (And Why You Need One)

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Crystals have been beloved for centuries for their energetic properties that inspire similar effects in the user. Although many people keep crystals in their homes or carry them in their pockets, keeping them close and showing them off in a crystal cage necklace is even better! Plus, you don't have to believe in the energetic capabilities of crystals to enjoy their exquisite beauty and the colorful accent they add to any outfit.

When selecting a cage necklace for your crystal, you'll want to think about a few things. One of the most important is the material, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can learn more about sterling silver - a popular choice for people with sensitive skin - in our article Do Stainless Steel Necklaces Rust or Tarnish? You'll also want to consider the style, as some have ornate decorations and others are a straightforward wire spiral. Finally, you'll need to consider the size and make sure it works for the crystals you'd like to wear.

Getting your crystal inside the cage is simple. Most cages are designed to expand enough to slip the crystal between the wires, and then contract to hold it securely in place. Others have a hinge on either the side or the bottom edge and open like a door, making it easy to put a crystal inside and snap the cage closed.

In this article, we've collected some of the best crystal cages available. Some of them even come in multi-packs, enabling you to give some to friends or create necklaces using each of your crystals. Many include the crystal cage so you can use your crystals to fill it, while others come with a set of crystals designed to fit the necklace perfectly. Most of these examples do not include a chain, so you can have fun finding the perfect necklace length for you. Check out our article 25+ Types of Necklaces [Inc. Examples] to get some ideas!

1. 7 Chakra Healing Crystal Set with Cage Necklace by Zangrala

Not only does this set provide you with a cage necklace, but it also includes an assortment of seven different crystals, each one corresponding to each of the seven chakras. That way, you can easily switch out different crystals depending on how you're feeling that particular day.

The cage is made from lead- and nickel-free zinc alloy, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin. Many reviews comment on the great energy of the crystals, and a few mention that you'll receive a free eighth crystal with your purchase.

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2. 12 Piece Silver Plated Decorative Crystal Cage Necklaces by Wanmei

This collection of crystal cages gives you tons of options at an affordable price. Each cage has a door that swings open, allowing you to insert a crystal of your choice.

Made from copper coated with silver plating, each cage is approximately 1" long. They come packed in a small plastic box for safekeeping.

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3. 10 Piece Antiqued Bronze Alloy Spiral Bead Cage by PEPPERLONELY

For a more rustic, earthy look, try this antiqued bronze crystal cage. It looks great with any crystal, especially those with a rough, natural finish. Since they come in a 10-piece set, there's plenty to give to friends or keep for backup.

Each crystal cage is about 1" long and made from lead- and nickel-free iron-based alloy. The hole is big enough for a chain up to 1/8" thick.

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4. 925 Sterling Silver Water Drop Cage Pendant by LGSY

This beautiful crystal cage pendant is decorated with ornately curling designs. Even though it was initially designed for large pearls, crystals would also be a perfect fit - the tumbled kind with a smooth finish would be the best choice.

Made from 100% 925 sterling silver, this crystal cage is free from lead and nickel and safe for sensitive skin. It measures approximately 1" long.

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5. 7 Piece Chakra Healing Crystal Set with Crystal Cage by SUNNYCLUE

Heal your chakral energy with this beautiful crystal cage set. It includes pieces of tumbled amethyst, blue spot, turquoise, green aventurine, picture jasper, aventurine, and red jasper, a black cord necklace, and seven round crystal cages, all packed in a velvet bag.

Each crystal cage is about 1" long and is designed to dangle from the 19" long cord. The cages are made from an iron-based alloy that easily pops back into shape after stretching to allow for the insertion of a crystal.

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6. 925 Sterling Silver Teardrop Crystal Cage Pendant by NY Jewelry

Subtle heart-shaped patterns and curlicues make this cage pendant a beautiful choice to showcase your crystal collection. The cage snaps open and closed, allowing you to place the stone of your choosing inside.

Made from 100% sterling silver, this crystal cage is safe for anyone to wear. It's just under 1" long, making it the perfect size for small crystals.

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7. 24k Gold Plated Twisted Ball Cage Pendant by LGSY

This beautiful gold-plated crystal cage is a nice change of pace from the usual silver designs. It would look stunning holding any crystal, but particularly one that was round and smooth.

Measuring about 3/4" tall, this cage will fit small crystals. It's made from 925 sterling silver plated with 24k gold.

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8. Large Spiral Gemstone Holder by CrystalAge

For displaying larger crystals, this crystal cage is a good choice. The spiral design makes it easy to slip a crystal inside, and the strong wire keeps it secure.

Made from sterling plated metal, this crystal cage measures about 1.5" tall. It doesn't include a chain, but you can thread one through the loop at the top.

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9. 7 Chakra Healing Crystal Hexagonal Pointed Cage Pendant by Top Plaza

This unusually shaped crystal cage comes with a crystal pendant already inside, but it could also fit other long, narrow crystals. It opens at the top like a locket, making it easy to drop a crystal inside.

This crystal cage includes a 28" chain and comes packed in a velvet pouch inside a gift box. The cage measures about 1.5" long and is made from silver-coated copper.

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10. 30 Piece Spiral Crystal Cage Pendants in 3 Sizes by YGDZ

If you'd like to invest in your crystal wearing, check out this 30 piece cage pendant set. With three different sizes, you're sure to find the perfect fit for each of your crystals.

You'll receive ten crystal cages in each of the following approximate sizes: 1" long x 1" wide, 3/4" long x 1" wide, and 1/2" long x 1" wide. Each one is made from silver-plated alloy.

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11. 5 Piece Silver Plated Hollow Filigree Crystal Cage by HOUSWEETY

This crystal cage is made from thicker wire than is typically used, creating a unique look. It's the perfect shape to hold round crystals, although any form would look great.

Made from silver-plated copper wire, these crystal cages measure about 3/4" long. You'll receive a set of five.

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12. 7 Chakra Gemstone Birdcage or Tree of Life Crystal Cage Pendant by Top Plaza

Choose from two equally beautiful designs - a birdcage or a tree of life - to showcase your crystals in a one-of-a-kind cage pendant. Although the cage comes with seven gemstone beads, you can fill it with your crystals instead.

Each cage pendant snaps open and shut and is made from platinum-plated copper. The birdcage is approximately 1.5" tall while the tree of life is about 1" tall, and each comes with a 28" necklace chain.

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