Can Electrolysis Be Done On Eyebrows?

Shaving, waxing, and plucking our hairs weekly are all highly tedious and frequently painful processes we'd honestly rather skip. But the desire for smooth hairless skin, particularly in the warm summer months, is always with us.  Electrolysis is an increasingly popular hair removal method, but it's natural to have questions about it. You might wonder, for example, can electrolysis be done on the eyebrows? Luckily for you, we've done our research on the topic, and you can read about it here.

Electrolysis can be done safely on the eyebrows by a skilled and professional technician. Although it's a process that takes multiple visits, the hair removal is permanent, and no further maintenance is required. Unlike laser hair removal, there is no risk to your eyes when undergoing electrolysis, and side effects are rare. Electrolysis provides a more solid alternative to repeated brow waxing and tweezing. 

As with any other proceeding relating to health and beauty, you likely have further questions when it comes to moving forward. Electrolysis is a process with several steps, and you will need to put the time and effort into it. Continue for more information down below.

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How long does electrolysis take on eyebrows?

One of the more obvious things to consider when deciding to consider electrolysis or not is how long the complete process will take? Finding time to fit in all the necessary appointments and time required during each appointment may be challenging. You'll have to go into the entire process prepared on both counts.

How long does eyebrow electrolysis take per session?

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Being a hair removal process, the time spent on a single electrolysis session will depend on several factors. The area of your body undergoing hair removal along with the texture of the hair both play roles. An average session of electrolysis for your eyebrows can take anywhere from five to thirty minutes, depending on these and other factors. You will want to set up a consultation session with your professional before starting to discuss.

Eyebrow hairs are densely packed together and thus increase the difficulty in handling them. This likewise might increase the time spent on shaping your brows and follicles during appointments. However, overall, only a tiny percentage of your body is occupied by your eyebrows. Therefore your appointments are likely to take anywhere from five to thirty minutes, depending.

The time taken on your brows can depend on whether you want just the area between your brows cleared up or a full sculpt. Depending, sessions can take anywhere between five to thirty minutes per session by a skilled technician. Schedule a consultation before beginning your electrolysis to discuss your particular needs with your technician, including timing. They will be able to help you decide if electrolysis fits with your schedule.

How many electrolysis sessions will you need in total?

The number of electrolysis sessions you will need in total also is likely to vary, but it will be multiple. The process is based on hair growth cycles, and therefore your sessions will need to be planned around your body's natural hair growth. You may require anywhere from six to up to thirty sessions, depending on your body and naturally occurring factors. Never be afraid to keep a dialogue up with your technician, asking questions if you ever feel the need.

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Can eyebrows grow back after electrolysis?

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Electrolysis is a desirable process because of its permanence. Whereas waxing and tweezing will need to continue to be kept up with electrolysis, your hair removal will be permanent once your series of sessions is finished. This can be easily understood by understanding just what electrolysis is doing compared to, say, waxing.

Waxing and tweezing grip, and forcefully remove shafts of hair from each hair follicle, leaving them empty but otherwise untouched. This allows the hair to begin regrowing within the hair follicle as your body's hair growth cycle continues moving forward. This is why waxing and tweezing need to be continuously kept up to maintain well-shaped brows.

On the other hand, electrolysis doesn't just empty the hair follicle of hair at the time; it uses chemical or heat-based energy to destroy the hair center. To achieve this, fine probes are inserted directly into the follicles, and, again while after your complete regiment of sessions, results are permanent. Existing hairs fall out of the damaged follicles, and there is nowhere for any new hairs to grow.

The process is a commitment, but electrolysis will be a permanent solution to your eyebrow desires if you're able to do that.

Is electrolysis painful?

The adage "beauty is pain" has persisted for a reason. Hot wax on your browbone or hairs being plucked from your face quickly brings the phrase to mind, and these are only temporary solutions in the end. Hair removal is generally going to hurt, just by its nature. Electrolysis follows a similar vein. Pain is a highly subjective measure for people, as we all have different thresholds and factors that play into how we interpret pain.

Caffeine levels, a woman's time of the month (which increases her body's overall sensitivity), the area being done are all factors that play into pain levels. If you're shaping your brows, there is likely to be a lot of electrolysis done on areas with thinner skin. Closer to bone tends to feel more intense for many people.

Familiarity can also impact your pain threshold as you progress through your series of sessions. Your first session will likely feel more intense due to nerves and unfamiliarity. As you continue with your process, familiarity and understanding will probably help you ease into it.

Most electrolysis clinics will have topical anesthetic cream they can apply to the area to numb it and reduce the pain if you genuinely need help. Never be ashamed of talking honestly and openly with your electrologist about any of your needs, including regarding your comfort.

Does electrolysis have any side effects?

After receiving electrolysis sessions, the vast majority of potential side effects are temporary, usually lasting for a day or two after a session. Redness will likely occur for a few hours around the treated area, but usually not for more than a day. Small red dots can appear for a day or two as well. These are natural reactions to electrolysis.

Localized swelling, discoloration, dryness, and acne are also common reactions to the area after treatment. These are all likely to be addressed in your aftercare regiment that you and your electrologist will go over before beginning your treatment.

There is the chance for more serious, albeit relatively rare, issues like scabbing to occur. Be honest about any allergies, previous history, or concerns you may have before beginning electrolysis. Always make sure you're going to a licensed and respected electrologist as well. In general, you should have no problems with your procedure.

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In Closing

As with any health procedure, the most important thing you can remember is to do your research. Especially concerning a part of your body close to your eyes, you're always going to want to make sure you're investing in the best. Talk with your electrologist, follow the instructions they give you as close as possible, and make sure you have the time and the energy to engage with the full extent of what electrolysis and its schedule will demand of you.

Even though it is a demanding series of events to consider, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright. Once you are done with the process, remember, the hair is gone for good. No more tweezing, waxing, or agonizing over your eyebrows not looking just like you want them to. For a lot of people, that's a cause truly worthy of celebration!

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