11 Car Racing Inspired Nail Designs

The adrenaline rush of car racing isn't just limited to the track; it's a source of inspiration for fashion and beauty enthusiasts alike, including the vibrant world of nail art.

From the sleek lines reminiscent of racing stripes to the bold colors that mirror the vibrant liveries of racing cars, these designs are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of speed and excitement to their look.

Let's race into this curated selection and find your next statement manicure!

1. Black and white checkered flag design

Capture the iconic finish line with black and white checkered patterns on your nails, perfect for any racing enthusiast.

car racing nail design. black and white checkered flag

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2. Grey base with tire tread imprint

A metallic silver base with a detailed tire tread imprint for those who want to bring the essence of the race track to their fingertips.

car racing nail design. metallic silver with tire tread imprint

3. Red racing car at full speed on the track

Capture the essence of speed and competition with a design showcasing a vivid red racing car blazing down the track, embodying the thrill of car racing at its finest.

car racing nail design. red racing car on the road

4. Pastel nails with race track curves

Soft pastel shades with delicate lines mimicking the curves and bends of a race track for a subtle nod to the sport.

car racing nail design. pastel nails with race track curves

5. Chase Elliott's team colors

These nails boast a vibrant blue, yellow, and white design, reflecting the energy and charisma of the reigning NASCAR Cup Series champion.

 car racing nail design. Chase Elliott's team colors blue, white and yellow

6. Racing helmet inspiration

Nails inspired by the designs of racing helmets, featuring bold colors and patterns unique to the driver's style.

car racing nail design. racing helmet inspired designs

7. Fiery red and orange flames

Embody the power and intensity of racing with nails that feature a fiery design of red and orange flames.

car racing nail design. fiery red and orange flames

8. Checkerboard design and gradient effect

A modern twist on the classic checkered flag, featuring a checkerboard design and a gradient effect from black to grey.

car racing nail design. checkerboard and gradient effect from black to grey

9. Trophy with silver and red accents on a black base

Celebrate victory with a nail design featuring a car racing trophy with silver and red accents on a black base.

nail design featuring a trophy with silver and red accents on a black base.

10. Iconic curves and asphalt

Channel the essence of the race with a design that captures the iconic curves and the textured asphalt of a car racing track, perfect for any racing fan.

car racing nail design. iconic curves and asphalt of racing track

7. Glossy black nails with a gold racing stripe

Elegant glossy black nails featuring a single, striking gold racing stripe for a touch of luxury.

car racing nail design. glossy black nails with gold racing stripe

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