How Many Charms Fit On A Pandora Bracelet? [By Type Of Bracelet]

Have you been thinking about buying a Pandora bracelet? Colorful and stylish, Pandora's charm bracelets are a must-have for any fashionable wardrobe. But the sheer number of different bracelets and charms available can be overwhelming, especially if you're a Pandora "beginner." So, what are the different types of Pandora bracelets, and how many charms fit on each? We've done the work to bring you the answer.

Each type of Pandora bracelet accommodates a different number of charms:

  • Flat Mesh Bands: 8-12  (Reflexions series)
  • Rope Mesh Bracelets: Up to 20 
  • Bangles: 10-20 
  • Snake Chains: 15-20 
  • Leather Cords: 7-9 
  • Link (Tennis) Bracelets: Up to 10 (Pandora Me mini-dangle series)
  • Sliders (Bolo Bracelets) and Padlock Bracelets: Varies by bracelet type

We'll break this down in detail below, describing each type of Pandora bracelet, revealing which group of charms fits each type, and explaining how to arrange the charms on your bracelet. We'll also discuss whether Pandora charms are compatible with certain non-Pandora bracelets. Read on to learn more!

Two beautiful Pandora bracelets combined of different charms (beams) on white background next to a beautiful rose, How Many Charms Fit On A Pandora Bracelet? [By Type Of Bracelet]

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How Many Charms Fit On A Pandora Bracelet?

There are nine different types of Pandora bracelets; each holds a different number of charms. Below, we describe each type of bracelet and how many charms it can hold.

What Are The Different Types Of Pandora Bracelets?

Flat Mesh Bands

Pandora's most dressy, sophisticated bracelets and charms are the Reflexions collection, which features flat mesh bands like the one below. Reflexions bands come in gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Each measures 0.276" wide and can hold from 8 to 12 Pandora Reflexions charms.

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Rope Mesh

Rope mesh bracelets are available in rose gold or sterling silver. Slim (0.386" in diameter) and sophisticated, each can hold up to 20 charms from the Pandora Moments collection.

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Sleek and versatile, Pandora bangles come in the traditional circular form and open-ended, heart-shaped, and slider bracelets. They are available in sterling silver, rose gold, and two-tone (as shown below). Depending on its size and shape, each Pandora bangle can accommodate 10 to 20 charms from the Pandora Moments and Pandora Me collections.

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Snake Chains

The Pandora snake chain bracelet is more casual than the rope mesh bracelet and thicker (0.409") and more flexible. Snake chains come in gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and two-tone, and they feature a variety of clasp options, including ball clasps, hearts, and infinity knots. Snake chain bracelets hold from 15 to 20 charms from the Pandora Moments or Pandora Me collections.

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Leather Cords

For a less-formal, edgier type of Pandora jewelry, try the leather cord bracelet. It is available in a range of colors, a single braided strip (0.217"), a double strand, and a slider. Choose from gold, rose gold, and sterling silver for the clasp, endcaps, and slider chain. Compatible with the Pandora Moments collection, the leather cord bracelet holds 7 to 9 charms.

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Link (Tennis) Bracelets

The Pandora Me collection features tennis-style bracelets made of sterling silver links. These delicate bracelets are compatible only with Pandora Me mini-dangle charms and can hold up to 10 of them.

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Sliders (Bolo Bracelets)

Sliders, also known as bolo bracelets, are designed for larger wrists or those who prefer to wear their Pandora bracelets loosely. Each slider is open-ended, with a thin, adjustable cord (bolo) connecting its endcaps, allowing the user to make the bracelet tighter or looser as desired. Bangles, snake chains, leather cords, and link bracelets all come in slider style.

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Padlock Bracelets

Like sliders, Pandora padlock bracelets are a special category that includes several different bracelets with a distinctive feature. In this case, the ends are held together by a tiny padlock rather than a traditional clasp. Available in rope mesh, snake chain, leather cord, and link styles, these bracelets come with a choice of padlock shape: locks, hearts, infinity symbols, and more.

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Non-Charm Bracelets

Pandora also makes a variety of bracelets that are not intended for use with charms. You can choose from bangles, snake chains, and beaded bracelets.  Some are designed to be worn bare; others, like the one shown below, have decorative elements already built-in. Non-charm Pandora bracelets come in gold, rose gold, and sterling silver.

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Do All Pandora Charms Fit All Pandora Bracelets?

Pandora charms come in three collections: Pandora Moments, Pandora Reflexions, and Pandora Me. Each collection is designed to attach in its own way to one or more types of Pandora bracelets; and, because of the differences among the various kinds of bracelets, no charm fits them all. Below, we describe each collection of charms and identify the compatible types of bracelets.

Pandora Moments

The original group of Pandora charms is the Pandora Moments collection, featuring 500+ distinctive charms in gold, rose gold, sterling silver, Murano glass, pave, and cubic zirconia. Themed charms -- including Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter -- are trendy. The round mounting holes in Moments charms make them compatible with rope mesh, snake chain, bangle, and leather cord bracelets.

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Pandora Reflexions

The Reflexions collection features flat mesh bands with clip-on charms.  The bands are manufactured in gold, rose gold, and sterling silver; the 28 charms currently available come in the same metals and are embellished with clear or muted-hued zirconia. Reflexions bracelets and charms are the dressiest and most sophisticated-looking of the Pandora collections.

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Pandora Me

The newest collection is Pandora Me, a set of mini-dangle charms compatible with link bracelets, snake chains, and bangles. The 26 Pandora Me charms are all in sterling silver, and many feature bright-hued zirconia crystals, making this the liveliest and most informal-looking Pandora collection.

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How Do You Arrange Pandora Bracelet Charms?

Now that you know what styles of bracelets Pandora makes, what charms are available, and which charms go with each type of bracelet, you're ready to build your Pandora bracelet. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Choose Your Bracelet

Select the type of bracelet that you prefer based on style, material, and compatible charms. Make sure that you choose a metal (gold, rose gold, or sterling silver) for your bracelet that matches the charms that are most important to you.

2. Add Clips

To keep your charms evenly distributed on your bracelet, add "clips" -- hinged charms that clip onto the bracelet and remain in place, effectively dividing the bracelet into sections. Pandora recommends that you place two clip charms on each bracelet, making three even sections.

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3. Add Charms

Once the clips are in place, you can begin adding charms to your bracelet. NOTE: To add charms to the bracelet's middle section, you will need to remove one of the clips and thread the charms onto the bracelet. Once the middle section is filled with charms and spacers (see below), re-attach the clip and proceed with adding charms to the remaining two-thirds of the bracelet.

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Pandora charms connect to their bracelets in four ways: dangle, clip-on, threaded, and unthreaded.

Dangle Charms

Dangle charms hang from the bracelet by a round loop at the top of the charm. Regular-size dangles are compatible with rope mesh, snake chain, bangle, and leather cord bracelets; mini-dangles can be used with link bracelets, snake chains, and bangles.

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Clip-on Charms

Clip-on Reflexions charms should not be confused with the clips mentioned above, which hold the charms in place on other types of Pandora bracelets. Instead, the Reflexions clip-on charms are designed to attach to the flat mesh Reflexions bands. Each has a slot through which it is slipped onto the band.

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Threaded Charms

Most of the charms in the Pandora Moments collection are "threaded": they have a round hole with threading inside it and are attached to rope mesh and snake chain bracelets by screwing them on over the endcaps. They hang loosely from bangles and leather cord bracelets.

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Unthreaded Charms

Other Pandora charms are unthreaded and slip over the endcaps of their bracelets and then hang loosely. Unthreaded charms are typically in the pave and openwork styles.

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4. Add Spacers

Usually, once the charms are in place in a section of your bracelet, there will be small gaps between the charms or asymmetries in the overall appearance. You can add spacers to fix these issues: each spacer is either 1/3 or 1/2 the typical charm width.

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5. Add Safety Chains

Some bracelet owners add a safety chain: a thin but sturdy chain that attaches to the bracelet's ends and stops the charms from falling off if the clasp should happen to break.

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Do Pandora Charms Fit On Chamilia Bracelets?

A popular competitor to Pandora is Chamilia brand bracelets and charms. Our research has found that most Pandora Moments charms fit on Chamilia bracelets; however, charms in the Reflexions and Pandora Me collections do not.

In Closing

Two beautiful Pandora bracelets combined of different charms (beams) on white background next to a beautiful rose, How Many Charms Fit On A Pandora Bracelet? [By Type Of Bracelet]

Now that you know all about Pandora bracelets and charms, how they fit together, and how many charms each type of bracelet can hold, you're ready to design your own unique piece of jewelry!  Have fun!

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