What Color Shoes With Gold Dress? [Six suggestions that work!]

Nothing stands out in a crowd like a gold dress. A dress isn't complete, though, without the right pair of shoes. But what color shoes go with a gold dress?

Sexy woman wearing gold dress holding her red shoes and a glass of champagne

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You don't have to worry about any color restrictions holding you back. All manner of shoes goes with gold dresses, including:

  • Gold 
  • Silver 
  • White 
  • Black 
  • Red 
  • Nude 

Looking to find the perfect capstone for your gold dress? All of the colors mentioned above have a different impact on your look. Take a look at the photo series below to see which shoe and dress combination suits you best.

What Colors Shoes Go With a Gold Dress?

You've committed to a gold dress for the evening, and you love how it looks. Now all you need to finish the look is a pair of shoes. Don't feel as though you have to limit yourself! There are several shoe colors and styles that'll bring your look together.

Matching Gold Shoes

Did you know that in one of the original Cinderella stories - "Aschenputtel," by the Brothers Grimm - a wishing tree gives Cinderella a pair of golden shoes to wear to the prince's ball? If gold's good enough for Cinderella, it's going to be good enough for you. And what's a simpler solution to your shoe conundrum than wearing a pair of shoes that match your dress?

Young fashionable woman sitting in chair with shopping bags, matching dress and shoes

This model's one-shoulder body-con dress goes perfect with a pair of shiny gold heels. If you want to wear a similar dress out on the town, then try to embrace the glowing look with a pair of heels that glitter and shine when they catch the light.

If you have a longer dress or one that swaps the shine for a matte color, you may prefer a pair of matte gold shoes to go with your look. The line between yellow and gold is a blurry one when you start working with matte shoe textures. If you want your gold shoes to match your dress exactly, consider keeping the dress with you while you're shopping.

The good news is that even if your shoes are slightly lighter or darker than your dress, your friends, coworkers, or date probably won't notice. When it comes to matching, your shoes are like your brows: sisters, not twins.

You can find a pair of golden heels like these through Amazon.

Silver and Gold: A Metal-Tone Look

When you wear a golden dress on a night out or to a special event, you're going to spend the evening rocking metal tones. If you want to keep with the theme, but don't want to worry about matching your shoes to your dress, silver shoes are the best way to go.

Beautiful woman in golden dress

This model's curve-hugging, A-line dress has just enough shine to accentuate her highlight. That shine carries into her shoes, even though the cool silver contrasts with the warmth of the gold. The shoes here, too, have a delicate chain running between the upper strap and lower strap, making them all the more visually interesting.

While your silver shoes shouldn't overpower the rest of your look, their contrast and continuation of your precious metal theme will ensure that they elegantly complete your look.

You can find a pair of silver heels like these through Amazon.

An Old Standby: White Heels and a Gold Dress

White high heels present an interesting conundrum. On one hand, one wrong move could result in a scuff mark that refuses to come out. On the other hand, white high heels come in a variety of styles, and they go with just about every look.

Elegant girl with pink hair in glamorous dress and sunglasses

Take this model's shoes, for example. Instead of going with a plain white shoe, she's opted to pair her vibrant golden dress with a pair of sparkly white shoes. Their height gives her a few extra inches to work with and helps her stand out in a crowd.

You can opt for a similar look if you want to add extra sparkle to your outfit. There's no need to worry about the excess glitter busying up your outfit. As you can see, this model's white sparkles don't detract from the exciting pattern of her dress. Instead, they're simple enough to accentuate the design!

If you want something simpler, though, you can always wear a pair of plain white shoes with your dress. It's up to you whether you want the shoes to be shiny or matte. Shiny shoes will still catch the light, whereas matte shoes will fade into the background and let the rest of your look stand on its own. Either way, the white will complement the gold of your dress and give you the confidence boost you need on a night out.

You can find a pair of white heels like these through Amazon.

Simple and Stunning: Black Heels and a Gold Dress

You probably already have a little black dress in your closet, which means you probably already own a pair of black heels. If you're out of options or just like the way these shoes fit, why not wear them with your gold dress?

Gorgeous sexy women in a long gold evening dress

This model's black heels contrast the lighter gold in her dress. That contrast brings attention to her shoes but then redirects it back to the sparkles and diaphanous fabric.

Black shoes aren't going to fade into the background like white ones. That doesn't mean you shouldn't wear them with a gold dress. If you have a pair of nice black shoes that you want to show off, what are you waiting for? The gold and black combination is a well-loved one, so you have nothing at all to fear from this bold combination.

Red Heels and a Gold Dress

A pair of black heels may stand out when you wear a gold dress, but no color is as bold as red. Red heels are a statement piece that can work beautifully with a gold dress.

Young elegant woman in long gold dress drinking and holding her high heel shoes

Gold and red are both warm colors. That said, they're not so close on the color wheel that wearing them together is a fashion faux pas. Red and gold, when paired, instead create a sunrise-esque look, commanding the attention of any room you walk into. The model here, for example, has opted to forgo her shoes, but the color combination - paired with matching red lipstick - makes for a stunning picture.

You can find a pair of red heels like the ones pictured here through Amazon.

Nude Heels and a Gold Dress

If you'd rather not worry about the color of your heels at all, you don't have to. Nude heels are the pragmatist's capstone to a gold dress look.

Beautiful woman in long golden dress holding a glass of champagne

This model's slit dress emphasizes the length of her legs - and her heels help them look all the longer. Like matte white heels, nude heels are meant to fade into the background when compared to the rest of your outfit. This is the case for peach nude heels and nude heels that come in darker shades. So, if you want your dress to be the star of the show, skip the colored heels altogether - nude heels will be your best friend.

You can find a pair of nude heels like these through Amazon.

Are There Any Shoe Colors To Avoid When Wearing A Gold Dress?

If you're especially worried about committing a fashion faux pas while wearing a gold dress, you might find yourself asking: are there any shoe colors you should avoid when looking for a match?

In general, you can wear shoes of any color with your gold dress. Blue shoes add a regal air to your look, and while green shoes aren't a perfect match, you can make them work with the help of additional accessories.

Orange and yellow shoes, of all available colors, might be a little strange to wear with a gold dress. Yellow and orange are both adjacent to gold on the color wheel. While your shoes can be aesthetic sisters to your dress, the closeness of these colors may throw off your whole look.

What Other Accessories Go With A Gold Dress?

So, you've got your shoes and your dress. Are there any other accessories you can use to spice up your gold dress look? Some additions to your look can include:

Stacked Bangles

You can find stackable bangles like the ones pictured here on Amazon.

Statement Earrings

You can find statement earrings like the ones pictured here through Amazon.

A Statement Necklace and Matching Earrings

You can find statement necklace and earring sets like the ones pictured here through Amazon.

A Matching Clutch

You can find the perfect clutch for your gold dress, like the one pictured here, look on Amazon.

Don't stress trying to find a pair of shoes to compliment your gold dress. Instead, try on shoes of all different colors to see which style suits you best. Whether your shoes are red, nude, gold, or silver, they'll only serve to complement the dress you've picked out.

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