Do Sapphires Get Cloudy?

Keeping your jewelry clean can be tricky without a bit of help. Are you noticing your sapphire jewelry starting to cloud, or is that not something you've dealt with before? We have done some research to find you the answers. Let's discuss.

According to what we found, sapphires can get cloudy. Clouding happens when dirt, dust, or residue makes its way onto a sapphire, giving it a cloudy appearance. Sapphires lose their sparkle if not taken care of properly, so it is super important to keep them clean. The good news is, you can easily clean a sapphire to get rid of the cloudy look it might currently have with a gemstone-safe polish.

As we start this post, we will share the best ways to clean a sapphire and even tag some helpful products. From what we have found, getting rid of cloudiness on sapphire is easily doable as long as you use the right products. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A blue sapphire cut precisely and cut into a diamond with embedded diamonds on the frame, Do Sapphires Get Cloudy?

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What Is A Sapphire?

Sapphires are a type of aluminum oxide that contains a mix of iron, copper, magnesium, titanium, and chromium. This precious gemstone is usually associated with the color blue but is also found in white, pink, yellow, and green. Typically, sapphires have a natural shimmer to them and make excellent engagement rings and jewelry.

Why Do Sapphires Get Cloudy?

The primary reason a sapphire develops a cloudy look is that you are not cleaning it regularly. Sapphires are a part of the corundum family of minerals, meaning they attract dust and dirt. The cloudy appearance that shows up on sapphire is essentially a film covering the actual gemstone's natural shimmer. If you tend to wear sapphire jewelry daily, cloudiness is very likely to happen.

An eccentric and meticulously cut blue sapphire stone

Gem Stone King Sterling Silver Blue Created Sapphire Ring

Here is a blue sapphire ring from GemStone Kings that is perfect for a special occasion. This gemstone ring is sterling silver and lined with white cubic zirconia down either side of the sapphire center.

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Why Do White Sapphires Get Cloudy?

When it comes down to sapphire clouding, white stones tend to get cloudy the fastest. White sapphires are colorless, meaning they show residue and wear much easier than other colors. There is no specific evidence proving that white sapphires cloud more than colored options, but they tend to need more attention. A good way to prevent your white sapphire jewelry from clouding is to polish it weekly and try to keep it out of the elements. From what we found, sapphires, especially white, react to water and climate more than typical jewelry will.

Gem Stone King Sterling Silver White Created Sapphire

Here is a white sapphire ring from GemStone Kings that also features topaz. This created sapphire comes on a sterling silver band and is 1.48 carats.

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How Do You Clean A Cloudy White Sapphire?

According to our research, taking care of and cleaning a white sapphire is similar to any gemstone. We found that weekly polishing and regular cleaning buff away cloudiness and keep your sapphires shining bright. It is essential to find a gemstone-friendly cleaner for your sapphires, so you don't end up damaging them. For best results, you should:

  1. Start by placing white sapphire jewelry in a bowl of warm soapy water.
  2. Leave the jewelry in the water for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Use a soft cleaning brush and gently scrub away any dirt/residue.
  4. Rinse your white sapphire jewelry with cold water.
  5. Gently dry your jewelry with a soft cloth.

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaning Kit

Here we have a gemstone-safe cleaning kit from Peaknip to get your sapphires shining. This kit includes a special jewelry cleaner, dip tray, brush, and lint-free cleaning cloth and promises to restore shine and brilliance to your jewelry.

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Blitz Gem & Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate

Here is a concentrated gemstone cleaner from Blitz to add into water or an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. This product is non-toxic, promises to give your jewelry back its shine, and is eight fluid ounces.

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Do Blue Sapphires Get Cloudy?

Crystalline formation of a blue sapphire stone

Although these sapphires are on the darker side, yes, they do still get cloudy. Blue sapphires are standard for gemstone jewelry and can also lose their shimmer if not taken care of properly. The main difference in blue versus white sapphire is that their cloudiness is not as noticeable as a white gemstone is. The same advice we gave for white sapphire upkeep applies to blue, even if it is not as apparent.

Are Dark Blue Sapphires More Valuable?

Among sapphires, richer, more vibrant colors tend to cost more and are considered higher in value. When it comes to darker blue shades, if a sapphire is too dark, it is not viewed as valuable as a more vibrant colored one. Typically, the clearer and more saturated the sapphire, the higher its price tag will be.

Ross-Simons Sapphire Drop Earrings

Here is a pair of royal, deep blue sapphire earrings from Ross-Simmons. This pair of earrings are sterling silver, has adjustable post/clutch backing, and are 11.30 carats.

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Is There A Difference Between Blue And White Sapphires?

When it comes to the differences between blue and white sapphires, the main one is price. Usually, a white sapphire, although rarer in color, does not cost as much as blue sapphire. We say this because of the demand for blue or colored gemstones versus colorless, white styles. These sapphires have the same mineral composition, but blue takes the crown in a popularity contest.

Which One Is Better?

Between blue and white sapphires, we say that blue is probably better in value. When it comes to blue versus white sapphire being better, a blue-colored stone tends to have a more luxurious look and is a more recognized style. White sapphire is an excellent stone for jewelry but lacks a distinct look that makes people know exactly what you are wearing.

Regardless of what color stone you choose, we'd recommend a sterling silver chain or band. Sterling is the standard choice for sapphires, and an affordable, durable material; although, personal preference prevails when it comes to jewelry settings.

ANGARA Blue Sapphire Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Here we have a stunning blue sapphire pendant necklace from ANGARA. This sapphire pendant comes on an 18-inch sterling silver chain and features a 0.035-carat diamond.

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Amazon Essentials Sterling Silver White Sapphire Necklace

Here is a created white sapphire necklace from Amazon Essentials. This white sapphire comes on a sterling silver 18-inch chain and is 2.54 carats.

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Are Sapphires Better Than Diamonds?

If you are torn between if you should get a sapphire or a diamond, that will come down to your needs. Although sapphires are gorgeous, they are not as valuable as a diamond. Sapphires have grown in popularity in recent years and are among the top engagement ring styles, but diamonds take the cake between the two.

If price is something you are worried about, a sapphire piece of jewelry will cost about a third of a diamond option, so that is something to consider. Colorful jewelry is always in style, so sapphire is a perfect choice for you if you aren't ready for a diamond.

Are Sapphires Durable?

Among other precious gemstones, sapphires tend to hold out very well. Although these stones can scratch and develop clouding, sapphires are relatively easy to clean and last years before they need repair. If you notice scratching or chipping on your sapphire jewelry, you can have it professionally resurfaced or buffed out. According to the Mohs durability scale, sapphires earn a nine out of a possible ten due to their overall high hardiness rating.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you love sapphires or loathe them, this precious gemstone is a beautiful option for any jewelry. When it comes to cloudiness, sapphires do tend to attract dirt and dust, but you can easily polish and clean that off. From what we found, a simple weekly to monthly wash and polish can give your sapphires their shine back and keep them looking new. If you are interested in a white sapphire, make sure to polish it frequently because of its colorless, residue-attracting appearance. Regardless of the color of your sapphires, make sure they are set using quality, sterling silver, and keep them away from elements as best you can.

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