How To Get Bath Bomb Dye Off Hands

Figuring out how to get bath bomb dye off your hands can feel endless without some help. Is this your first time using a bath bomb, or is this one's dye just too much to handle? We have done the work to find you the answers. So let's check this out.

According to what we found, the best way to get bath bomb dye off your hands is by exfoliating. Whether you have a body scrub or a pair of exfoliating gloves, this will help pick up that color and remove it from your skin. Although bath bomb's bright and fun colors are cool to look at, we suggest you avoid holding them in the tub. Regardless of what color your bath bomb has stained your hands, make sure to wash them as soon as possible.

As we dive into this topic, we will share tips to get bath bomb dye off your hands and tag a few related products. As fun as they may be, bath bombs pack quite the staining punch, so please be careful when using one. With that said, let's get into this post!

Hand taking a blue bath bomb dissolving in the bathtub, How To Get Bath Bomb Dye Off Hands

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How Do I Get Bath Bomb Dye Off My Hands?

When it comes to bath bombs staining your hands, timing is everything. From what we have found, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly right after you notice staining. Once that is done, grab an exfoliating liquid or bar soap or a pair of gloves and get scrubbing.

If your skin is on the more sensitive side, we suggest warm water and a towel rather than a scrub or glove. Regardless of how long the dye has been on your hand, it will take a couple of rounds of exfoliating to get the color entirely off.

A woman putting a pink bath bomb in the water in a bathtub

Why Exfoliating Works For Stained Skin

If your skin is now the color of your bath bomb, exfoliating is going to be your lifeline. Exfoliants work well on dyed skin because they reach a deeper layer than soaps and pick up dead skin and excess products that might be lingering.

We recommend a body scrub or gloves as your exfoliant to get the color off your hands faster than warm water and a towel will. Regardless of which method you go with, make sure to be gentle with your skin to avoid irritation.

Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Here is a brown sugar body scrub from Brooklyn Botany to help get the dye off your hands. This scrub has a deeply exfoliating formula and is cruelty-free and vegan.

View this scrub on Amazon here.

MIG4U Shower Exfoliating Scrub Gloves

Here we have a pair of medium to heavy exfoliating gloves from MIG4U. These gloves are suitable for all skin types, are a loofah material, and promise to remove dead cells and excess products from your skin.

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Can Bath Bombs Stain Your Skin?

Whether you are a bath bomb newbie or a pro, nobody is completely safe from stained skin. Some bath bombs stain your skin because of their ingredients that often contain chemicals used in their dyes. Although bath bombs aren't going to hurt you, their dye can leave color behind your skin. The best bath bombs to use are all-natural and vegan options that won't end up turning you every color of the rainbow.

What Are Bath Bombs Made Of?

Generally, bath bombs are made from baking soda, citric acid, and corn starch. Although these ingredients sound weird for a bath product, they are the foundation of many popular bath bombs. In addition, bath bombs often contain dyes, perfumes, and sometimes even Epsom salt in their ingredient list. From what we found, bath bombs are safe to use but can cause skin discoloration and irritation depending on your sensitivity level.

Hugeway International Handmade Vegan Bath Bomb Spa Kit

Here is a pack of six non-staining vegan bath bombs from Hugeway International. These bath bombs have essential oils, are naturally made, and promise not to irritate or stain skin.

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Do You Put Bath Bombs In While The Water Is Running?

A bath bomb by a bathtub

Wait until your bathtub is halfway full before putting in your bath bomb. Once your tub is at the halfway point, you can place your bath bomb under the running water to help it dissolve into your bath. With that said, make sure not to hold onto your bath bomb for too long, so your hands don't turn colors.

Do Bath Bombs Dissolve Faster In Hot Water?

Like many dissolving products, bath bombs do tend to dissolve faster in warmer water. Generally, bath bombs will take around six to 15 minutes to dissolve fully, so warming up the water will speed up that process. Like we mentioned earlier, it is best to drop in your bath bomb once your tub is halfway filled and keep it under running water.

Are Bath Bombs Good For You?

Even though bath bombs are pretty to look at, they are not completely good for you. Bath bombs, although moisturizing and most times soothing, contain ingredients that can irritate and stain skin. People with sensitive skin tend to have the most issues with bath bombs and experience rashes and skin discoloration in many cases.

However, if your skin is not on the sensitive side, regular bath bomb use can still mess with your skin's natural bacteria levels and cause irritation or infection. Overall, we suggest keeping your bath bomb use to a minimum and not staying in the tub for too long.

Does A Bath Bomb Clean You?

Hand taking a blue bath bomb dissolving in the bathtub

Although bath bombs may not seem like they clean you off, they surprisingly do. From what we found, bath bomb's ingredients moisturize your skin while also cleansing it. Depending on your bath bombs ingredients, it might also even be antibacterial, so keep an eye out for those options. A few essential oils commonly found in bath bombs with antibacterial properties include tea tree oil, green tea, and aloe vera oil.

Cosset Detoxifying Milk Bath Bombs

Here we have a set of six detoxifying milk bath bombs from Cosset that also have antibacterial essential oils. These bath bombs promise to draw out toxins and impurities, have green tea and aloe vera oils, and won't stain your tub or skin.

View these cleansing bath bombs on Amazon here.

Should You Shower After A Bath Bomb?

When it comes to showering after using a bath bomb, we found that you don't need to. As long as your bath bomb doesn't have glitter or a harsh staining color, you are OK to dry off without taking a shower. Another type of bath bomb that might warrant a shower includes one with flower petals or heavy fragrance. But, again, each bath bomb is different, so as long as you feel comfortable, we say you can skip the rinse off.

Can I Use Other Products With A Bath Bomb?

If you want to add extra bubbles or essential oils with your bath bomb, that is completely fine. From what we found, you can safely use other bath products with your bath bomb if you want to enhance your experience. Although mixing products is fine, we suggest not choosing anything too strongly scented or oily to avoid irritation during or after your bath.

To Wrap It Up

Bath ball in female hands close up in the water, How To Get Bath Bomb Dye Off Hands

Whether you are a frequent bath bomb user or a newbie, don't panic if your hands stain. From what we found, a thorough exfoliation will help get the dye off your hands but might take a couple of tries.

A good thing to do to prevent bath bombs from staining your hands is not to hold them during your bath. Instead, drop them into your half-filled tub and let the running water dissolve them while you relax. Regardless of what bath bomb you choose, make sure to check its ingredients and keep your water warm to get the most fizz.

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