How Long Do Rainbow Sandals Last?

If you've found this post, you probably have a general idea of what rainbow sandals are, but maybe you're wondering how long they last and whether it is worth buying them! Well, we've researched almost everything there is to know about Rainbow Sandals and have the answer for you.

Rainbow Sandals last about two years with regular moderate use.

Now you know how long they last, but you might have even more questions about Rainbow Sandals, so keep reading as we delve into even more details about the sandals, whether they are guaranteed for life, whether they run small, and how to take care of them!

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What Are Rainbow Sandals?

Rainbow Sandals were established in the mid-'70s after the founder was tired of seeing broken, low-quality flip-flops and sandals littering the beaches. He set out to create a durable, long-lasting quality sandal that looked and felt great and that people would be proud to own. They are available in multiple colors styles and in both men's and women's sizes.

The sandals are handmade and shaped from high-quality leather and stitched together using strong nylon thread. The sandals have multiple layers that are held together with very strong 'specially formulated' glue. They are known for their comfort as well as their durability. The soles have memory foam so that they will contour to the wearer's foot.

We mentioned above that, on average, Rainbow Sandals seem to last about two years with moderate use. Still, some users have reported having their sandals for almost ten years with average daily wear. Those that reported their Rainbow Sandals were lasting less than two years also reported wearing them excessively and taking long hikes in them. So the lifetime of the sandals is affected by the amount of use they see.

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Are Rainbow Sandals Guaranteed For Life?

Sometimes sandals break, and it can be frustrating. One of the reasons Rainbow Sandals was created was because their founder was tired of seeing broken sandals left on the beach. Because of this, Rainbow Sandals have either a rainbow guarantee or a six-month warranty. The six-month warranty is for its sandals that do not have the Rainbow Guarantee.

Rainbow Guarantee

One of their guarantees is called the "Rainbow Guarantee." It applies to the lifetime of the sole. This means that they will fix or replace your sandals if they break due to a manufacturer's defect. Their "Rainbow Guarantee" does not apply if the sole becomes worn or cracked from excessive use or wear. So basically, if the straps break from pulling out of the sole, your sandals will probably be covered under their warranty. If your straps are damaged because your dog chewed them up, you're unfortunately out of luck. They have some photo examples on their website of both covered and uncovered damages.

There are a couple of things that will void your guarantee, so be careful! Using any leather conditioner or cleaner will cause delamination with your sandal. Delamination is when the layers become unglued and separate. If it becomes separated due to no reason of your own, they will repair it for you, but if there is any sign you caused the delamination, your sandals will not be covered.

Once you've worn a hole into the top or bottom sole, your sandals are no longer covered by the Rainbow Guarantee. If there are any signs of water damage, such as cracked leather, your sandal will also not be covered under warranty. Also, do not try to repair the sandal yourself, as this will also void the warranty.

Six Months Warranty

For Rainbow Sandals that do not come with the "Rainbow Guarantee," a six-month warranty is offered. This means that if anything happens to the sandal because of a manufacturer's defect, like the ones mentioned above, Rainbow Sandals will either replace or repair your shoes for you. For this warranty, the company requires proof of purchase, so make sure to hold onto any receipts!

If In Doubt

As there are so many ways the guarantee can be voided, you might have trouble figuring out if your sandals are covered or not.  The company's website offers photo examples of what isn't covered under their warranties. They also suggest that you contact them if you are in doubt or unsure whether the sandals are covered. You can email them photos of your sandals to make sure. If your sandals are covered, you will be asked to ship them to their factory in California, where they'll either be fixed or replace.

How Do You Take Care Of Rainbow Sandals?

There isn't much you can do to take care of your rainbow sandals other than being cautious not to overuse them or put them through a lot of stress. While the sandals are great for the beach or a casual social event, avoiding activities like hiking or skateboarding while wearing your sandals will help prolong their life.

Avoid getting them wet, and if you need to clean them, the company's website recommends using a damp cloth with lukewarm water and a small amount of soap. If you use any oil-based or leather cleaning product, it can cause delamination from the inner sole. Use small circular motions while using the cloth, and if there is dirt that needs something a little more to remove it, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to dislodge it gently. Be careful not to damage the leather if you use a brush.

Once you have finished wiping your sandals down with the wet cloth, use a dry paper towel or cloth to dry them as thoroughly as possible and then leave them to dry in the sun.

Can They Get Wet?

Though they are great to wear at the beach, don't go paddling in Rainbow Sandals. Try to keep your sandals as dry as possible. We touched on this briefly above, but Rainbow Sandals, especially those made of leather, should not be submerged in water.

Water can cause the leather to crack or the sole to delaminate. The company recommends leaving your sandals outside in the sun to dry if they get wet. Your sandals might curl up in the sun, but they will return to their shape once you've worn them again!

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Do Rainbow Sandals Run Small?

There are mixed reviews as far as the sizing of Rainbow Sandals. However, most people say that they run true to size or slightly too big. Your best option is to use the Rainbow Sandals sizing chart. It will help you choose the right size after you've measured your foot or another pair of sandals you have.

Many people also report that the sandals do feel tight at first but that they will loosen up as you wear them in. You can also use a tennis ball or water bottle pushed under your sandal straps to help loosen them when you are not wearing them!

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Final Thoughts

Rainbow Sandals last on average of two years. However, they can last much longer or even less long depending on the wear and use they face! Hopefully, we've helped answer some questions you might have had about Rainbow Sandals. You can now feel comfortable in your decision to either purchase or not purchase a pair of these popular sandals!

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  1. Rainbows last longer than two years, two years if you wear them everyday all day. My current pair is 8 year old, first 4 I lived in Oregon and didn’t wear them like I lived in Southern California but wore them more than most wore sandals up there. Second four years have been in Vegas and I wear them everyday here. After these eight years I have to say the outsole is finally worn thru in the heel and they are cracked for days but they still feel great. They will be replace sometime this year tho.

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