How Long Does Electrolysis Take On The Chin?

Hair removal is such a painful and laborious task that it never seems to end! You may have heard about electrolysis but are probably wondering how long it takes, along with some other specifics? We have done some laboring of our own into this follicle-fighting subject to get some answers about this procedure.

With sessions lasting 15 minutes to one hour, once every one to two weeks, it can take between eight to 18 months to see permanent hair removal results from electrolysis. Hair removal, in general, depends on many factors that are unique to you alone, including the thickness of your hair, how much hair you have, and the area undergoing treatment.

Understanding everything that goes into electrolysis can get a little hairy! That's why if you keep hanging on with us, we will answer all of your questions. With this content, you can make an informed decision and see if electrolysis is the best route for you to take for hair removal on your chin.

Removal of facial hair of a woman using electrolysis, How Long Does Electrolysis Take On The Chin?

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Why is there such a huge gap in how long electrolysis takes?

Electrolysis is the only proven permanent hair removal solution. It is less painful than other non-permanent procedures and systems, but the amount of time it takes depends on the amount of hair and the type of hair in the treatment area. It can even be affected by whether you have had caffeine the morning you get treatments done or not!

It's hard to give an exact answer to something with so much variation in it. This answer is a simple average. So let's take a closer look at the factors that go into it.

Electrolysis is the only proven permanent hair removal solution

Dermatologist doing hair removal treatment on patients face with electrolysis

There are so many ways to get rid of your unwanted hair. However, all of those ways pretty much guarantee that the hair will return except for electrolysis. It is the only FDA-proven hair removal system.

It is less painful than other non-permanent procedures and systems

If you've ever tried waxing or even shaving with a dull razor, you know what pain is. Can electrolysis hurt? Yes, it can. If you consider that it is permanent compared to short-term solutions, even laser hair removal, we think the pain is more tolerable.

The amount of time it takes depends on the amount of hair and type of hair in the treatment area

Everybody and their hair are different. You can't expect to get the same results as someone with less hair in the same amount of time. Unfortunately, that's just not how electrolysis works. Not to mention that the thickness of your hair, and what stage of growth it's in comes into play.

Before Electrolysis, Think About It

There are so many types of hair removal available today. Within each of those types, there are countless numbers of different products to do those procedures. Let's answer some questions to help make that final leap to electrolysis!

How long does it take to see results from electrolysis?

You will most likely start to notice a difference after a few sessions. With each round of electrolysis, the hair gets thinner. It keeps growing back thinner and thinner until it is completely gone. So once those thinner rounds of hair start growing in, you will notice that it feels less coarse and more sparse than it used to.

Does electrolysis hurt on the chin?

It will be uncomfortable, and there may be some pain. It's best, however, to think about the result. There is no form of hair removal that doesn't have the discomfort or painful factor. Some forms of hair removal may hurt more for you than others. Electrolysis is the only one that is going to end one day if you keep doing it. With the other methods, the hair will just keep on coming back, along with the pain.

How should I prep my skin for the procedure?

You want to have clean and unobstructed skin for the technician to work with. This means leaving off those heavy moisturizers or make-up. Products will hurt the process and make that result take even longer.

What you put in your body is also important for preparation. Stay away from caffeine the morning of the procedure as it can restrict the pores. You also want to make sure you are well hydrated beforehand by drinking plenty of water. All of this will help ensure that the hair is in the best possible state for the procedure to be as effective as possible.

After Electrolysis, Think About It


Removal of facial hair of a woman using electrolysis, How Long Does Electrolysis Take On The Chin?

Once you get the procedure done, you may have many questions about how to help the process along. You also, of course, don't want to hinder it at all. Let's see how to get the best results.

How do you treat your skin after electrolysis?

For 48 hours after the procedure, you may notice some side effects. This can include redness, irritation, and possibly some scabbing. This is all perfectly normal and expected as this is a medical procedure, and healing will need to occur.

You should avoid using make-up or other skin products to best help the healing process. Also, do your best to avoid direct sunlight to the affected area as that may cause more irritation. You may apply witch hazel and aloe vera to the affected area liberally, which will help to soothe the skin as it heals.

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Does facial hair grow back after electrolysis?

It will come back to some extent until it is gone completely. Each time it comes back, it will be thinner and less noticeable, though! Hair grows in different stages, and a lot of it depends on what stage that hair was in during the procedure. So some regrowth is normal, but it will continue to come back less and less.

Think about what electrolysis could mean for you!

Unwanted hair will always be a problem. It's a nuisance and can be an embarrassing problem to have to deal with day in and day out. Not to mention how much money you may waste dealing with hair removal. Permanently getting rid of those unwanted hairs is the best long-term solution to the problem from every angle. Once that's done, you can enjoy yourself that much more! You can feel confident and sexy without that problem nagging at you anymore!

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