How Much Do Red Wing boots Cost?

How much do Red Wing Boots cost? Your friends wear them, and they tell you what great boots they are. But without knowing the cost, you're not sure if they're the boots for you. We have looked at a variety of sources to get you the best information on this pricing. 

Red Wing Boots for men cost approximately $100-$400. Red Wing boots for women cost between $200 and $400.

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Let's take a look at this brand and what you can expect from their boots as far as price and durability. Keep reading for all the details! 

Why Red Wing Boots May Cost A Bit More

The Red Wing Shoe Company was founded in 1905 by Charles Beckman. His purpose in establishing the company was to create a hard-working shoe for industry workers. Today, the company's mission statement is "At Red Wing Shoe Company, we have a clear but simple purpose: To be a great company that makes a difference in people's lives. We are fueled by our strong values and the commitment to craftsmanship that has been at our core for over 100 years."

This commitment to a quality product translates into super shoes.

Red Wing Boots For Men

At the lower price end of the spectrum ($80-$130 depending on the seller and which year's model) are the steel toe work boots. These boots feature Vibram soles and lace-up closures. They're waterproof and safety rated.

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These fashionable Chukka boots from Red Wing land in the

mid-range around two hundred dollars or so. In the mid-1970's Red Wing expanded into making a greater variety of boots and shoes beyond the traditional work boot. These Chukkas are great for casual work as well as relaxed weekends.

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This pair of Red Wing blacksmith boots steps you up another hundred dollars. With classic welt design, sturdy leather, and a lug sole, this boot is the epitome of the original Red Wing work boot, and the extra height keeps snow out in the winter and dust out in the summer.

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Red Wing Postman's Chukkas are for long days on your feet. These workhorse pair of shoes run to the higher end of Red Wing Pricing.

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Red Wing Boots For Women

These Pecos leather pull-on boots from Red Wing are great women's boots for ranch work. The run in the mid 200's range as far as price. The fantastic Red Wing warranty guarantees sturdy leather and a rubber sole.

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In the mid-range of Red Wing Boots for women are these 6" Moc boots. Full-grain leather and a rubber sole and incredible comfort make this boot a must-have for anyone who's on their feet for long hours in the day. They're also available in several leather colors to go with any uniform or outfit.

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The women's silversmith boot from Red Wing is equivalent to the original work boots of the early 1900s. Supple leather with welt construction, along with a slender modification for this to fit a woman's foot, make the mid $ 300's price range worth it.

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On the high price end of Red Wing Boots for women is this pair of Garcie leather boots. They have a tall shaft, traditional welt construction, and a breathable lining. This is a pair you'd feel safe riding down the highway wearing. They're tough and cool, and worth the cost.

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Are Red Wing Boots Guaranteed For Life?

Red Wing Boots do not include a guarantee for life, but they do come with warranties. The first is a 3o-day comfort guarantee. If, within the first 30 days of ownership, you find your footwear uncomfortable for any reason at all, you will be refunded the purchase price, no questions asked. This doesn't apply to WORX, Red Wing Heritage, Irish Setter, or Vasque branded footwear.

A 12-month limited warranty guarantees against defects in workmanship or materials. This doesn't apply to excessive wear and tear. To put this warranty into action, you must return the product to the Red Wing dealer where you bought it. Then, Red Wing will either repair or refund the original purchaser.

How Many Times Can You Resole Red Wing Boots?

Most manufacturers will only resole a pair of boots 2 or 3 times; however, if you take care of your Red Wings, you'll get more life out of them. But, according to the cobblers who work for the company, the key to keeping your Red Wings like new is to maintain them properly. Oil your leather and keep your boots free of mud and solvents. Destroyed leather makes a point of a new sole moot.

A good leather cleaner and conditioner like this can do wonders for keeping your boots supple and crack-free for years of use.

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And here's the Mink Oil by Red Wing, also on Amazon.

Where Can You Buy Red Wing Boots Online?

Many retailers carry Red Wing boots. As always, we like to recommend just for pure convenience. The next best spot to go is the Red Wing company itself. If you love the fast shipping and easy returns, Zappo's is a winner for shoe and boot shopping. If sustainable shopping is your thing, then check out the Red Wing boots available through Madewell. For discounted Red Wing boots, you might try the clearance section at or Remember to save your receipt, though, if you plan on ever taking advantage of your warranty.

Red Wing shoes and boots are an investment pair, whether you go for the lower end of the cost spectrum or the top of the range. But sometimes, spending a little more upfront is worth it in the long run. You'll have quality boots that mold to your feet and last for years and years. 

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