How To Wear A Short Skirt With Boots

There is no look more stylish than a mini skirt with boots. If you are reading this article, you probably agree that this fashionable combo is timeless, edgy, and stylish! Before wearing a pair of boots with a short skirt, it is important to think about this duo's possible challenges. You want to make sure that the boots suit the skirt's style to enhance the look rather than looking awkward or overwhelming. Luckily for you, our experts have done their research and are prepared to give you plenty of suggestions on the best ways to wear short skirts with boots!

When pairing a mini skirt with a pair of tall or short boots, you'll want to make sure they match in style and color. Continue reading for examples on how to achieve the perfect mini skirt and boot combination. We've got sixteen fabulous outfits to inspire you!

Sexy Retro legs And A Miniskirt, How To Wear A Short Skirt With Boots

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Mini-Skirt And Boot Outfits

1. Denim and Leather

By pairing denim, leather, and simple black booties together, you can easily achieve a fun rock-and-roll look while still keeping it casual. This is the perfect outfit to wear for a night out on the town, brunch with the girls, or even to a concert. Dressing this look with accessories, such as gold jewelry, would definitely pop with this color scheme!

2. Punk Rock

To achieve a fun punk rock look, pair together an all-black outfit with knee-high boots. This is a classic look that will show off your confidence. Try mixing different fabrics and textures to achieve an even more exciting appearance.

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3. Plaid Queen

Pairing together a plaid mini skirt with a cute pair of matching knee-high boots might just be the look for you! When putting this outfit together, pick one of your plaid skirt colors, and match your boots in that solid color. This will achieve a perfect matching outfit without going overboard on color and patterns.

4. Parisian Princess

Are you looking to achieve a cute European look? Search no further than this adorable outfit. Similar to the look featured above, a cute plaid skirt is utilized, but accessories embellish this style. The hat completes the entire outfit, making this a win on any continent.

5. Girly Goddess

A fun and frilly top works to make this skirt incredibly girly and sweet. Pairing a bold blouse with a patterned skirt and high boots achieves a very gentle look. This gal won't get lost in a crowd.

6. Cozy Cutie

If you are looking for the perfect short skirt and boot combo for the winter, look no further. This look can be easily replicated to look perfect even on the coldest of days. Adding a pair of dark tights and fuzzy socks will add to your look while also serving to keep you warm throughout the winter season.

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7. Queen of Academia

If you are looking for a short skirt and boot combination perfect for your college campus, this style is right for you. Adding a plaid skirt and a solid top to your boots will get others to notice that you've used your intelligence to make a stylish combination in the world of academia.

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8. Office Ready

If you are looking for a more professional short skirt and boot combination to wear to the office or your job, look no further. This skirt with a blazer combination will keep you looking like a professional while also serving some major looks. The high boots in this image complete the look, making you look fierce and dedicated at the same time. If you plan to wear a short skirt to the office, make sure that you are also wearing dark tights underneath to remain formal and professional for work.

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9. Casual Cutie

If you need an easy and casual outfit that you can wear just about anywhere, this sweater, short skirt, and boot combination may be the one for you! You could easily style this concept to work in all seasons by adding or taking away accessories to make it a comfortable option for any temperature.

10. Long Jacket Looks

Another great way to dress up your short skirt and boot combination outfit is by adding a long jacket to the look. By doing this, you can also make your outfit perfect for the winter months. It will make you look more professional and put together while staying stylish and impressing everyone who sees you!

11. High Boots

High boots may seem a bit intimidating at first. However, if you know how to style them properly, you will definitely fall in love with this look. The trick to styling high boots is to keep your outfit fairly simple. Your high boots are already a statement piece, so a simple outfit ensures the overall look is not overwhelming. For example, in this photo, these high boots are matched with a simple grey sweater and a cute dark skirt, creating the perfect look.

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12. Animal Print

If you are looking for a fun addition to your boot and short skirt ensemble, you should definitely consider utilizing animal print as a way to mix things up. When styled properly, animal print is a super cute way to make any outfit a little bit more fun while also remaining in-style! Animal print is one of those styles that is best done simply. If you add a top or skirt that uses animal print, the rest of your outfit should be solid colors to add to your look, instead of distracting away from it.

13. Patterns

There are also phenomenal ways to style your boot and short skirt outfit with patterned looks. Patterns are a great way to gain attention in a fashionable sense. If you style a patterned look well, you are sure to get plenty of compliments and be known as someone who can remarkably pair daring looks!

14. Bright Boots

Wearing neon colors is a sure way to make a fashion statement. Best styled in the spring, you will literally look like a ray of sunshine by using neon colors, whether you are running errands or modeling in a fashion show. Neon colors are best styled with one another, rather than with dark or neutral tones. If you are going to wear neon, be prepared to go all out! Wearing a matching top and short skirt with a different colored pair of boots and accessories is a tasteful and cute way to style your neon short skirt and boot look.

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15. City Girl Swagger

If you want to look fresh off the East Coast, consider styling your short skirt with a cute pair of booties, a nice sweater, and a lot of accessories. This look looks incredibly preppy and put-together while also remaining young and fashionable. It is a clear choice to style your outfit like this as it will work to make you look like you are from the Big Apple!

16. Dancin' Duo

If you plan on dancing the night away, a classic look to wear out includes a tighter short skirt and a cute pair of matching booties. This is the perfect look if you are hoping to visit some bars or a nightclub.

Final Thoughts

We hope that since you have now read this article, you have plenty of great ideas on how to style your short skirt and boots together. Make sure that your colors match and that you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. By following our fashion tips, you are sure to look phenomenal in whatever outfit combination you choose.

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