How To Wear And Style Capri Pants [14 Suggestions]

Capri pants are a perennial favorite. These shortened pants that end just above the ankle was popularized in the 1950s, particularly on the Isle of Capri, where their name hails from. Hollywood actresses, Brigette Bardot and Marilyn Monroe were big fans of the capri pant and helped grow their popularity. These pants are typically quite slim on the lower leg and flattering on most figure types.

Capris are no longer regulated to summer casual though. Nowadays, we see capris in everything from formal evening wear to business casual. We love them paired with stilettos or Converse or the perfect pair of ankle boots. We've gathered 14 looks to give you some ideas on how to wear and style a great pair of capri pants. So please, keep reading!

Woman sitting happily by an elevated doorway, How To Wear And Style Capri Pants [14 Suggestions]

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1. Red Capris With Red Heels And A Bold Striped Top

Woman wearing red capris with red heels and a bold striped top

This look borrows from the original Isle of Capri. A bold black and white striped boat neck, off-the-shoulder, T-shirt tops off a sleek pair of red capris. A mid-height feminine red pump looks perfect with the combination.

This mid-quarter sleeve, black and white striped T-shirt will provide the perfect counterpart to your red capri pants.

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2. Airy White Shirt With Relaxed Khaki Capris and Brown Strappy Belt And Shoes

Runway model on a fashion show wearing airy white shirt with relaxed khaki capris and brown strappy belt and shoes

This relaxed capri look is one that could take you from the workday to a night out. Relaxed khaki capris are paired with an airy Peter Pan collared white blouse for an effortless vibe. A chestnut over-long leather belt is tied at the waistline and matches the strappy chestnut brown sandals.

Because of a shorter pant length, taller ankle sandals like this pair look super with capris. This pair from UGG can give you a similar look to the photo above.

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3. Black Capris With Flat Black Sandals And A Soft Summer Blouse

Teenage girl wearing black capris with flat black sandals and a soft summer blouse

Capris are perfect for summer. They're dressier than shorts but cooler than full-length slacks. This breezy combination, black capris, flat black sandals, and a cute pin-tucked cotton blouse is both feminine and fresh. It's a perfect summer date outfit.

This cute floral blouse is a perfect breezy summer top to pair with black capris.

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4. Wide-Legged Capris Paired With A Sleeveless Blouse For After-Work Drinks

Woman wearing wide-legged capris paired with a sleeveless blouse for after-work drinks

Need an outfit to take your capris from work to cocktails? This one should do it. Pair a wide-legged pair of black capris with a cool sleeveless top and matching heels. During the workday, put a jacket on over it. But then when it's time for happy hour, take it off and sit on the patio with that glass of prosecco.

These wide-leg capris from Michael Kors come in plus sizes as well as regular sizes. The sash and pockets are nice for a work environment.

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5. Dress Up Cute Capris With Layered Blouses And Bold Jewelry

Dress up cute capris with layered blouses and bold jewelry

This cute combination mixes a soft blue denim pair of capris with decorative hem elements with a double shirt layer. Shimmery sandals, bold bracelets, and a short necklace create a look that's perfect for a day out with friends.

Here's a nice cropped chino pant in pale blue. These cool comfy pants are perfect for summer casual styling.

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6. Tonal Wide-Legged Capris And Long Top With Silvery Sneakers

Gorgeous woman wearing tonal wide-legged capris and long top with silvery sneakers

For a look that's great for a day out shopping or a casual day at work, consider a pair of wide-legged flowing capris with a similarly colored top. This flowy outfit is cool and neutral in a soft sandy taupe. The surprise of silver sneakers gives this outfit a fun and unexpected edge that we love.

These slip-on silver sneakers from Lugz will make your feet happy from the work floor to the boardwalk. This wear-anywhere shoe will look great with your favorite pair of capri pants.

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7. Black Capris and Jacket With A Gold Top and Perfect Black Heels

Woman wearing black capris and jacket with a gold top and perfect black heels

Take it from a pro, capris don't have to be relegated to the boardwalk. Here, Serena Williams elevates capris to the catwalk with a matching capri and jacket set that she's paired with a shimmering gold blouse and slingback black satin shoes. It's not quite a cocktail party but it's way more than a regular day on the job.

This gold camisole with skinny straps is a fabulous choice when you're looking to give your capris the red carpet treatment. It's got all the sparkle to make you look like a star.

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8. Get Yourself A Pair Of White Patent Ankle Boots For Your Black Capris

Girl model wearing get yourself a pair of white patent ankle boots for your black capris

Want some style and drama with your capri pants? Then consider jazzing them up with a pair of vibrant white patent ankle boots. Here wide-legged black capris stand out with a white cable sweater and white patent boots. This is a way to take your capris from summer into fall with style.

Everybody can use a pair of patent go-go boots in their wardrobe. This pair in shiny white is perfect for the look above.

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9. Pair A Dark Pair Of Capris With Stylish Blazer And Sneakers For Casual Fridays

Man and woman in an office wearing a dark pair of capris with stylish blazer and sneakers for casual fridays

Here, a pair of crisp black capris are matched with a tailored blazer and a simple white T-shirt. The white trainers are casual but great for a day when you want to look dressed for work, but also comfortable.

These capris pull on and have a clean flat front that will look great with a blazer. The advantage to a flat front is it won't create any extra bulk underneath the jacket. These have pockets on the back.

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10. Get Yourself A Suit With Capri Trousers And Shiny Black Pumps

Woman at the office desk wearing a suit with capri trousers and shiny black pumps

If you're not a fan of skirts for work, but still want something shapely that looks great with heels, then why not choose a tailored suit that features capris instead of full-length slacks? This gorgeous look screams sophistication and the patent heels in seriously elegant black exude importance and girl power.

This Cole Hahn middle-height heel is a classic pump that's perfect for the workday. It will look absolutely elegant on your feet with your suit's capri trousers.

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11. Pair A Lace Shirt And A Matching Ball Cap With Your Capris

Woman sitting on a doorway wearing a lace shirt and a matching ball cap

This breezy outfit screams sophistication. The lacey white top and flowing capris are juxtaposed with a simple ball cap and white tennis shoes. It's always fun to mix ultra-casual pieces with slightly more elegant pieces to really instate your own style.

This lacey white blouse from BCBG Maxazria is sophisticated and fun. This is a perfect top for creating the look in the photograph above.

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12. A Collared V-Neck T-shirt And Heels Pair With Business Capris

Lady with a trolley bag wearing a collared V-neck t-shirt and heels pair with business capris

If you're traveling for work, but want to stay comfortable, consider pairing a 3/4 length sleeve T-shirt with collar and V-neck and a pair of sleek heels with your capri and jacket combination. It's comfortable but still polished enough to meet your colleagues at the airport restaurant for a quick work lunch before jetting off to your next meeting.

This tunic style shirt has 3/4 length sleeves that work well under a jacket with capri pants. The open V-collar has a finished placket edge for a dressier look than a regular T-shirt.

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13. Wear A Pair Of Flats And A Headband With Your Capris

Woman pouring a water can and wearing a pair of flats and a headband with capri pants

Capris are great for popping out onto your balcony and giving your plants a good watering. Here a casual pair of capris is paired with a bright T-shirt, a matching headband, and a casual pair of canvas flats. It's a look that reminds us of Marilyn Monroe and her love of headbands and capris.

This pair of casual capris from Columbia sports works equally as well in the garden as it does out for lunch with the family.

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14. Don't Forget The Denim When It Comes To Capris

Old lady with shopping bags wearing denim capris

If you love jeans, don't despair. Capri pants are available in denim as well as other materials. Denim capris are super because they give you the feeling of your favorite jeans, but are so much cooler in the summertime. Put on your favorite top and your favorite pair of sandals and head to the farmer's market on a weekend morning.

woman wearing Red Capris With Red Heels And A Bold Striped Top

Here's a pair of classic capris from Levi's. They're available in several different denim washes and are sure to become an absolute favorite after a few washes and wears.

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Fourteen Great Ways To Style Your Capris

We've left you with fourteen great ways to style your capris but we're sure you can come up with many more. One thing is clear, capris are no longer just a summertime casual article of clothing. They're for the boardroom, the boardwalk, and the catwalk.

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