10 Of The Best Leggings For Winter

Are you worried that your leggings will not keep you warm in the winter? As the seasons change, so do your fashion choices. Luckily you won't have to ditch comfortable leggings just because it is cold. We have done the research and have some of the best winter leggings for you.

There are a variety of leggings specifically made to insulate body temperatures. The key to a good pair of winter leggings is the right material. Leggings made of fleece, wool, cotton, cashmere, and other natural fibers are the best for staying warm in cold weather.

Different materials will give your leggings certain features. Some materials are great insulators while others are better at wicking moisture. Keep reading for some of the best kinds of winter leggings and their properties.

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10 of the Best Leggings for Winter

You'll stay cozy and warm when you wear one of these ten leggings in the winter.

1. Fleece-lined leggings

First up, there are fleece-lined leggings. The most common fleece lining you will see in leggings is made of synthetic fibers like polyester. Polyester is known for its moisture-wicking capabilities.

Even though it may be cold outside, you can still sweat under warm clothing after a while. The fleece will keep you warm, and if you begin to sweat, the polyester will help keep you dry.

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Is Fleece Warm Enough for Winter?

Fleece is a very lightweight and breathable material. Because of that, it may not seem like the ideal winter fabric. However, despite its weight, it is one of the warmest fabrics you can use. Fleece is able to trap body heat while still being breathable.

There is a wide spectrum of fleece available in different fibers and weights. Synthetic fiber fleeces are water-resistant and insulating. Natural fiber fleeces are able to insulate better but are not as water-resistant.

2. Sherpa Leggings

Next, there are sherpa leggings. Sherpa looks very similar to fleece, but it is warmer and thinner than fleece. This fabric is made from either 100% cotton or a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The texture is similar to wool, but sherpa is much more affordable.

These sherpa leggings have a soft, fleece-like material on the inside with woven fabric on the outside. The woven layer on top of the sherpa fibers will keep you nice and warm in the wintertime.

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3. Lamb's Wool Leggings

Lamb's wool leggings are one of the higher quality options for winter. The lining is made entirely of natural fiber wool. Natural fibers are even better at insulation than synthetics. You should go for natural wool if you are in a very cold climate.

Classic sheep's wool is known to be quite itchy in clothing. Lamb's wool, however, is very soft and hypoallergenic. You should choose lamb's wool over sheep's wool if you are prone to skin irritation.

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4. Merino Wool Leggings

Next, merino wool is a popular winter legging choice. This wool is made of all-natural fiber that is often preferred over sheep's wool. Merino fibers are very fine, which makes the wool extremely soft.

Due to its fine fibers, the air is able to circulate better for faster drying. Even when the wool comes in contact with sweat, it will still insulate your body heat. The proteins in the fibers generate heat when exposed to moisture.

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5. Cashmere Leggings

Cashmere is another wool look-alike. It is a natural fiber as well but comes from goats instead of sheep. Cashmere is lighter, softer, and even better at insulating than wool.

The great thing about these cashmere leggings is that they are very breathable. The inner lining will keep you warm while being breathable enough to prevent sweating.

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6. Velour Leggings

Next, there are velour leggings. Velour has the texture of velvet with a spandex-like stretch. These leggings are among the more stylish winter options.

Velour used in clothing is usually a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The fiber content as well as the texture of velour help to keep you warm. Velour comes in a variety of thicknesses, so look for thicker velours for winter.

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7. Thermal Leggings

Thermal leggings are the most functional option for winter. Thermals are usually worn under other items of clothing. Even when worn alone, these leggings will help you stay dry and warm in the winter.

These are made from a blend of polyester and cotton. As mentioned previously, polyester is great at moisture-wicking. If it gets extremely cold, these leggings are great for layering and preventing sweat puddles.

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What Are Thermal Leggings For?

Thermal leggings are designed to maintain your body temperature in cold temperatures. The fabrics used in thermal clothing excel at insulation. There are thermals available for moderately cold temperatures as well as extreme cold.

8. Under Armour ColdGear Leggings

Under Armour has a line of clothing meant for use in the cold. These garments circulate body heat and pull moisture away from your body to the surface. This pair of leggings is great if you are active in the wintertime.

Coldgear uses two layers to create the perfect insulating barrier. The inner layer is a soft brushed material that keeps you warm. The outer layer is a woven breathable fabric that helps keep you dry.

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9. Figure Skating Pants

Next, there is a lesser-known option for cold-weather leggings. You may have wondered how ice skaters are able to perform in such cold conditions. The secret is in their ice skating attire.

These leggings may not seem like much, but they are quite thick. They are made to protect skaters from falls on the ice and keep them warm. If they work well in the ice rink, they will work perfectly in the wintertime.

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10. Sheer Skating Tights

Lastly, you can purchase sheer ice skater tights. This is the best option for layering in the winter. You can get them in your skin tone to wear dresses in the winter without sacrificing style.

Although they are slightly sheerer than the previous pair, they provide the same benefits. These tights are also a good choice for layering under breezier pants for added warmth.

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What Do You Wear under Leggings for Warmth?

Adding another layer of clothing is the best thing to do if you find that your leggings are not warm enough. If your leggings are not skin tight, you can wear another pair of leggings under them.

If you are using this method, be mindful of the material of both pairs of leggings. Some fabrics may stick together and cause bunching. Another popular option is a pair of long socks. Putting on a pair of knee-high sicks before your leggings can help you stay warm.

Can You Wear Leggings in the Snow?

Yes, you can wear leggings in the snow. Before you do so, take a look at the fibers used in the fabric. Many thermal items made of synthetic fibers will be just fine in the snow. The best possible leggings for going into the snow are fleece-lined leggings.

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These leggings are not necessarily waterproof, but they will not soak up as much moisture as natural fibers. If fleece leggings are not available, just go for the thickest pair of leggings you have.

How Do You Wear Leggings in Cold Weather?

Leggings can be worn like any other pair of pants in the winter. You can pair them with a nice warm jacket or coat. Another winter styling tip is to pair your leggings with something long on top, like a tunic or sweater. A cute pair of boots will top off your winter look.

Is Lululemon Worth the Money?

Lululemon is a very popular athletic apparel retailer. They are notorious for their leggings, which are extremely pricy compared to other stores. Should you shell out the money for these leggings?

A lululemon store outlet photographed outside

When it comes down to it, it all depends on if you have the money to spend on them. The price is a reflection of the quality you will get from the legging fabric and construction. However, if it is out of your budget, there are plenty of quality leggings available for a lower price.

To Wrap It Up

You can wear leggings all year. When it comes to wintertime, you will just need thicker fabrics. The thicker and softer the fabric, the more it will insulate your body heat.

The most affordable winter leggings are polyester fleece lined. If you are able to spend a little more, cashmere or lamb's wool leggings are extremely warm and soft. For more legging knowledge and tips, check out some of our other articles:

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