Move Over Pink Blush: The New Must-Have Makeup Item for Brown Skin is Purple Blush!

NEWS - A viral YouTube video is causing a stir among makeup lovers and beauty enthusiasts alike! It showcases the stunning effects of purple blush on brown to dark skin tones, creating a beautiful and striking effect.

This trend is revolutionizing the beauty industry's approach to makeup. It highlights the unique beauty of deeper skin tones and offers a new option for those struggling to find the perfect blush shade.

One of the primary benefits of purple blush is how it can turn into a cool pink color when applied to brown to dark skin, blending seamlessly with the skin's undertones.

This effect is much more natural-looking than traditional pink blushes, which can appear too bright or obvious on deeper skin tones.

Youtuber @makeupbymonicaa debuts this trend in this YouTube shorts video:

How Color Theory Is Revolutionizing Brown Skin Makeup: The Science Behind The Purple Blush Trend

In a groundbreaking beauty revelation, color theory is taking the makeup world by storm. A viral YouTube video is showcasing how brown-skinned beauties can transform their look with purple blush.

The trend is revolutionizing the beauty industry's approach to makeup. It provides a new option for those who have struggled to find the perfect blush shade. According to the video's creator, "colors will never appear true on brown skin." With purple blush, however, the undertones of the skin can be cooled down, creating a beautiful and natural effect.

She stitched a video about another girl talking about how purple blush is so much better for brown girls. "It's all because of color theory," she says.

"When makeup blends into your skin, the color of the makeup that you're applying is going to mix in with the undertone of your skin," she narrates in the video. Her video now has over 150K likes on Youtube.

"Brown is technically just a muted version of orange," she says, "Cool pink mixing with my warmish brown skin is going to create a warmish pink. It still looks pretty but doesn't look the same as when a paler girl uses it."

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"If you didn't know color theory, you'd expect it to be cool pink," she continues.

"When purple mixes with a neutral brown undertone, it's going to make that really pretty, cool pink color."

The purple blush blends seamlessly with the skin's undertones. It appears as if it's a natural flush of color rather than makeup applied to the outer skin. However, it's important to note that this trend may not work for everyone.

Individuals with warmer undertones in their skin may find that purple blush clashes with their skin tone. Additionally, it may not produce the same cool-toned effect as it does on neutral undertones. Experimenting with different shades of purple blush is crucial in finding the perfect match for your skin tone.

"If you have a darker undertone, go for the berry blush because this is gonna have the same effect on you!" she says.

Unlocking Your Beauty: The Importance of Finding Your Personal Color

When it comes to choosing the right makeup, it's essential to know your personal color. Conventional makeup shades may work for a variety of skin tones. However, finding the perfect shade that complements your skin tone can take your look to the next level.

Before splurging on expensive makeup items, take the time to determine your skin's undertone. The wrong shade of blush can make your skin appear washed out or too bright. However, choosing the right shade can enhance your natural beauty.

Experiment with different shades of purple blush to find the perfect match for your skin tone. If you have warmer undertones, consider trying a berry-toned blush for a similar effect. By finding the right color for your skin tone, you can achieve a flawless and natural-looking makeup application. Don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with different colors to find your perfect match.

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