What Nail Color For Pale Skin?

Applying nail polish is a fun pastime that can greatly improve the appearance of your hands. Are you curious about what color would best suit your fair/pale skin tone? Or wondering if there are colors to avoid? We've pulled together which colors pair best with fair/pale skin tones and have informative research results to share with you.

The colors that go best with pale/light skin tones are vibrant colors and pastels that contrast the paleness of the skin. These include:

  • Deep purples
  • Deep reds
  • Intense blues
  • Daring pinks
  • Beachy oranges 
  • Pink pastels

Brilliantly bright colors will improve the appearance of the skin by off-setting any bluish and reddish undertones the skin may have. Also, pastels are excellent for adding a healthy glow to fingertips that exude a healthy yet professional look. 

Are you interested in learning more about which colors pair best with different skin tones? Or how to help your hands appear more youthful? We've researched these questions and have ample color scheme advice to share with you! Please continue reading to learn more about these topics.

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A woman showing her pale hand with red colored finger nails, What Nail Color For Pale Skin?

What nail color looks best on pale skin?

According to the internationally known Nail Design Journal, the most flattering colors for fair/pale skin tones are rich vibrant colors like deep red, deep purple, bright strawberry pink, or a beachy orange. Light pastels such as pale pink or irradiant pearl add a warm glow to the fingertips as well.

A woman showing her pale finger and gorgeous light tints of pink

The blue undertones reflect natural light and give the skin a healthy glow. It is suggested to avoid black nail polish; the dark color will cause your pale skin to look dry and unhealthy. To minimize the appearance of nail beds, try medium to dark blues. Periwinkle blue is another favorite for fair skin because the brightness contrasts well with the lightness of the skin's tone. Those shades improve the appearance of nail beds and are great for short nails.

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What nail color makes pale skin look tan?

Having a freshly tanned appearance is a great way to sport a healthy glow. Don't leave your hands out by choosing the wrong nail polish color. Consider painting your nails with summery colors like greens, opaque pinks, oranges, and sunset yellows to accentuate your tan. These colors will contrast your tan and add a beachy flair to your overall summer look. Check Out by Essie is a favorite to contrast a tan for those with fair/pale skin tones.

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What nail color makes hands look younger?

The best colors to exude a youthful appearance are burgundy, grey, light beige, pink, brown, bright orange, and red. The neutral shades don't draw much attention to hands and give a professional, polished look that can easily transform from a busy day at the office to a night at the opera. A brighter shades like orange and red should be reddish-based undertones instead of blue undertones, which could accentuate any veins on your hands.

Burgundy and browns are great for fall, and those colors go well from day to night outfits and occasions. The best nail color staple for everyday wear is a beige nude polish. This color will elongate the look of your fingers and have a calm yet professional look that doesn't draw much attention to your hands.

Also, consider filing nails to an oval or squared shape with a short-to-medium length trimmed nail. This helps create a mature look with an edge for style. Click here to read our article about fingernail lengths.

Here's a note to nail polish wearers who are concerned with aging and want to avoid choosing a color that will make their hands appear older. If over 40, avoid shimmery glitters and neons. Those will reflect too much light which can cause the skin to look older. Also, consider avoiding very dark colors like black, dark raspberry, or navy blues; these colors accentuate any wrinkles and veins present in your hands.

Suggestions for maintaining youthful hands

Wear gloves while performing household chores like cleaning the bathroom or washing dishes. Avoiding contact with harsh detergents will protect your skin from chemical-induced dryness that could contribute to aging. Also, wear sunscreen when outdoors. Hands need protection from the sun too. Moisturize your hands throughout the day and apply hand lotion before bed. Also, exfoliating your hands once every ten days to two weeks helps maintain a youthful glow.

What color should I paint my nails based on skin tone?

A woman showing her stylish nail art design on a pink background

According to well-known and respected Essie celebrity nail tech Rita Remark, several colors work well for each skin tone. Determining the correct color, one should factor in what type of event the polish is needed for. An interview, a day at the beach, or your holiday event will require a different stylistic approach—word of advice. Suppose you are stumped about which polish color to use. Remember that choosing a nude polish is always a safe choice. Nudes work well for nearly any occasion or outfit and all four seasons.

Colors for lighter skin tones

Nail colors for lighter skin tones are opaque pale pink or pearl will help elongate the appearance of the fingernails. Any nude that has a tint of pink is great with light skin tones. The hint of pink will give the nails a warm hue that gives the nail bed a healthier appearance.

Grey polish melds beautifully with nearly all skin tones but does pair best with lighter tones. Grey and deep blues are a go-to when a professional look is needed, especially during the winter months. Red will always be a classic nail color to keep handy. Use a red with a bluish undertone that will balance and reflect light.

Colors for medium skin tones

Medium skin tones look absolutely stunning when paired with vibrant reds painted on medium to long nails. The key is to choose a red polish with an orange undertone it contrasts the red with the skin's natural glow. White nail polish is great for an elegantly polished look that can easily transform from a day at work to a night out on the town. For a nude polish, the go-to is beige. The neutral color elongates the appearance of fingers, and nude polish works well during any season of the year.

Colors for darker skin tones

Dark skin tones pair fantastically with bright pinks that accentuate the nail shape and add a youthful presence to the manicure. Grey looks fabulous with darker tones, and it is best to use a grey that has a hint of purple or mauve undertones to ensure that the color pops. One of the best nude colors for darker skin tones is burnt sienna or cinnamon-hinted browns.

Red is another color that pairs well with darker tones. Use a wine red to accentuate the natural glow of the skin. Click here to read our article about different types of finishes and polishes. 

Additional beauty suggestions

Taking excellent care of your nails is more than choosing the perfect nail polish. It is a personal commitment to beauty and wellness for your hands and nails.

Taking time to file nails as needed and push cuticles back is essential for maintaining a manicure. Use cuticle oil to hydrate your cuticles regularly; this will greatly improve the appearance of your fingertips, and applying nail polish is much easier.

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Exfoliating your hands once per week improves the appearance and overall health of your hands. Consider adding this vital step to your handcare regimen.

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In closing

Choosing the nail color that will accomplish your fashion goals with keeping your skin tone in mind is essential for finding a nail color that is uniquely you. We hope you have found this post helpful for choosing the best color for your next manicure or pedicure appointment. Please visit stylecheer.com soon for more fashion and style advice!

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