12 Nail Shapes You Should Know

Knowing the different nail shape types allows you to communicate precisely with your nail technician to achieve the desired look. It's also helpful for finding design inspiration that suits your preferences.

This guide covers 12 interesting nail shapes to help you identify and choose your ideal style. They're not the only one out there, but we think we covered some of the basics.

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1. Square

The square shape is ideal for short nails and is classic and strong with straight edges that make for a bold statement.

square nails

2. Squoval

A soft blend of square and oval, the squoval is universally flattering and provides a modern look for any nail length.

Squoval nails

3. Almond

Characterized by its slender sides and rounded tip, the almond shape adds a touch of elegance and elongates the fingers.

almond nails

4. Rounded

The rounded shape is the go-to for low-maintenance style seekers, offering a natural and clean look with timeless appeal.

round nails

5. Edge

This angular and edgy shape is an avant-garde choice that stands out for its distinctive ridge-like point.

6. Lipstick

Inspired by the slanted cut of a new lipstick, this shape is unconventional and chic, perfect for making a fashion statement.

7. Ballerina (aka Coffin)

Mimicking a ballerina's slipper, this shape is tapered with a squared-off tip, offering a graceful yet structured style.

ballerina nails

8. Wide (Duck Nails)

The wide nail shape is less common, providing a broad canvas for nail art and suits those with naturally wide nail beds.

wide duck nails

9. Stiletto

Daring and dramatic, the stiletto boasts a sharp, pointed tip, ideal for those looking to add a touch of boldness to their look.

10. Mountain Peak

Much like a mountain's pinnacle, this shape is defined by its pointed tip, but it's shorter and subtler than the stiletto.

mountain peak nails

11. Natural

Embracing the nail's intrinsic shape, the natural look is all about minimalism and ease, perfect for everyday wear.

natural nails

12. Oval

The oval is a classic shape that offers both sophistication and simplicity, complementing all nail lengths and types.

oval nails

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