Do Pandora Rings Rust or Tarnish?

Do pandora rings rust or tarnish?

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Your Pandora ring might be your signature bling. The designer style of ring includes an array of precious metals. Pandora rings are created with 14k yellow gold, sterling silver and a metal blend called Pandora Rose. No matter which metal you choose, you will want to care for your trinket. This begs the question: Do Pandora rings rust or tarnish? A good question that we spent some time to research for this post.

Pandora rings are crafted from high-quality finishes to limit tarnishing. They will eventually tarnish, especially silver rings, but this can be limited with regular maintenance. They are not made from iron or steel and so are not expected to rust.

Keep reading to find out more about how Pandora creates beautiful rings that are not likely to tarnish for years to come.

Do Pandora Rings Rust or Tarnish?

Pandora uses high quality materials to craft their jewelry. Finishes such as oxidation and plating are used in their creations to prevent or limit tarnishing.

According to Pandora, not only does oxidation limit tarnish, it replicates this natural process that will occur in silver over time.

Plating is another technique that Pandora uses to prevent tarnishing. Silver rings are plated with black rhodium. Pandora Rose rings are composed of copper and silver, coated in rose gold. Simply put, plating is a protective coating.

While these techniques will keep your treasures looking smart for years, anything plated will tarnish in time, especially silver.

Metals Used in Pandora Rings

To help us understand the tarnish process and what to do about it, let’s take a quick look at the metal colors Pandora uses in their rings: Gold (14k), Sterling Silver, Two Tone and Pandora Rose.


Rings made of gold in the Pandora collection are 14k. Keep in mind that pure gold is soft, so alloying it with other metals increases its durability. Gold is a popular choice. Many people choose gold for their rings as the metal is hardy and resistant to corrosion.


Pandora uses 92.5% pure silver in their rings. This is known as sterling silver and is popular for fashion style rings as the price point is a lot less than gold. Like gold, silver is a soft metal that needs to be alloyed with other metals when creating jewelry. Silver is prone to oxidation over time and is less hardy than gold.

Two Tone

Rings from Pandora’s Two Tone series are made with a combination of 14k yellow gold and sterling silver.

Pandora Rose

A blend of mostly copper and silver make up the metals in Pandora Rose. The finished rings are coated with a rose gold plating that limits tarnishing.

Now that we understand more about the metals used, we can determine how best to care for our rings. Here are a few common questions:

Can I Wear my Pandora Ring in the Shower?

You can wear your ring in the shower, but it is not recommended. Daily exposure to water, soaps and lotions will speed up the tarnishing process especially if your rings are silver or Pandora Rose.

Abstain from swimming with your ring on. Chemicals from pools or hot tubs and saltwater will not be kind to your ring. Sure, your ring is going to tarnish naturally, but pool and saltwater will hasten the process.

Do Pandora Rose Gold Rings Tarnish?

 Pandora Rose rings are plated and coated, which does help ward off tarnish. Rings will start to show wear and tear even with normal use. Minor scratches can increase the likely hood of a chipped coating. As the coating wears off, the rings’ metals—copper and silver—will be exposed and will eventually tarnish.

Tarnishing might also darken the pink color in time. It’s an expected process and could be viewed as adding character to your bauble.

Proper care of your ring will extend its beauty infinitely.

Why is my Pandora Ring Turning Black?


Your Pandora ring is tarnished. The black on your jewelry is a sign of oxidation. Silver is the most likely metal to turn black quickly. Eventually coatings wear off Pandora Rose and sterling silver rings. At this point they will naturally start to turn.

Tarnishing of your rings is accelerated with exposure to air and water, as well as, with contact to soaps, lotions, perfumes and just about any product you can think of. Your natural skin oils and perspiration are also culprits.

Gold rings are less likely to tarnish as Pandora uses 14k gold. Keep in mind though, there are other metals in the jewelry that are subject to oxidation.

Your rings are not ruined though. Cleaning and ongoing maintenance is key to preserving the beauty of your trinkets for years.

How to Clean a Pandora Ring?

Pandora rings are considered fashion jewelry or costume jewelry. Though they are made from quality metals, your bling will need some special care.

For all rings, polishing with a soft cloth is the best want to keep your ring clean and let it shine. Rings should be polished after each time they are worn. If your ring is particularly dirty, perhaps from an activity or skipped polishing, you can use warm water, a mild soap and a soft brush or soft cloth. Avoid submerging your jewels in water of any kind.

Rings made from sterling silver can be polished with a silver cleaning product. Clean with mild soap and water first, then polish with a cloth. If needed, add a dab of a silver cleaning liquid to the cloth. Cleaning cloths with a polish compound built into the cloth are available as well.

Pandora Rose rings can be ruined with the use of polishing liquids and silver dips. Cleaning cloths should be free of any type of cleaning agent. Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended either.

Amazon carries cleaning cloth options that are free of cleaning agents, ideal for all your Pandora rings.

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Pandora also has created a cleaning kit that includes a cloth for Pandora Rose and silver rings. Click here to see the Pandora Care Kit Gift Set on Amazon.

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Your Pandora rings are crafted to last a lifetime, but–like any jewelry–it will tarnish over time. Take care of your treasures!

How to Store Your Pandora Ring

As beautiful as it is, at some point you need to take your ring off.  It’s recommended that you don’t wear your ring all the time. After all, it is about making a special statement.

The best tip for storing your ring is to keep it in a tarnish-resistant jewelry bag or box.

You can do this daily as part of your routine. For longer term storage if you aren’t wearing you ring for a few days or more, place in a tarnish-resistant box or bag.

Storing your ring away from moisture and heat will also slow down oxidation, keeping your ring sparkly for a longer time.

Take Care of Your Ring 

Rings express your unique style. Whether your Pandora ring is from the Stackable collection or the Statement collection, rest assured that it will not rust. But, tarnishing over time is unavoidable without ongoing care.

Follow the tips in this post and keep your ring shining for a lifetime.

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