17 Awesome Pedicure Ideas For Summer

Summer is upon us, which means it's the perfect weather to wear your open-toed shoes. But if you are going to be exposing your feet to the entire world, a pedicure is probably in order. Besides removing all that dry, cracked skin from the winter months, a pedicure also results in beautifully painted toes that help you stand out.

Whether you go to the salon or perform the pedicure yourself, you are probably looking for some summery inspiration for your toes. Fortunately for you, we have combed through hundreds of pedicure ideas and come up with 17 awesome pedicure ideas you are sure to love this summer. Without further ado, let's get into the list!

Beautiful well-groomed female legs . Foot care. 17 Awesome Pedicure Ideas For Summer

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1. Green Geometry

Mint green nail polish is a trendy color this summer. We like the visual interest created by the triangle of nude polish on the large toe. A small grouping of crystals adds a nice bit of sparkle to this pedicure.

Female feet with green nail design. Green nail polish pedicure on yellow background

2. Floral Design

White polish offers a nice contrast for the colorful floral design used in this pedicure. If you have an extremely talented nail technician that can hand-paint flowers on your toes, count yourself fortunate. However, we have found a simple alternative that would allow you to copy this look all by yourself right in the comfort of your home.

Pedicure with yellow orchids.

This solution is called nail foil transfer. These transfers are essentially patterned foil that you adhere to your nails either with a special glue or with the use of gel fingernail polish. This process has a few simple steps and can give you a professional-looking pedicure in mere minutes.

We like these foil transfers as they come with 300 sheets of mixed designs. Whether you want floral, stripes, or butterfly nails, this set has you covered. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

3. Classy Coral

Female legs with a beautiful orange pedicure with a flower on a blue and orange background

Coral is the perfect color for a summer pedicure. This dynamic color blends the feminity of pink with the positive energy of orange. We found there is a range of shades when it comes to this color, corals with more red tones are particularly vibrant and fierce.

4. Candy Coated

Colorful stylish summer pedicure and sugar hard candy on a pink background.

This pedicure makes us want to visit a candy shop so we can get a lollipop to match our toes. Each toe is painted a different color; candy apple red, bubblegum pink, lemon-drop yellow, and cotton candy blue. The big toe has a base coat of white and is then decorated in stripes of these same colors as well as a sparkly silver polish.

5. Classic Red

Female legs fresh summer berries

There is something so timeless about a red polish. Whether you follow this example of a glossy strawberry red or choose a polish with some added shimmer, this pedicure is sure to leave your feet looking flawless.

If you really want to put a twist on this classic look, try the new trend of matte polish. Instead of getting the typical high gloss pedicure you are used to, employ a velvety matte topcoat to nix the shine.

No matter what kind of polish you have in your bathroom cupboard, this topcoat will ensure that you get the perfect matte finish every time. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

6. Pale Pink & Gold

Female pedicure in pink with gold on a white towel. Toes close-up.

Simple yet elegant, we love the combination of an extremely pale pink polish with the accent of sparkly gold polish. This look gives us romantic vibes which makes it the ideal pedicure for a sunset stroll on the beach with your special someone.

Essie has been America's salon expert since 1981, which means this polish can help you achieve a professional-looking pedicure right at home. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

7. Sunshine Yellow

Womans feet with spring summer nail design on pink background

Yellow is a color that evokes happiness, hope, spontaneity, and warmth. All of which are feelings you want to experience during the summer months. Therefore, this cheerful yellow is a great color choice for a summertime pedicure.

8. Chic French Tips

Skincare of a beauty female feet with pink roses and chic french tips

When it comes to matching mani-pedis, nothing makes a beautiful statement like french tips. This stylish combination of pink and white looks lovely all year round, but especially in the summer when everyone can peep those pretty toes.

If you love this type of pedicure, then you should read this article which answers the question: How Long Does A French Pedicure Last?

9. Nautical Theme

Female sea style pedicured feet on summer shore sand

We haven't seen another pedicure that is more beach-worthy than this nautical-themed one. Utilizing patriotic colors of red, white, and blue, this look could do double-time if you plan on celebrating the 4th of July anywhere near water.

The small details are what really make this pedicure stand out. We like the combination of polka dots and stripes, as well as the anchor & helm images on the two large toes. You could have these designs intricately hand-painted or invest in some decals that can be easily applied to your toenails.

10. Shades of Pink

shades of pink color pedicure on the toenails

Painting your toes a different shade within the same color family is a marvelous method to achieve the perfect summer pedicure. For this example, polish colors include a deep red wine, a stunning magenta, a pretty purple, and finishes with a Fuschia pink. You could achieve this same look with shades of green, blue, and yellow!

If you're not sure if you want to visit a salon or DIY your pedicure, we encourage you to check out this article that discusses how much a pedicure costs. However, if you are wanting to cut costs and perform your own pedicures, it is easy to do so with the proper tools.

This pedicure kit has everything you need to produce a pedicure at home. At less than the cost of most salon pedicures and with 24 tools that come packaged in their own storage box, this set is a great deal. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

11. Butterfly Nail Art

Photo of pedicure like butterfly design on gold background

Even though most butterflies emerge from their cocoons during the spring, your feet usually don't emerge from their closed-toe shoes until summertime. This makes this butterfly pedicure a fantastic metaphor and style choice for those warmer months.

We like the use of black polish on a few of the toes and then accenting it with nail foil transfers on either one or two toes. You could also use white polish, or depending on the design you use, pull colors from the butterfly wings such as orange, turquoise, or purple.

12. Blinged Out

blinged out pedicure on toenails against pink background

Using a few well-placed crystals changes a plain Jane pedicure into a fabulous fashion statement. In this example, a white base is used on the large toes and is then bedazzled with several gems of various shapes, sizes, and shades. The rest of the toes are painted pretty petal pink, but you could also match your polish to the color of your bling.

13. Purple Shimmer

Woman feet with dark purple pedicure

Purple has made a major comeback in recent years. While we love lavender, deeper jewel-toned purples have stolen the spotlight. Pair that with flecks of glitter in your pedicure polish and you're sure to be a fashion icon this summer.

This dark purple nail polish will give your pedicure a galaxy-like vibe with beautiful copper micro-flakes. Reviews say you need at least three coats to get good coverage, but if you use this on top of another polish the results are stunning. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

14. Silver Accents

Beautiful female feet with fashion manicure nails, white an silver gel polish

If your favorite color is sparkles, this pedicure is for you. We like the understated elegance of the sparkly silver accents on a basic white polish. Silver can also be paired beautifully with blue, purple, or pink. Gold would be a better choice for warmer colors like red, orange, or even green.

15. Blue Skies

Manicure, pedicure beauty salon concept. Womans feet. Beautiful summer nail design.

When we think of summer, we think of relaxing under a cloudless blue sky next to a pool of blue water. So why not emulate that same tranquil vibe in the polish color of your pedicure? We definitely recommend brighter blue hues, although a navy blue could look nice as an accent.

16. Animal Print

Legs with beautiful french manicure and animal print in the mix

This pedicure mixes the clean look of a french tip with a fun animal print. We especially like the use of pastel colors such as yellow, pink, and blue within the animal print design. Once again, this is a look that can be easily accomplished with the help of foil transfers.

17. Go Nude

Tanned well-groomed feet with nude nail polish

While you could go completely bare on your toes, a nude polish creates a well-groomed appearance. If you like this natural look, go for a hue that is slightly lighter than your skin tone to help it stand out a bit more.

This is probably one of the easiest pedicures to recreate on our list, and it can be made even easier with this tan polish by Essie. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

While you can't go wrong with whatever summer pedicure you decide on, we hope that you found plenty of inspiration here. Now all you need to show off those toes is a nice pair of sandals!

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