11 Prom Nail Inspo Ideas with Hearts

Getting your nails done for prom is the perfect way to add glamour to your night.

Whether you're looking to coordinate with your dress or want something uniquely you, heart-themed nails are a charming and playful choice that never goes out of style.

In this guide, we'll explore a variety of heart-inspired nail designs that are sure to dazzle and delight!

1. Delicate Pink Hearts on a Pale Base

Soft and subtle, these pale-based nails feature delicate pink hearts, perfect for a romantic prom look.

Pale base with pink hearts

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2. Vibrant Red Hearts with Glitter Highlights

Make a bold statement with vibrant red hearts and sparkling glitter highlights for a glamorous and fun look.

Red hearts with glitter highlights

3. Pastel Rainbow Hearts on White

Celebrate prom night with a splash of color—pastel rainbow hearts over a crisp white base offer a playful and vibrant vibe.

White nails with pastel rainbow hearts

4. Golden Hearts on Deep Burgundy

Elegant and rich, deep burgundy nails adorned with golden hearts create a luxurious and sophisticated prom night aesthetic.

Burgundy nails with golden hearts

5. Holographic Hearts on Silver Glitter

Holographic hearts atop a silver glitter background ensure your nails sparkle under the prom night lights.

Silver glitter nails with holographic hearts

6. Tiny Red Hearts on Pink Ombre

A sweet gradient of pink, accented with tiny red hearts, gives a soft and romantic touch to your prom nails.

Pink ombre nails with tiny red hearts

7. Bold Black Hearts on Almond Milk Background

For a stark, eye-catching contrast, try bold black hearts on a soft almond milk-colored base.

Almond milk nails with bold black hearts

8. Soft Lavender Hearts on a Glittery Base

Try the soothing shade of lavender hearts on a glittery base for a gentle and enchanting look.

Glitter base with soft lavender hearts

9. Fiery Orange Hearts on Cream Nails

Ignite the night with fiery orange hearts on cream nails, a warm and inviting color scheme that’s perfect for prom.

Cream nails with fiery orange hearts

10. Crystal Blue Hearts on Glossy Black

Crystal blue hearts pop against a glossy black background, creating a dramatic and mesmerizing effect.

Glossy black nails with crystal blue hearts

11. Emerald Green Hearts on Glossy White

Chic and minimal, glossy white nails adorned with emerald green hearts bring a touch of sophistication.

Glossy white nails with emerald green hearts

Each design features hearts in unique and creative ways, ensuring that your prom nails are as special and unforgettable as the night itself.

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Choose your favorite, and let your nails be a heartfelt part of your prom celebration!

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