From Uniforms to Antics: How The Savannah Bananas are Changing the Face of Baseball

NEWS - Get ready to go bananas for The Savannah Bananas! This baseball team from Savannah, Georgia has redefined the style and fashion of traditional baseball in a way that most have never seen. Their eccentric videos and bright yellow uniforms make them look like a bunch of bananas!

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With a huge following on TikTok, these guys are known for their crazy antics on and off the field, all while taking the game seriously and winning championships. And now, they're switching to Banana Ball, a faster-paced, more exciting version of the game that's all about making it entertaining for everyone involved. If you haven't heard of The Savannah Bananas yet, let us fill you in!

The Fashion and Style of the Savannah Bananas

The Savannah Bananas' latest TikTok video has gone viral with the caption "this song is on repeat," showing them breaking out into a catchy song and dance routine. These guys sure know how to bring some fun to the ballpark!

@thesavbananas this song is on repeat 24/7 in the locker room so y’all already know what we had to do 🌻💐🌼 #savannahbananas #baseballboys #flowers #mileycyrusflowers #mileycyrus #musicvideo #fy #trending ♬ Flowers - Miley Cyrus

The Savannah Bananas are not your average baseball team. They have taken the game to a whole new level with their unique style and fashion. Let's dive into what makes their look so special.

The Savannah Bananas are known for their bright yellow uniforms that make them look like a bunch of bananas. These eye-catching uniforms are hard to miss and have become the signature look of the team. They stand out from the traditional white and grey uniforms commonly seen in baseball.

The Savannah Bananas have embraced non-traditional attire and added kilts to their wardrobe. They are the only baseball team that plays in kilts, which makes for an interesting sight on the field. The team has also introduced a World's Only Dancing Umpire, Vincent Chapman, who adds to the team's overall entertainment value.

The team's coach, Maceo Harrison, is not only there to call plays but is also a breakdancer. He often breaks out moves like the moonwalk and Single Ladies' dance before giving a sign to the hitter. The Bananas also have their own senior citizen dance team, the Banana Nanas, who add to the fun on the field.

When the Bananas score, they celebrate in style. They run through the crowd, perform fully choreographed country line dances, and even pay homage to The Lion King by honoring the Banana Baby. The team's epic scoring celebrations are always a hit with fans and keep them engaged throughout the game.

The team's owner, Jesse Cole, is always seen wearing a yellow tuxedo, which adds to the team's overall eccentric style. He has even been known to wear a banana costume and dance on the field during games.

The Bananas: More Than Just Baseball

What is Banana Ball, you ask? Well, it's a new form of baseball that's faster-paced, more exciting, and just plain fun.

The Bananas now field two independent professional teams – The Savannah Bananas and The Party Animals. Both teams play Banana Ball, which features a few rule changes to make the game more fast-paced and exciting.

Baseball on the Infield Chalk Line with the Base in the distance

Don't let their wild side fool you; The Savannah Bananas are serious about their baseball too. They've won three Petitt Cup championships while playing in the Coastal Plain League's West division, proving that their unconventional approach works.

And in 2022, they took things to the next level by announcing their departure from the Coastal Plain League to focus on Banana Ball year-round. This new form of baseball is faster-paced, more exciting, and aimed at making the game enjoyable for everyone involved.

Join the Fun: Experience Baseball Like Never Before with the Savannah Bananas!

The Bananas' hilarious videos and antics have catapulted them to social media stardom, garnering over 4 million followers on TikTok alone. Fans around the world can't get enough of their contagious energy and wacky stunts that keep them engaged and entertained on and off the field.

Whether they're playing catch with a fan in the stands or performing the YMCA during a rain delay, the Bananas never fail to bring fun to every game. They've even pioneered some innovative rules, like letting fans keep foul balls and having players deliver roses to the opposing team's dugout before each game.

So, if you're looking for a way to experience baseball like never before, come join the party with the Savannah Bananas. These guys are changing the game in more ways than one and doing it all with a smile. Get your tickets now and be part of the action!

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