11 Shattered Glass Nail Designs That Are Pure Artistry

Shattered glass nail designs transform your nails into mesmerizing, reflective art pieces, combining unusual textures and shimmering effects that catch the light with every move.

Our curated list features designs perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of drama and sophistication to their look. From subtle iridescence to bold, colorful statements, these designs will captivate and inspire.

1. Clear Base with Silver Shattered Glass Effect

Experiment with a clear nail base topped with intricately placed silver shattered glass pieces for a clean, modern look with a dazzling finish.

Shattered glass nail design with clear base and silver glass pieces

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2. Deep Blue with Gold Shattered Glass Highlights

Enhance deep blue nails with gold shattered glass highlights to create a luxurious, ocean-inspired aesthetic.

Shattered deep blue glass nail design with gold glass highlights

3. Black Matte Nails with Multicolored Shattered Glass

Opt for an edgy yet vibrant look with black matte nails serving as a bold backdrop for multicolored shattered glass pieces.

Shattered glass nail design with black matte and multicolored glass pieces

4. Pink Jelly Nails with Rose Gold Shattered Glass

Channel femininity with soft pink jelly nails embellished with rose gold shattered glass pieces.

Shattered glass nail design with pink jelly and rose gold glass pieces

5. Soft Beige with Shiny and Gold Shattered Glass

Go for a subtle yet glamorous look with soft beige nails, complemented by shiny clear and sparkling gold shattered glass pieces that catch the light beautifully.

Shattered glass nail design with soft beige, shiny clear, and gold shattered glass pieces

6. Electric Green with Cobalt Blue and Transparent Shattered Glass Accents

Energize your look with electric green nails, artfully accented with cobalt blue and transparent shattered glass for a dynamic and eye-catching effect.

Shattered glass nail design with electric green, cobalt blue, and transparent shattered glass accents

7. Purple Gradient with Sparkling Shattered Glass

Add some sparkle to your day with a purple gradient nail design, topped with shiny, clear, shattered glass pieces that make your nails stand out.

Shattered glass nail design with purple gradient and shiny clear shattered glass pieces

8. Radiant Red with Black Shattered Glass

Unleash a bold statement with radiant red nails, dramatically enhanced by stunning shattered glass illusion in black for a captivating and alluring display.

Shattered glass nail design with vibrant red and black shattered glass illusion

9. Full Spectrum Neon Glow Shattered Glass on Black

Brighten up your nail game with a vibrant mix of neon-colored shattered glass set against a sleek black background for a bold, party-ready look.

Shattered glass nail design with black base and neon-colored shattered glass pieces

10. Turquoise Nails with Gold and Black Accents

Show off your style with cool turquoise nails, sparkled up with gold flecks and bold black touches for a trendy and eye-catching look.

Shattered glass nail design with turquoise, gold flecks, and black accents

11. Soft Pink Glitter with Silver Shattered Glass Highlights

Get ready to dazzle with soft pink glitter nails sprinkled with shiny silver pieces that give the cool look of shattered glass for a playful yet elegant touch.

Shattered glass nail design with soft pink glitter base and silver shattered glass highlights

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