Should Lipstick Match Nail Polish?

Have you always wondered if you should match your lipstick to your nail polish? Beauty experts have been asking the same question for years. We have done all the research necessary to provide you with the knowledge to decide whether to coordinate the color of your lipstick and nail polish.

Matching the color of lipstick and nail polish is a personal preference and depends on how polished you want your look to be. If you are aiming for a sophisticated look, then you should match your lipstick to your nail polish. If you prefer to coordinate multiple colors into your style, you do not necessarily have to match your lipstick to your nail polish.

If you are still unsure, stay tuned because we are going to break down this quandary so that you know precisely when (and when not) to match your lipstick and you nail polish colors to one other. We will also provide you with the answers to all of your other nail polish questions. Pretty soon, you will be an expert in the fashion of nail polish and lipstick!

A woman showing her shinny newly polished nails and matching it with her lips, Should Lipstick Match Nail Polish?

Coordinating Lipstick And Nail Polish - When To Mix And When To Match?

If you have a professional business meeting, a fancy dinner event, or are seeking a refined look, we suggest matching your lipstick and nail polish for an extra polished finish. Wearing a light pink lipstick and matching light pink nail polish shade will create a prime look while still maintaining a young, fun vibe. Soft pink hues are perfect for spring and summer events.

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If you are looking for a more mature look, consider wearing a dark, deep red lipstick and matching nail color. A maroon shade naturally looks good on the lips and nails. This matching look would be perfect for any fall and winter events, especially during the holidays. A holiday party is an ideal time to showcase a matching dark red look on your lips and nails. You will probably be able to match this color to a maroon holiday dress for the event too.

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A lipstick with a lavender tone would also be an excellent shade to match your nail polish. A purple hue is flattering on both the lips and the nails. If you already have your outfit, now is the perfect opportunity to match your lip color and nail color; make sure that you choose a shade that will flatter both your lips and your nails.

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If you are looking for a more colorful look, you should choose not to match your lipstick and nail polish colors. There are only so many lipstick colors acceptable for an everyday look, but there are tons of nail polish colors from which to choose.

Add a pop of color into your look by choosing to wear blue nail polish. You probably would not want to wear a shade of blue lipstick for a more casual everyday look, but that does not mean that you necessarily have to stay far away from blue nail polish. Make your outfit much more colorful and fun with a nail polish shade that contrasts with your lipstick shade.

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Should You Match Your Lipstick to Clothes?

You do not necessarily have to match your lipstick to the clothes that you wear. Even if you will be in a professional setting, it is not necessary to match your lipstick to your outfit. You can still look polished and put together if your lipstick color contrasts with your outfit. The lipstick will provide a mature pop of color.

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It would also be rather difficult to match your lipstick to your clothing unless you plan to wear pink and red shades of clothing for the rest of your life. But if you decide you want your lipstick to match your outfit, there is a good way to do it. Wearing a nude lipstick and nude top will create a simple look. Nude shades of lipstick and nude shades of clothing will not make it obvious that you are trying too hard to match.

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Another way to match your lipstick color to your clothes is by wearing bright red lipstick and a bright red top.

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And if you are looking for more information, and have even more questions about what shades of lipstick and clothing go together, check out "What Color Lipstick To Wear With Red Dress?".

What Is The Most Popular Nail Color?

When you think of nail polish colors, what comes to mind? For a lot of people, the answer to this question is red or pink. lists OPI Classic Nail Lacquer in Big Apple Red first on their list of the most popular nail colors. And as a matter of fact, the first eleven colors on their list of the most popular nail polish colors are either a shade of red or pink.

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Pink and red shades look flattering on almost everyone, making them the most popular nail polish colors. These hues also work well on both fingernails and toenails. Red shades of nail polish are great for the holiday season, and light pink nail polish shades are popular because they go with almost any outfit you decide to wear. If you have not decided what to wear by the time you paint your nails for an event, consider painting them a nice and dainty light pink color so that your nails do not clash with any color dress or outfit you end up wearing.

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Should you wear toenail polish to match fingernail polish?

When it comes to manicures and pedicures, the question remains whether or not you should match your fingernail polish color to your toenail polish color. Matching really does come down to personal preference and opinion. talks about both options and makes it clear that neither choice is inherently wrong.

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If you wish to create a more cohesive look, you should choose to match your fingernail polish color to your toenail polish color. Having the same color on your toenails and fingernails will make you look more put together. It will also make you appear as if you put more thought into your manicure-pedicure combination.

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On a completely different note, some consider it tacky to wear the same shade of nail polish on your toenails and fingernails. If you want a more contrasting look that includes more colors, you should wear different shades of nail polish on your fingernails and your toenails. Wearing different colors on your fingernails and toenails will also allow you more options when it comes to picking out an outfit to wear.

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If you wear different colors of polish on your fingernails and your toenails, you can match your clothing to either of these colors. And if you wear different nail polish colors on your toenails and fingernails, but keep both of them pretty neutral, you will still look polished and put together. Wearing neutral nail polish colors is also a good idea because this will make it easy to match clothing. Even very bright colored shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, and shoes will go with natural nail colors.

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How do I know which lipstick color is right for me?

When it comes to makeup, especially lipstick, there are no rules! Let your personality shine through by wearing whatever lipstick shades you like. Wearing what makes you happy will shine through in your confidence level. If you like bright pops of color, then wear them! You might even inspire others to break out of their comfort zone and wear new and fun lipstick colors too.

NYX Macaron Pastel Lippies in Blue Velvet "Electric Blue" will add a bright pop of color to any outfit. This is a good choice because NYX products are both affordable and good quality makeup products. Click here to see this bright blue lipstick on Amazon

If you want more guidance, Byrdie suggests corresponding your skin tone and lipstick shades. When you go shopping for lipstick, pick a shade that is somewhat similar to your the color of your skin; for pale skin, go for a paler nude, and if your skin is darker, go for a richer nude.

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If your skin has warm undertones, try wearing a bright red or orange lipstick color. These shades will pop for you and flatter you more than light pink and nude colors. If you're feeling bold, coppers and golds are your best bet. Click here to see L'Paige's Designer Copper on Amazon.

Maybelline New York's Color Sensational Made for All lipstick color "Red For Me" with a matte finish is a fiery, bright red option. This satin lipstick is smooth and comfortable to wear. You might not want to invest a ton of money in a lipstick this bright since you most likely will probably not be wearing it every single day. But this product is a nice choice because it is affordable. Click here to see this product on Amazon.

If your skin tone has cool undertones, pick out lipsticks with a blue or a purple undertone. You don't have to wear blue or purple lipstick; instead, just choose any color of a lipstick with undertones of blue or purple. Even some red lipsticks have blue and purple undertones that will flatter your skin color and tone.

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If you want to rock a natural, nude look, we recommend choosing a light rosy pinky nude lipstick color. If you have cool undertones in your skin, we recommend staying away from orange lipsticks, as these might not flatter you. But again, it is important to wear what you like, so these are just some tips and general rules to keep in mind.

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Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Pink Frost is the perfect pink shade to flatter your face. This nourishing lip product is in a vibrant hue to make you stand out. This lipstick is infused with nourishing vitamin A and vitamin C and was never tested on animals. This lipstick is a good option for running late, but still wanting to make your makeup pop because it goes on quickly, easily, and flawlessly. Click here to see this pink lipstick on Amazon.

A good rule of thumb is that lighter lipstick colors will make you look younger than deep and dark shades. If you do not want a completely nude look, consider a light, rosy pink shade of lipstick that will still accentuate your lips. If you do not wish to appear older than you are, we recommend staying away from dark reds and browns.

The reason for lighter shades is that lips tend to shrink and appear smaller as you age. These deep and dark red and brown colors will attract too much attention to your lips and not flatter you as much as a light and more natural color that enhances the actual shade of your lips.

Who makes matching lip and nail color?

If you choose to match your lipstick color and your nail color, try Dior products. Pair Dior Addict Lip Tattoo in "Cranberry" with Dior Vernis nail polish in "Massai."

Click here for Dior lipstick on Amazon.

Click here for Dior nail polish on Amazon.

And if you want a brighter look, wear Surratt Beauty Automatique Lip Crayon in "Clementine" and NARS Nail Polish in "Blow-Up." This matchup will create a fun and polished, matching look that will show you put the effort in to look your very best.

Click here for Surratt lipstick on Amazon.

Click here for NARS nail polish on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

So to summarize, when it comes to matching your lipstick color and your nail color, think about the look that you want to create. Wearing a nail polish shade that matches your lipstick shade will create a polished and put-together look that will have you turning heads. Choosing to wear different shades of lipstick and nail polish is also definitely acceptable. This option will allow you to incorporate more colors into your look.

For even more great lipstick tips, check out our post "Does Lipstick Expire If Unopened? Here's What You Need To Know."

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