Should You Shower After A Bath Bomb?

Problems that weigh on the mind, body, and soul come in a wide variety. Washing those problems away proves to be an effective solution metaphorically and literally with soak and scrub methods. However, do you have to clean up after relaxing in a bathtub with a bath bomb? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

Depending on sensitivity to the oils and ingredients of the bath bomb, you may want to shower afterward. There could also be glitter remnants or color residue that need to be washed away. However, showering after using a bath bomb is not necessary. If you do take a quick rinse in the shower, you don't need to use more soap.

Have a bath bomb that was saved for a rainy day? An essential element of today's world includes self-care. Whether it be a bath, shower, or both, a bath bomb helps alleviate stress. Continue reading for more tips on bath bombs and how they can fit into your positive self-care routine.

Bath spa accessories on rustic background, colorful bath bombs and soap bars with flowers and herbs, Should You Shower After A Bath Bomb?

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Does A Bath Bomb Clean You?

Bath bombs offer a deep cleaning that matches the enjoyment they produce. They combine ingredients like essential oils, color additives, baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch, oil, and additives for texture or smell that heighten the senses, like flower petals or peels. Think back to chemistry class; when a bath bomb interacts with water, the baking soda and citric acid, weak bases, and acids combine to form bubbles. This fizz made of carbon dioxide only forms as a chemical reaction and has no adverse effects.

Therefore, while a bath bomb is made of multiple things, it adds richness to the experience, not creating extra work. The oils can benefit the skin, and Epsom salts reduce swelling and help aches and pains. Epsom salts also act as an exfoliate by softening skin and helping eliminate dead skin cells. Bath bombs work to scourge stress and toxins powerfully and therapeutically.

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Sometimes bath bombs are used in conjunction with other self-care rituals. If looking for body scrubs that help energize aging skin to accompany your self-care routine, click here. 

What Should You Use In The Shower After A Bath Bomb?

If you decide to rinse after your soak, it is okay to rinse only using water. Of course, soap or shower gel and a mesh loofah or sponge are alternatives. Washing with cleaning agents like soap and washcloths or loofahs will diminish the oils left from the bath bomb. So, if the point is to nourish the skin or enjoy the essential oil remnants, it is best to do a simple rinse.

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How Long Should You Sit In A Bath Bomb?

Factors that may affect how long to sit with a bath bomb are the same factors as how long to sit in a bath. As the fizz fades, the water cools, and other needs arise, the desire to stay in the water will wane. This can be extended by adding more hot water as you enjoy the bath. Often a bath bomb experience will last 20 to 40 minutes.

Also, to make it more lasting, add the bath bomb after the water has been run for the bath or after you get in. With the oils added to the water, it may be safer to climb in the bath before adding the bath bomb. There is no hard and fast right time to add the bath bomb; it depends on your preference.

As the bath concludes, make sure to have a towel handy and a safe surface that will not be slick underfoot when stepping from the tub. The extra moisturizers might make skin gleam, but they can have the adverse effect of making surfaces slippery.

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How Much Of A Bath Bomb Should I Use?

For the complete effect, a bath bomb can offer, use the entire item. If there is a limited amount of time you have to enjoy it or wish to save half for later, consider the shape of the bath bomb before cutting into it. Parts will crumble off, and keeping the cut straight will help to stop pieces from falling away.

When using bath bombs for alternatives, such as home deodorizers or foot baths, keep any pieces of the bath bomb that break apart in dry packaging. These smaller-sized bits make a big difference in small spaces that can easily be replaced when used as deodorizers.

How do you store a bath bomb?

Once the bath bomb is exposed to moisture, humidity, water, or other liquids, it is the beginning of the end. Chemical reactions do not take long. The average bath bomb needs just 3 to 6 minutes to dissolve completely in a tub full of water.

Therefore, find a container or sealed plastic bag that is completely dry to store bath bombs with tears in the outer wrappings or partial bath bombs. These items will keep for about six months. While all of the ingredients in a bath bomb have a long life span, acid breaks down over time, and the citric acid will not produce the same effect as the baking soda as it ages.

Can I Wash My Hair In Bath Bomb Water

A woman putting a pink bath bomb in the water in a bathtub

Bath bomb water is made for enjoyment. When people take a dip in a pool, sweat in a sauna, or relax with a massage, the expectation is not cleanliness in the way a daily hygiene routine provides. The extra oils, while great for the skin, may be challenging to wash out of hair. If a bath bomb has glitter or texture like a grated lemon or orange peel, it is essential to rinse the hair after using the bath bomb.

Often color additives add to the mix to provide the variety of colors and accents that are so loved. This color is temporary for the life of the bath. However, if you would like to know more about bath bombs dying your hair, click here. 

There are bath bombs made with ingredients healthy for skin and hair alike. Often these contain natural oils that we also find in hair care products. Some oils that have health benefits for hair include hemp or coconut. Used appropriately, the fatty acids and Omega 3, 6, and 9 help hair grow faster.

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What are other uses for bath bombs?

Bath bombs' aromatic fragrance and simple ingredients make it an ingenious alternative to store-bought deodorizers for carpet cleaners or air fresheners. It can also be tucked in the back of a clothing drawer for a clean, crisp scent. They can also be used as a shoe odor eater or for the treatment of a foot bath.

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Final Thoughts

Bath spa accessories on rustic background, colorful bath bombs and soap bars with flowers and herbs, Should You Shower After A Bath Bomb?

Bath bombs create a pleasant and engaging experience that helps people decompress and destress. It provides a deep cleaning gratification that does not require showering after. The only requirement is to sit back and relax.

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