11 Taylor Swift Inspired Nail Looks

Taylor Swift's music is as iconic as it is diverse. It spans various eras, each with unique vibes and aesthetics.

You've sung along to her heartfelt lyrics, probably had a dance party in your room to her up-tempo hits, and maybe even cried to the soulful ballads. But now, it's time to let your nails join in on the Swiftie celebration.

Each nail could tell a different story—from the pastel daydreams reminiscent of the "Lover" album to the dark, edgy vibes of "Reputation."

Whether you're gearing up for the Eras Tour or want to carry a piece of Taylor's music, these customized nail looks are your perfect accessory.

With hand-painted designs, sparkling embellishments, and delicate details, these nail looks capture the essence of each Taylor Swift era. They ensure you'll feel enchanted at your fingertips no matter where you go!

1. Capturing the Debut

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Step into Taylor Swift's early country era with a nail design inspired by her debut album. Opt for a light denim blue base to mirror the simplicity and youth of her beginnings.

Add small accents like guitar strings or cowboy boots on one or two nails as subtle tributes to her roots.

2. Fearless Era and Golden Glitters

Embrace the Fearless era with a touch of Golden Glitter on your nails to bring out your inner country-pop star.

This era is about the youthful and romantic vibes that Taylor Swift perfectly embodied in her Fearless album. Think golden sparkles that catch the light, just like your fearless spirit!

3. Speak Now Royal Purples

Taylor Swift's Speak Now era with nail looks that reflect the album's romantic and whimsical vibes. Your manicure can make a bold statement by channeling the royal purples seen throughout Swift's Speak Now aesthetics.

Begin with a base of deep purple, representing the album's regal undertones. For an added touch of magic, alternate with softer shades of lavender to give your nails depth and dimension. Well, you can also add some dragon designs too!

4. Red Revelations

The fiery essence of Taylor Swift's "Red" album with nails as bold and vibrant as the music itself. Your manicure can speak volumes about your love for this iconic album era.

With these "Red" album-inspired nails, you'll be all too well embodying the spirit of this passionate era each time your fingers dance to the beat of your favorite Taylor Swift song.

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5. 1989 Electric Blues

These nails got bright blue like a clear sky with white waves on top, just like the chill beachy tunes on Taylor Swift's "1989."

Seagulls are on them, too (swifties can relate). They sparkle a bit, feeling fun and fresh like her music. You'll never get out of style with this!

6. Dark and Edgy Reputation

Are you ready for it? These nails embrace the edgy vibe of Taylor Swift's "Reputation" era, featuring a sleek, glossy black base as deep as the album's complex emotions.

Coiling serpents in detailed scales slither across the nails, symbolizing the themes of rebirth and cunning found in songs like "Look What You Made Me Do."

7. Lover Rainbows and Pastels

You need to calm down! Taylor Swift's "Lover" album brings soft tones and dreamy vibes to channel into your nail art. Think pastel rainbows that mirror the album's whimsical and romantic aesthetic.

For a start, picture lavender, baby pink, mint green, and sky blue - the nail equivalent of a cotton candy sky. You might even draw tiny hearts or stars with a fine brush for an added Swiftie touch.

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8. Folklore Magic

This album is synonymous with softness, mystery, and a touch of whimsy. Show every version of yourself tonight!

Remember to keep it delicate and enchanting, letting your nails tell a story as compelling as the album.

9. Evermore Nature-Inspired Tones

Evermore is Taylor Swift's cocoon of folk and indie vibes wrapped in earthy and autumnal tones.

Long story short, choose a mossy green as your base. It's like walking through an enchanted forest with Taylor herself!

10. Midnights Mystic

Midnights presents a dreamy, introspective theme, perfect for a nail look brimming with mystery and allure.

Your Midnights Mystic Nails are your expression of Taylor Swift's lyrical universe. You can add stars and gems and get bejeweled!

11. Nail Narratives from the Tortured Poets

These nails capture the poetic essence of Taylor Swift's lyricism with a matte finish in a contemplative shade of grey.

The geometric design with clean lines and intersecting arcs adds a layer of sophistication, reflecting her songs' intricate and deliberate crafting.

Signature Style Recap

Let's peek at the iconic nail styles that have defined each Taylor Swift album era. Your manicure can sing the story of Swift's discography, from her country roots to pop sensation strides, each with its signature touch.

Why not mix and match or draw inspiration from the thematic elements of each album? Pairing your style with these looks will have you turning heads and feeling every bit the Swiftie muse.

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