Tree of Life Bracelet Meaning [Inc. 15 examples with shopping links]

Tree of Life Bracelet Meaning [Inc. 15 examples with shopping links]

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Thinking of buying a bracelet with a "Tree of Life" theme? That's a fantastic idea! In this post, we'll talk about the meaning of this unique spiritual symbol and bring you some cool suggestions for such bracelets.

Jewelry can be a great way to express your thoughts, beliefs, and values. By choosing a symbol that speaks to your heart, you can carry it with you everywhere for an energizing spiritual effect.

What does the Tree of Life mean?

The tree of life is a beloved symbol in many different cultures, which means that it has many diverse meanings, no matter which hand you wear it on. A few of the most popular include:

  • Connection to all things, as is symbolized by the spreading roots of a tree
  • Growth and strength in yourself, since trees grow strong and tall for hundreds of years
  • Rebirth and immortality, as trees appear to die when they lose their leaves each winter but always return to vibrant life in the spring
  • Connections to family and ancestry, since the branches of a tree, are often used to symbolize family connections
  • The relationship between earth and sky, which can also represent this world and the otherworld
  • Love for nature, since trees are an essential and easily recognized part of the natural world

As you can see, it's a symbol that holds many beliefs that are deeply important to people, and for this reason, it's a popular jewelry feature. A tree of life bracelet, for example, is the perfect way to keep this reminder of your beliefs close-by in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry.

There are a few important things to consider when selecting your perfect bracelet, including size, a style that works with your wardrobe, and the quality of materials. We've chosen a few of the best tree of life bracelets and shared them with you here, including helpful details about each one.

1. Chakra Healing Bracelet featuring Tree of Life by Jovivi

This beaded bracelet features a variety of genuine gemstones and a tree of life charm with leaves in colors that correspond to the body's seven chakras. Not only is this bracelet a beautiful way to add a touch of color to any outfit, but it's also full of meaning and symbolism.

Made of tumbled gemstones including amazonite, quartz, and amethyst threaded on an elastic cord, this bracelet measures about 6.5" in circumference. It comes packaged in a velvet pouch, making it perfect for giving as a gift.

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2. Tree of Life Multilayer Leather Wrap Bracelet by KSQS

Multiple layers create an effect that you're wearing lots of bracelets, all with the simplicity of one. A tree of life charm shares space with glitter, pearls, and inspirational words.

This bracelet is made from leather and metal and closes securely with a secure magnetic closure. It's not adjustable, but it fits the average female wrist snugly.

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3. Sterling Silver, Mother of Pearl, and Rose Gold Tree of Life Bracelet by MEGACHIC

A stunning rose gold tree of life is displayed against a mother of pearl background in this elegant bracelet. Finished with a silver chain and cubic zirconia highlights, this is a keepsake-worthy piece of jewelry.

Measuring 11" long, this bracelet is fully adjustable with the aid of its sliding lock. The 925 sterling silver is completely safe and comfortable, even for those with very sensitive skin.

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4. 925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life Bracelet by Pandora

This genuine Pandora bracelet features a charm with a tree of life design and the signature Pandora charm. It's the perfect way to add some shine and class to your wardrobe.

This bracelet is made from 925 sterling silver coated in white enamel, with ten cubic zirconia beads set in the charm. It's 7.1" long and attaches with a lobster claw clasp.

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5. Black Onyx and Cubic Zirconia Tree of Life Bracelet by Agvana

In a unique take on the tree of life motif, this bracelet features a sparkling tree of life set against a dark background made of black onyx. It's sure to add some mystery and elegance to any outfit.

Measuring 6" long with a 1" extender chain, this bracelet is made from 100% sterling silver plated with white gold. The charm features cubic zirconia against a black onyx background and is approximately 0.7" in diameter.

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6. 925 Sterling Silver Multicolored Tree of Life Bracelet by Agvana

If you'd like a subtle but colorful tree of life bracelet, this one is worth a look. Colorful gemstones frame its whimsical tree of life charm, and the simple chain allows the charm to shine genuinely.

Made from white gold plated sterling silver and cubic zirconia, this bracelet measures 6.7" with a 1" extender chain. It comes packaged in a simple jewelry box to make giving it as a gift simple.

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7. 3 Piece Adjustable Tree of Life Bracelet by WILLBOND

Give two of these adjustable cord bracelets as a gift or wear them all stacked together for the ultimate impact. This simple design is perfect for men or women and goes with almost any outfit.

These bracelets can be easily adjusted to fit almost any size of wrist. They're made from wax-coated cord, accented with silver beads in addition to the main charm.

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8. 6 Piece Genuine Leather Tree of Life Bracelet Set by HZMAN

The rugged look of this tree of life bracelet makes it perfect for men or any woman who loves a natural look. The six thick leather bracelets can be stacked to resemble a cuff, or worn individually.

Measuring 8.5" long, most have tie closures while a few are elastic. They're made from leather, tiger eye gemstones, coconut shell, and natural stone lava rock beads.

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9. Stainless Steel with Magnetic Closure Tree of Life Bangle by Jude Jewelers

This simple bangle has sharp lines that effectively show off its subtly sparkling tree of life charm. It would be the perfect way to incorporate some tree of life symbolism into even the most corporate-looking business attire.

Made from silver-plated stainless steel, this bracelet closes with a strong magnetic clasp. It's not adjustable, but will comfortably fit an average female's wrist - approximately 7" in circumference.

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10. Dainty Gemstone Bracelet with Tree of Life by Vlishna

Featuring beads in beautiful shades of blue and yellow, this bracelet is one-of-a-kind. A silver tree of life charm detailed with cubic zirconia is suspended below the genuine, sky blue beads.

The bracelet's charm is made from high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel, while the beads are made from unique, genuine gemstones. It measures 7" in circumference and stretches to fit most wrists.

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11. 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Bracelet by DESIMTION

With hearts and a tree of life charm decorated with purple gemstones, this bracelet would be a beautiful gift for a loved one such as your mother or grandmother. The small touch of color adds another layer of interest to this simple, elegant bracelet.

As this bracelet can extend from 6.5" to 8.4", it can be worn by a range of sizes. It's made from hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver and purple cubic zirconia.

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12. Men's Tree of Life Bracelet and Necklace Set by Cupimatch

This necklace and bracelet set featuring the tree of life would be an excellent gift for any man in your life, or for women who prefer a more rugged look for their jewelry. The two pieces could be worn separately or together and would go with a wide variety of styles.

This set is made from leather and alloy with a stainless steel necklace chain measuring 21". The bracelet is 6.6" and closes with a sturdy clasp.

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13. Tree of Life Faceted Gemstone Beaded Bracelet by Bivei

If you're looking for a peaceful looking bracelet in subdued colors, this is a perfect choice. A single strand bracelet made from black beads leads to a black tree of life charm that features blue leaves.

This bracelet is made from high-quality black agate beads and a copper charm strung on a nylon cord. The size can be adjusted from 6" to 8.5", and it is suitable for men or women.

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14. Purple Amethyst Natural Gemstone Tree of Life Bracelet by Jovivi

This ornate looking bracelet features a richly detailed tree of life charm suspended next to a charm made from the same gemstones as the rest of the bracelet. It's an easy-to-wear way to add some color and style to even the most simple outfit.

Measuring 6.2", this bracelet can easily stretch to fit any size of wrist. Made from alloy and genuine gemstones, this bracelet is available in other styles as well, including clear quartz, green aventurine, and tiger eye.

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15. Tree of Life Diffuser Bracelet by AromaLove London

This diffuser bracelet includes small microfiber pads in different colors that can be soaked in essential oils and then slipped behind the tree of life charm to add color and scent. The variety of colors in the pads means that you can easily alter the bracelet to match any outfit.

Made from rose gold, this bracelet is a high-quality addition to your wardrobe. It's not adjustable, but fits most average female wrists, and comes in a branded pouch.

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