Viral TikToker Brings Grandma’s Vintage Wardrobe to Life: The Inspiring Story of Gabi Jones

NEWS - In vintage fashion, every piece tells a story, and every story is worth telling. And who could bring these stories to life better than the talented vintage stylist Gabrielle Jones?

Better known as Gabi to her fans, the 23-year-old vintage enthusiast from Minnesota weaves a tale with each of her vintage pieces. With an impressive following of over 460,000 on Tiktok and a total of 19M likes, her followers are clearly entranced.

Last month, Gabi successfully completed a self-initiated challenge to wear and style a different vintage piece of clothing or accessory every day for an entire year!

@gabis_vintage All I ever wanted was for people to see the clothes hidden in Grandma’s closets and now MILLIONS of you have enjoyed them with me 🥹 You’ve changed my life. Thank you ✨Day 365 of 365✨ #vintage #thankyou #ootd #vintageclothes ♬ Stories 2 - Danilo Stankovic

From Grandma's Closet To The World

Every big idea comes from an inspiration. In this case, Gabi's inspiration was her grandmother.

Gabi's grandma was a big part of her childhood, and Gabi was always in awe of her clothes.

Gabi had a love for showcasing her grandma's vintage clothing. She couldn't resist sharing these beautiful pieces with everyone, so she started posting videos of them on her TikTok account. And she started all of this before the challenge even began!

Most of Gabi's vintage pieces come from women in previous generations of her family. Her grandmother carefully stored these dresses in a room where the young Gabi would gaze at them and dream of the day she could wear them.

Multicolor clothes on hangers - second hand clothes store or thrift shop

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Her wardrobe consists of clothing from the years 1880 to 1990, with many items originating from her grandmother. However, her great, great, great aunt Stella also deserves credit for contributing several pieces to the collection.

Occasionally, she and her grandma would go to vintage and thrift stores to curate pieces that could be used for her videos. In one of her videos, she says she would often call her grandma and ask for the story behind each vintage piece.

Vintage sign with a background of different vintage clothing on a street

Fortunately, Gabi's outfits seldom require alterations. In an interview with Insider, she mentioned, "All the women in the family weirdly enough are a similar size."

And so, the challenge began.

365 Days of Vintage

To display her family's vintage clothing to the world and discover her own personal style, Gabi eagerly embarked on the challenge. Here are some of her amazing videos.

The Beginning Of a Fashion Adventure

@gabis_vintage You wouldnt BELIEVE the STORIES this closet has to tell! ✨Day 1 of 365✨ #vintage #fashionhistory #vintageclothes #stylevintage #1960s #1970s #vintageclothes ♬ Life - Ben Lam

Gabi shares in the video how sad she feels about having closets overflowing with her grandma's vintage clothes that are just sitting there. But isn't it amazing that she decided to start the challenge? It's been such a delight to watch!

Treasured Heirloom

@gabis_vintage What’s your take on wearing old stuff?! ✨Day 36 of 365✨#vintage #vintageootd #vintagefashion #antiquefashion #victorianfashion #victorian #lovevintage #vintagestyle ♬ Eternal - Danilo Stankovic

Gabi shows a 130-year-old beaded capelet from their collection. The piece is so precious, and she says that because it is so fragile, she doesn't feel comfortable wearing it outside her home.

Grandpa's Vintage Vibes

Gabi isn't just all about women's clothes. Sometimes, she likes to switch things up by wearing her grandpa's vintage pieces!

@gabis_vintage Plz tag a @Wrangler expert bc I rlly CANT DECIDE ✨Day 295 of 365✨ #vintage #vintagejeans #wrangler #weanglerjeans #1970sfashion #1970spants ♬ Darling - Trees and Lucy

Here, she's seen styling her grandpa's cool Wrangler jeans that her grandma patched at the knees.

Celebrating Grandma

On her grandma's birthday, Gabi made a video dedicated to her.

@gabis_vintage Styling a look based on my favorite pic of #grandma ✨Day 296 of 365✨ #vintage #storytime #birthday #1970sfashion ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic

Gabi expresses her gratitude towards her grandma, acknowledging that her videos wouldn't have been possible without her. She recognizes her grandma's efforts behind the scenes and considers her just as much a part of the challenge.

Gabi shares a sweet photo of her grandma to show just how special she is. Fans flood the comments section to wish her grandma a happy birthday and send their love.

Most Cherished Vintage Treasure

Warm caramel crochet jacket sleeve folded over itself and half a yarn at the t

With an abundance of vintage clothing at her disposal, it's hard to imagine Gabi having a favorite. However, she cites her great, great, great Aunt Stella's crocheted jacket as her most cherished piece. This jacket was given as a graduation gift to Gabi's grandma in the 1940s and is cherished for its beautiful structure and the heartwarming story attached to it.

Exceptional Storytelling In The World Of Vintage Fashion

Gabi distinguishes herself from the multitude of vintage stylists on social media due to her exceptional talent for storytelling. Her ability to connect with her audience sets her apart.

Gabi's videos may be short, but her commitment to thoroughly researching each item is evident.

For instance, she offers tips on determining the vintage status of clothing by examining its labels. Additionally, she delves into the history of accessory items such as vintage glove clips and their purpose of keeping gloves together and within reach.

Clothing labels on wooden vintage

The End Of A Challenge, The Start Of A Journey

With the challenge ending, her fans are eager for more. In the final video of the challenge, her followers left encouraging comments.

woman share view of beauty blogger review online with mobile apps on wood tabl

Scarlettxv commented, "Congratulations! You should be proud of yourself. The year flew by, and we're looking forward to more content from you."

Doris day said, "Please do another 365 series."

The 365-day challenge may have ended, but her impact on her followers and the vintage fashion community remains.

Gabi's dedication to her craft and staying true to herself continue to shine. Here's to more vintage fashion adventures and storytelling from Gabi!

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