How To Wash Lululemon Yoga Pants – 2 Methods!

Whether you are going to a yoga class or just running errands, yoga pants are a must-have item in everyone's closet. They are comfortable, functional, and make a great activewear daytime look. If you have invested in a pair of Lululemon yoga pants, then you are probably wondering the best ways to wash them. Lucky for you, we have researched this very topic to help you care for your Lululemon yoga pants.

The best way to wash Lululemon yoga pants is to:

  • Handwash
  • Machine wash cold on the delicate cycle

Handwashing extends the quality of the fabric, but the pants may not feel as clean. You may prefer machine washing because it is more convenient. Just remember to wash on a gentle/delicate cycle using cold water. 

You probably still have some questions about the proper way to care for your Lululemon yoga pants. Keep reading to find out more information on the best washing practices and proper care tips.

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Washing LuLu Yoga Pants

Let's look at the best ways to clean Lululemon yoga pants. These high-end athletic pants are not cheap, so you want to make sure to take excellent care of them.

Step 1: Machine Wash Cold 

Once your Lulu yoga pants are dirty, it's time to clean them. You can handwash them. In fact, handwashing is the gentlest way to wash your yoga pants. However, if you are working out in your yoga pants, it can be hard to thoroughly clean them by hand.

If you wash your yoga pants in the machine, make sure to use cold water. The cold water helps prevents color bleeding and is the best for the fabric. You can even wash them on the gentle/delicate cycle if you want to be extra careful.

Step 2: Avoid Fabric Softener 

We know how tempting it is to add fabric softener to every load of laundry you do, but hold back when your Lulu yoga pants are in the wash. Fabric softener puts a coating on your clothes that interferes with the moisture-wicking properties of many Lululemon materials. It may also leave a residue that looks like stains. Avoid this altogether by omitting the fabric softener.

Step 3: Avoid Abrasive Materials

Next, make sure to wash your yoga pants with similar fabrics. Avoid adding abrasive and rough materials to the laundry load at all costs. Items like towels, coats, and jeans can damage your yoga pants. Keep these away from your pants.

Step 4: Hang Or Lay Flat To Dry 

After your laundry is finished, it's time to dry your yoga pants. Depending on the fabric of your Lulu yoga pants, you should either lay them flat to dry or hang them to dry. Look at the inside tag for the specific care instructions.

It is not recommended to dry your Lululemon yoga pants in the dryer regularly. If you are in a bind and really need dry pants, you can dry them. Just make sure to tumble dry them on the lowest setting. But, try not to make a dryer your usual method for drying your yoga pants.

Yoga Pants Washing Tips

Here are some helpful tips to make sure your yoga pants last for years:

  • Always use cold water to wash your yoga pants
  • Turn your yoga pants inside out before you wash them
  • Pre-soak really sweaty pants in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Place yoga pants in a mesh washing bag before you start the machine
  • Fold your yoga pants as soon as they are dry
  • Store clean yoga pants in breathable cotton bags

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How Often Should You Wash Lululemon Yoga Pants?

How frequently you wash your yoga pants is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to wash their Lululemon yoga pants after wearing them once, even if it was for a short time and they didn't get dirty. Other people may wear their yoga pants three or four times before they wash them.

Washing yoga pants depends on your cleanliness preferences, how active you were when you wore them, and if they are obviously dirty. We recommend washing them after intense exercise or if there is a visible stain on them. But, if you only wore your yoga pants for a few hours around the house, you can probably wear them again before tossing them in the laundry.

Can Lululemon Yoga Pants Go In The Dryer?

Back view of housewife taking out laundry from washing machine at home

Lululemon yoga pants can go in the dryer, but it is not recommended to use a dryer every time you wash them. This company's yoga pants are sold pre-shrunk, so drying them occasionally isn't going to make them shrink drastically. However, excessive drying will lead to a little shrinking and degrade the material faster. So, if you're running late for a yoga class and don't have time to wait for your pants to air dry, it is okay to throw them in the dryer. Just make sure a dryer is not your go-to method for getting your yoga pants dry.

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Why Do Lulu Yoga Pants Pill?

Lulu yoga pants pills from the rubbing and abrasions that come with normal use. The more you wear your yoga pants, the more they will pill. When the microfibers are rubbed from normal movements, small tears occur. These torn fibers get tangled together in small balls, called pills. Many fabrics do this, so it is nothing to worry about. It is common in Lululemon yoga pants and other clothes due to the elastic fibers in their products.

If you have a hole in your yoga pants, learn how to fix it in this blog post: "How To Fix A Hole In Yoga Pants [A Complete Guide]."

Do Lululemon Yoga Pants Bleed In The Wash?

There is a chance that Lulu yoga pants will bleed in the wash. This is especially likely if it is the first time you are washing them. The company recommends washing their clothes with similar colors to prevent any mishaps. Also, washing them in cold water helps prevent potential bleeding too. As long as you follow the recommended care instructions, your Lulu yoga pants will not leak out dye to ruin any of your other clothes.

Do Stains Come Out Of Lulu Yoga Pants?

Many stains do come out of Lulu yoga pants. It all depends on the color of your yoga pants and the substance that is causing the stain. Oils, dyes, coffee, tomato, grass, and blood are some of the things that stain the worst.  If any of this stuff got on your yoga pants make sure to treat them as soon as possible. The faster you treat the stain, the higher chance you have of removing it.

You can treat Lululemon yoga pants with store-bought stain remover, liquid dish soap, or any other stain removal methods you know. Just make sure to spot test a discrete section of your yoga pants first. You don't want to cause an even bigger stain by applying a removal treatment that doesn't react well with the yoga pant fabric.

Time To Wash Your Yoga Pants

Now that you know the best way to wash your Lululemon yoga pants, you can start taking care of them the right way. Get your money's worth by washing them in cold water and letting them air dry. With the proper care, your favorite yoga pants can last for years!

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