Can You Wear a Dress with Leggings?

Can you wear a dress with leggings?

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Once considered only for the gym, leggings have found their way into all areas of life. Not only are they in style, leggings are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear. They’ve broken out of the fitness realm and have found their way into everyday wardrobe. The simple truth is leggings are ideal for a layered look. So, can you wear a dress with leggings?

Yes, you can wear your leggings with your dress. Leggings are a perfect accessory for your dress. They are also ideal for transitioning your closet of dresses through the seasons.

Extending your wardrobe means you get to wear your favorite dresses a little longer. Or you can change up wearing the same old thing by adding a cute pair of leggings. There are some considerations when wearing leggings with a dress and other clothing items. Keep reading as we discuss how to wear and not wear your leggings in this post.

Can You Wear Leggings With a Long Dress?

If a longer dress such as a maxi-dress is your style choice, there is no reason not to wear leggings underneath. During the winter, they will keep you warmer than tights. Leggings will also provide extra coverage under sheer material, such as a summer sun dress.

A slit in a long dress is an excellent way to make a bold fashion statement. Make sure your colors and styles don’t clash.

Be comfortable with your leggings design as it will peek out from below the long hemline or through a sheer fabric.

Can I Wear Leggings With a Skirt?

From long skirts to miniskirts, yes, pair your leggings. They’re ideal to cover your legs if you are in a modest mood. Or if it’s a cooler day opting for leggings instead of tights is a much more fun choice. And, if your skirt is a little on the shorter side—no worries—your leggings have you literally covered.

Let your leggings add some pizzazz to your outfit. Start your own trend and let your favorite leggings show through longer skirts with side slits or front slits.

Plain leggings are best with a patterned skirt. And, those patterned leggings are easily paired with a solid colored skirt.

Is it OK to Wear Leggings as Pants?

Yes, but there are some fashion rules to follow:

  • Choose a thicker and opaque material.
  • Wear a loose-fitting topping, preferably one that covers your bottom.
  • Crop tops are acceptable but should also be loose fitting.
  • Beware of the panty line—consider a thong or seamless underwear

Back pockets and zippers will help disguise leggings, making them look more like pants without sacrificing comfort or style.

Keep in mind, leggings are not always the best choice for a conservative work environment.

Are Leggings With a Dress Business Casual?

Leggings can be dressed up for a sharper look or down for a more casual look. Versatile leggings can be worked into a business-casual ensemble. Adding a blazer or long sweater will jazz up the leggings under your dress.

In an office setting, keep the colors and patterns neutral. Classic opaque black is a safe choice. Save the neon or animal prints for going out.

Make sure your dress length fully covers your bottom. Choose a mid-size heel or boot to complete the look.

Types of Dresses to Wear With Leggings


Get ready for the cooler months. Pair a turtleneck, ribbed or chunky knit knee-length sweater dress with leggings. Finish the look with flat or low-heel riding boots.


Hip-length shirts or sweaters best describe a tunic. Leggings and tunics are made for each other. These are wardrobe staples for an easily assembled style. The possibilities are endless. Finish the look with flats, boots or heels.


Shirt dresses look like shirts but are longer than a typical shirt and shorter than an average dress. These dresses are a perfect match with leggings. A jacket or cardigan can add a bit more style. Finish the look with a belt and flats.


If you have a free flowing, lighter fabric, loose-fitting dress, leggings offer a terrific opportunity to keep you covered. Plus, they add another layer of flair. Finish the look with strappy sandals.

When Not to Wear Leggings

Though we said that leggings under dresses are stylish, there are occasions when they should stay in your closet.

  • Cocktail dresses and/or cocktail party attire shouldn’t include leggings, no matter how beautiful or expensive they are.
  • Formal or semi-formal events are not the place to show off your leggings. Even the most luxurious fabrics like leather or suede will be too casual.
  • A conservative, professional office/work environment that has a dress code is likely not a place for leggings.

Leggings For All Seasons


Stay warm with leggings. They tend to be thicker and warmer than tights. Sweaters, jackets and dresses love leggings. So do short and tall boots.


Windy, rainy days are not a problem for leggings. Pair them with a flowing wrap dress or long sweater. They are the perfect transition garment when the days are still cool, and nights are still cold.


Breathable fabrics found in most leggings keep you cool when the heat is on in summer months. Add some flair to your favorite pair of shorts. Yes, you can wear leggings under your shorts.


Kick off the season with fashionable layers. Leggings are a solid base for any layered look. As the days get cooler, add suede or leather leggings to your fashion arsenal.

Embrace Your Edge

Wearing leggings under your dress is a yes and a must. You will maximize your wardrobe throughout the year and look fabulous. It doesn’t get more comfortable than hanging out in a pair of leggings. Embrace your inner edginess and put on your leggings.

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